If you put your MIND to it * my story of winning*

A Unified TeamI’ve never been a competitive person …. AT ALL…… PERIOD. I have always been a person who try everything in her power to “stay in her own lane”. I don’t look over to see what the next person is doing…. what the next person is wearing…. ..who is with who…. I just do ME….CREE. But I must add, I am a very popular person at work, among my friends and family. No matter where I go, I always know someone. With that said… because of my personality people expect me to be a person more involved with things such as going out often, planning parties, and being apart of something really big/huge. While I can see all of that….right now I’m learning something more and more about myself. Put learning in your students'
In March and a few months before, we had this competition going on with our Credit Cards. Who ever sign up the most people for that month….get to write their own work schedule for a week. While, it sound good, I’m the kind of person that do what I can. I won’t compete, and I wont do flips * sarcastic*. So since, me and my gurl Gina *older black lady* who is probably the most vocal /social /friendliest of the many cashiers ….people expected a lot from me. But thing is…. people don’t know that I’m not a competitive person. But GINA IS……..competitors.jpg
I’ll never forget this day in APRIL when I first come to work and checked in with my Boss …. she told me that she wanted me to sit at the Credit Card Booth. I know that we all have to take turns sitting at the table to get apps. Today was my time. She said that she was going to decorate it with our merchandise to make the table very pretty and notice able. She was going to add all sorts of peppermint candy, life savers and other goodies. She also told me to go and get 6 pack candy bars off the shelf such as snickers, butterfingers, kit kats, almond joys, twix,…… and then to also grab….. cola, orange, fruit punch and lemonade drinks for those to receive FREE just for applying. WE set them all around the table and made it pretty, so that people who didn’t even want to apply for a Walmart Credit Card want to see what was going on at this table. MY BOSS *PHOTO*
Then she said to me……. La’Crease your Credit Card goal for today is…*drum roll* 4. I said 4???? That’s hard to get…she said I know .. but that’s what they are asking… we both started laughing. She said do what you can. I turned and as I was walking to my *sit down job * I said to myself…. now how the HELL am I going to get 4 people to sign up for a Walmart Card? LOL As I sat at the booth…. I had to go deep into my mind…. I am NOT a competitor at all….. I said to myself I’m not doing this to win….. I want to please my boss and do my job.
I sat there thinking to myself. I NEED A SALES PITCH!!! I need to come up with a sentence of words that are quick and to the point, that will MAKE them ask ME questions based on ONE of my words….then I can draw them in and MAKE IT HAPPEN. I know I have this thing with my hands, and I always use DIRECT EYE CONTACT. Then I thought….. I have to believe in this Credit Card in order to SELL it to someone else. I remember that  they had finally given me a Walmart Credit Card  last year after 8 years of working there and applying numerous times. I make my payments on time and  in 6 months they gave me an instant increase. I LOVE MY WALMART CARD. So…… I had that to go on. I started to believe that I could do this. Not to compete, but to “come out of my comfort zone, and OUT of my lane to *get in this race*.
I sat at my booth * it was ….pretty and dialed up too* and my AWARD WINNING SALES PITCH WENT LIKE THIS……..Hello… * I smiles and with my inviting hands I said*… would you like to apply for a INSTANT ON THE SPOT WALMART CREDIT CARD TODAY? LAUGHS * as I type*. Then I got 1 person….. then 2 people…. then 3 people……then 4 people….. * met goal with that 4*….. then I got 5 people…. then I got 6 people…..then I got 7 people. LOL LOL LOL I got 7 people to sign up for a WALMART CREDIT CARD for my very first day!!!! LOL LOL LOL I did it!! Everybody was coming over saying Cree why are you surprised you are always talking to people, why did you find this hard to do? How bout it never INTERESTED ME. I dunno. But my Managers were very very very happy. We are in competition with all the Walmart stores in Michigan.. and we are always # 1-5. This is one of the reasons why we have been getting Bonuses for the last 9 months!!! CREDIT CARD APPS. I Love Bonuses sticker
So, the VERY next day… my Boss said Cree…… I need you BACK at the CREDIT CARD TABLE…. OH LAWD…..LOL …..I was okay with it, but still wasn’t sure if I could top 7.  The heat was on for me…….Well……… I went to the table and before my shift was up…. I got 1…2……3….4…..5…..6…..7….. Birthday Number 8PEOPLE TO SIGN UP. MORE THAN THE DAY BEFORE!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL A NEW CONFIDENCE!!!! I went on to WIN #2 in APRIL under Gina who is always #1 with over 20 apps. The top 3 WINNERS get to write their own schedule.
After I started going to the CREDIT CARD TABLE… many others wanted to work the *sit down all day until your shift is over TABLE* and so it was only fair everybody got a chance to get apps. I was cool with that…..guess sometimes people measure what they HOPE they can do… by someone LIKE ME who is NOT competitive by seeing what THEY CAN do.               Come MAY….. I was FIYAH and nothing to play with I WON #1 BY HAVING 23 CREDIT APPS FOR THE MONTH!!!! I get to make my schedule tomorrow 6/4/12.. *its written 3 weeks in advance* hopefully I’m still here to work it..
So, here it is JUNE 1, 2012 and guess who they put on the CREDIT CARD TABLE from

9-5?….. ME. I was hesitant. All the people who came in the days before were saying how slow it was and that they were only able to get only a few a day. I was able to wrap up the last 2 days in May with only getting 3 one day and 4 the next… but still beating Gina for the #1 spot. So, here I am the first of the month of JUNE…. they told me they wanted DOUBLE DIGITS FOR THE CREDIT CARD TABLE…. Double digits? Yall must be crazy… I thought to myself. Then I started thinking about the time when I gathered up 32 of my friends to go with ME to see Tyler Perry’s movie For Colored Girls.For Colored Girls (Uk).. and how I gather all my family and friends to see all his movies the night before they premiere and that’s always 22 or more. I learned that IF I BELIEVE SOMETHING…… I CAN DO IT!!!!! She want double digits … SHE GOT IT!!!. I got 1…2…..3….4…..5…..6…..7….8…..9….10…Master Number 11 in Numerology PEOPLE TO SIGN UP FOR A WALMART CREDIT CARD ON FRIDAY JUNE 1, 2012. LOL LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Saturday * yesterday* when I came into work…..my coworkers were coming to me saying… CREE CREE CREE…. I heard you got 11 Credit APPS for JUNE ALREADY? Management had told everyone…. well Congratulating ALL OF US… BECAUSE IT IS REALLY A TEAM EFFORT…. NOT ONE PERSON CAN GET IT DONE….. KEEP IN MIND WE ARE DUE FOR A $200.00 BONUS THIS THURSDAY FOR THIS KIND OF WORK!!!! I AM HAPPY RIGHT NOW………
workers have the tendency
So, this means that since I SET A NEW RECORD FOR CREDIT CARD APPS IN ONE DAY………. MANAGEMENT IS GOING TO UP THE ANTE……I have really leaned that “If you put your mind to something, YOU CAN DO IT” ……….I AM THE BADDEST GODSGURL!!
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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