Its almost time! CFTH

Hey Family!!!


I’m up and running. Kinda under the weather for the last 4 days, still went to work and did my best to stay positive, even though I wanted to lay down on the floor at work and go to sleep. LOL Its nothing but the God in me who is keeping me on top of things. I’m amazed at all the love and support that I have gotten for CFTH, so many people have helped to see this come to pass. Someone even sent me a message today saying that I will bring you gas money to travel around in when passing out food. I’ve been so quiet, because I’m so blessed that God has laid it on my heart to do this. It means so much to me, I can’t wait to see the faces of the people tomorrow. Since, I have started this, several people have asked me to help, or either tell others about what they are doing. Thats a blessing, but at the same time I gotta be careful too.


I have some work to do, gotta get off-line for a minute!!! Here are some photos, more coming after we “take it to the streets”.



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