I’m sad :(

god has a reasonI had a wonderful day at work today. When I came home from Georgia, I didn’t want to go back to Walmart. Seems like no one understood that. Yes, I was making GOOD MONEY there, and I’m good friends with all the managers, several are on my FB page. I just didn’t want to do that. I didn’t want to be bothered with grown folks anymore. I wanted to work at a School with TEENS. I prayed, and prayed,, and prayed and prayed. As time went on, I was getting desperate and needed to work. But all my needs were being met and MORE. SO, it allowed me to hold off on making a decision to go back there. I’m so glad I waited on God. After being fingerprinted by the FBI, I am now working where I want…with Students at a High School….. I LOVE THEM!!! I have many stories to share later on this weekend. LOL


I’m looking forward to seeing them tomorrow because TONIGHT…. I’m sad. 😦


My friend * guy I like* called me tonight and told me that he got the job at the airport that he’s been waiting for. I’m so sad right now because he works a first job 7-3, and this job will be his afternoon job, so that means I won’t see him anymore after March. He says he’ll come to visit, but I know him, after working 16 hours a day, on his day off he’s going to want to sleep and be with his family. I can’t even cry, it hurts so bad.


I’m happy for him, because I know how he feels about this position. But dang…. Here comes this guy that I really like and he’s going to be gone from my life. He lives almost an hour away from me in the first place. This is going to be really hard for me. I’ll see him all weekend here at my job, could be therapy, or it could be tears 😦


But I have to be honest here. One day I walked up on him as he was reading the Bible. He looked up and said Hey! I asked what was he reading, he told me, then said…. I’ve been thinking about you. He said GOD told me something/several things ABOUT YOU… after he told me it blew my mind. All I could do is stare at him, caught me totally off guard. After that I went back to my apartment because I had to think alone about what he said.


I was sitting in the bathtub, and he called me. He said Lacrease are you mad at me, are you okay? Because I left so abruptly. I said yeah… I’m good. I said what you told me just blew me away. It was then while in the bathtub is when I realized AND KNEW FOR A FACT, that he was only in my life for a season and a reason. God knew it would take for someone I REALLY LIKE to come into my life and tell me what he told me. I knew THEN that eventually he would be leaving my life. I knew it. I knew it. Now that time is here. He was only in my life to share that, and I had to hear it from someone who I liked. I made him feel like everything is fine, and he never brought it up again.


My heart is broken AGAIN this week!* I’m a strong woman……I’ll be fine.*

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  1. Awww poooo.. I sowwy.. I have been there.. literally.. it took for me to be with a man who showed me there was nothing wrong with me.. and it was only this man who could have directed me to the church I joined and I am now training to be an evangelist.. It does hurt like heck.. and takes a good while to get over discovering this person is a seasonal person.. but thank God that you have the Wisdom God gave you to show you that this is in fact a seasonal person.. all too often, we try to turn seasonal people into lifetime people and that is when the REAL heartache begins.. Be encouraged Sister.. Love you!


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