In my OWN lane…..Crees Blog

Black Woman Running in a RaceI got the memo from GOD HIMSELF

in my hands

there are several lanes in my life

filled with people who are connected to me in some way

we all want different things

once we make it to THIS ONE destination.

The bell sound and we all run

running in my lane

I BELIEVE with all my heart the MEMO GOD GAVE TO ME

shall come to pass.

I run,

NEVER looking in or around me

at the other runners

I’m not distracted because I am in my OWN lane

everyone else has their lane

but for some reason they’re all looking at ME now.

I don’t see them

because I am looking AHEAD

in my own lane.

They continue to run

but something seem hard to them

they’re tired of running

the race is too long

but still they want to finish

I’m feeling good enjoying my race

never at all having the urge to look away

to the side, or behind

never even once.

The race is taking longer than I expected

but still I run

one by one, by one, by one

they’re starting to believe they can’t finish the race

they need a “driver” to take them to their destination

they figure, if she’s going …we’ll get there!

because they see… ….mines looks promising,

only because I BELIEVE

and they sense and see that… I BELIEVE

they figure “why run a race I cant see and believe


So they leave their lanes

to run in my MINES

so busy running the race before ME

I ignore the fact that they’ve abandoned their lane

for mines

they seem to be “cheerleaders”

“friends” “sisters” all running

with me

when all the time they’re behind me

expecting to finish this race by my legs.


trying to run in the same lane as I.

I got another MEMO from GOD

as I run this race


“you have people in your lane

trying to piggy back off you,

and I’ve always told you that

everybody can’t go where you’re going”.

turn around

behind you, LOOK…. in your own lane

you will see that everyone

who “claimed” they’re to meet

at the same destination

are all in your lane

holding on to your coat tail

trying to ride with you.

So, one by one

I ripped them away from me

disconnecting them like a radio dropped in water

Days pass, weeks pass, months pass, a year has passed

and no sign of the runners

I am in the race all alone

others have fell short

I cry, then I smile

I can see my destination clear as day

but one

by one

by one

by one

they try their best to get back in the race


I can see ALL lanes

those coming, those running

this time I’m looking for distracters

I see them ALL in my rear view

a prayer sends them on their way

I’m still running

and there are more DISTRACTIONS

its amazing the view I see

when I open my eyes

Still running

I’m in my own lane

I’m still running….

I am still in the race.










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