LOVE *deep love*


So, my new friend will be gone soon. We talked for a very long time last night, and he made it clear that he wants to be in my life. But we are not on the same page in many areas. That’s important to me. And its okay…. I hate for people to try to make a size 8 work on an 11 feet. This lady who I use to work with use to always say…. “don’t worry about the person who you’ve met not being the ONE, that means the person who is for you is STILL OUT THERE.” You have to turn loose this one, in order to get to HIM. Wow, I so get that!!!


On a LOVE note….

My heart is open to LOVE. When you LOVE someone DEEP, its funny how the person whom you LOVE will know even if you don’t say a word. I LOVE that. I’m so personal and private…. I wont admit it to the person, but he would know. Unless we are face to face and I can see his facial expression. LOVE is something you just can’t help. Yes…. you are right!! And there is nothing you can do about it!!!

On my way to bed…. lots to think about tonight. I hate when someone comes BACK into your life, and mix your head up… LOL LOL Why do I keep allowing this? L O V E

good night

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