Men….Stop that!

shann and daughtersSo, today I’m back on track.

Me and HE, have decided to be friends. He’s so funny and so cool. I love a man who has plenty of conversation. Sexy, handsome, thick, friendly, love helping people, love to laugh and talk. Um. So, with that said….. no phone calls to him, only talks in person when he’s here. I’m good with it. I learned the less you talk to a man and just listen, he loves that. I just hate that when men see me as a listener, that they think my mentality is weak. But then as soon as they get to know me… they say I want all the POWER, control, want everyone to see things my way, STRONG MINDED, bossy, when I make up my mind on something… ITS A DONE DEAL.  So men stop thinking just because a woman listens to you that she is SUBMISSIVE AND WEAK. Stop that. Because when she shows you her other side, you will look at her differently….good or bad. I’m a sweet person, I HATE DRAMA AND GOSSIP… but I love to laugh, talk, take rides, city trips, go near water and just chill. In the meantime…. my book is calling.

I was reading an article that Oprah had about writer’s block. I found it very interesting. I was thinking something was wrong with me. I find that I can really write when someone has made me mad….. that’s strange. It also talks about NOT talking about what you’re writing because after you’ve said it, the desire to write is gone. LOL So true that made me laugh. I like to talk out loud when I’m alone, and after all my frustrations are out, I can’t write a thing on it. Wow.. funny.

*My sister and nieces toes*

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