MY Crazy Walmart Customer Issue * funny* repost from FB * Crees Blog*

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaby OUT OF ALL THE 8 1/2 YEARS of working for WALMART today tops the BUFFOONERY THAT CUSTOMERS DO. LOL Where do I start. This lady *black around 47* comes to my line FIRST with a SLIGHT ATTITUDE. So, yall know me… ALWAYS SMILING…. FEELING GOOD. She puts her only item which was a case of mountain dew on the counter and I rings it up. I gave her the total, and she hands me what appears to be her *bridge card*. I went to reach for it… and as I reached, I couldn’t grab IT. After so many times of reaching for it. I said that’s your phone.!!! She said I KNOW…… MY DAUGHTER HAVE THE CARD, BUT I TOOK A PHOTO OF MY CARD ON MY PHONE.You can punch in the numbers right? She said I have my ID and pass word… you can just type in the numbers. I looked at her like she survived an accident which FLIPPED HER CAR OVER 50 TIMES AND HIT THE WALL 30. I was OUT DONE. I didn’t mean to look at her like that… BUT… My facial expressions DOES THE TALKING FOR ME SOMETIMES. LOL Then she got to hollering…. I did it before * customers favorite line*. I said MAAAM…. you have to have your card in person, she SAID HERE IS MY ID AND I KNOW THE PEN NUMBER. Then she said where is your manager let me talk to her. SURE NO PROBLEM LADY!!! JUST GHETTO AND DONT KNOW IT. LADY GET YO BUTT OUTTA MY LINE AND MY FACE WITH THAT RATCHETNESS!!
  • Tearsa TearSa TearSa‎:-D)) Still laughing @ how U told the story Cre’ ((Survived An Accident))

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  • Michelle ShulerBuffoonery and COONERY!!! LMAO!!!

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  • Tearsa TearSa TearSaMichelle I KNEW U would laugh @ that statement 😀

    8 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Michelle ShulerLove that ghetto foolishness, girl!

    8 hours ago · Like · 1
  • Tearsa TearSa TearSaFunnier than fiction… :-D))

    8 hours ago via mobile · Like
  • Plazie BallardDidn’t she know that the card has to be swiped in the machine before it could register, this should go down in the guiness book of records as Ghetto Fabulous…Lmbo!!

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  • Tearsa TearSa TearSa‎:-D)) She took a photo… I’m just done! 😀 I guess she wanted to have the #’s punched in from the picture on her phone…. LOL Can’t say she’s not…. hmmm… clever. Can’t knock her for trying :-D))

    7 hours ago via mobile · Like
  • Plazie Ballardooh i get you she wanted you to call the photo in, that’s why she gave u her cell phone…Sorry kinda slow today..Lol

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  • Plazie BallardBut that is still “Ghetto Fabulous”…lmbo!

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  • Tearsa TearSa TearSaLOL She took a picture of her bridge card, went to Walmart, tried to buy Mt. Dew by having the cashier look @ the photo of the bridge card, on her cellphone type the #’s in on the register, so she can then show her I.D., to prove it’s her card same name then she was going to punch in her pin# for the card… cuz her daughter had it & the daughter was not @ Walmart with her. LOL

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  • Plazie Ballardsmh…..

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  • Tearsa TearSa TearSa‎:-D)) we all have those…. slow days… LOL Evidently that lady was having one…. LMBO

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  • Tearsa TearSa TearSa‎@ Ma Plazie U were right the 1st time 😀

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  • Lacrease Walker LOL Yeah Tearsa TearSa TearSashe knew that if the card doesn’t swipe you can punch in the numbers. She told me she “LET” her daughter use the real card, but she showed me the card on her phone. Yelling, you can type it in right? You can type it in right if I had it and it didn’t swipe? I was looking at her like lady….get the he$$ outta my line!!! So, I guess instead of her going to her daughter house to get the card all the time, she figured she could just take a photo of it and put in the pin number. Boyyyyyyy if The Michigan EBT people knew she was doing that. LOL Now, Im figuring, she do it in her neighborhood store since they know her. That’s COOL WITH ME….. BUT UMMMMMMM Im not going to lose my job over her “made up on the spot RULE”. LOL LOL SMH LOL

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  • Tearsa TearSa TearSa‎:-D)) Made up on the spot rule LOL U CRAZY! :-D)).

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