He caught Cree off guard…..

blurrymeIts been a long time since a man has got passed A with me.


This one caught me off guard.


My daughter can’t believe it, or my BFF.


Me either.


I told him today….. I refuse to KNOWILY be #3. Been celibate for 12 plus years…. aint no dayum way… IN THIS WORLD….have I been waiting for YOU.


When a man tells you about  ABOUT HIS LIFE, AND THE WOMEN IN IT…..take it as face value.


He’s in my presence everyday…..this is going to be so hard


Ignoring the calls….. then answering them…..he’s waiting for me downstairs….. opposite the Princess I will NOT go.


Where is my track? I need to get back on it. Hot dayum….. Cree done fell off.


Where is my pen and paper…. my book is calling me… haven’t seen it in almost 3 days….


He notices everything about me, he remembers everything I say, he’s never touched me, but he turns me ON.


The way his glock hangs off his holster, his swag, his non cockyness….


I must stay away from him, for he is not for ME….

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