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lilcreeHey Family!! 馃檪

So yesterday I went to the Home going Services of my friends mom. She lived a long time ( 79) and was the sweetest person you could ever meet. I’ve been knowing this family for over 20 years. And when I say this lady could make some mustard greens and potato salad…. ooooo weeee. The last time I saw her was when I took her and my mom to the movies. She will truly be missed.

To be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord. One of my favorite Scriptures.

聽Tonight I talked to my gurl about doing ANOTHER Valentines for the Homeless Sunday February 14, 2016. We are so excited about this project because since we both live in apartments, we don’t have the space to make all of the 150 dinners for Thanksgiving. People have been calling me, texting and inboxing me about it. I felt so bad because we had been doing this for years. But on Valentines Day, I’m going to make it happen. We’re packing toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, face towels, gloves, 聽hats, scarfs, socks, deodorant and this time FOOD. We will be putting together a nice hot meal for 50-75 Homeless people Downtown Detroit. I’ll keep you all updated and maybe you can put together something in your city. Its easy to plan and the pay off of seeing people enjoy Valentines Day with gifts and food is a wonderful feeling. Amen!


IMG_0784I’m still trying to help my BRIDE find her a outside venue for July. Its so hard, so I had to ask her that question, if push come to shove will she be willing to have a indoor wedding? She said yes, so hopefully after she looks at the one ( outside venue)) next week she can finally come to a conclusion so that we can get this WEDDING STARTED!


Feeding the Homeless YESTERDAY/BLOG


Hey Family!!! 聽

Today for dinner, I’m making Collard Greens, corn on the cob, corn bread and some fried chicken. Not to forget my Pep boy * Pepsi*. Been working and I got tired of eating on the go, its time for some real food. So its going down today. In other news…. I’m so tired of all the rumors on Bobbi Brown. Send up prayers, and just be quiet.. because the people who are in the circle of hers聽aren’t聽saying ONE聽WORD. Just pray!

Yesterday me and my Princess went to the Shelter to serve food to the Homeless. We served from 4-6 we had a good time, it was well organized, and the men were very friendly. The people there said they were happy to see women serving them, because the men are more settled down. We were happy. Even talked to the man in charge that said when ever we want we can cook food for them and bring it down, and serve it. Yesterday they had聽chilli聽and聽biscuits. I聽didn’t聽like the fact that聽the聽biscuits聽were kinda hard. I hate that homeless people will eat what they can. 聽Its just not fair sometimes to see them eating whatever they can get their hands on. I’m going to gather up my FB family and friends and we’re going to come up with a plan and a menu to COOK for them. We’re going to take it to the shelter for dinner and serve. This was also the shelter KEM the singer was in before he got clean. It was truly a pleasure to volunteer. Cant wait till next time. I’m taking my FB friends with me.


How we fed 150 people for Thanksgiving in Detroit….Crees Blog Entry

DSCN1183I realized that God equipped me with Being a Visionary I have insight on things that others just don’t see, or understand…. and ITS OKAY. As a visionary you have to be able to think quickly and able to come up with solutions. You have to always have a plan B. I have a gift to vision the whole thing in progress before it even happens while sitting in my living room months before time. In doing this, I can see all the issues that may come up, and that is how this is able to go smoothly EVERY YEAR. THANK YOU JESUS.

While I was preparing for our 5th Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving, my mother, and sister said to me…..* WE laughed* what do you do, because all we see you doing is writing stuff down on your notes? I laughed so hard at them, while they laughed at me… and I said yall have NO idea what it takes to pull this all together. Had this been years and years ago when they were “cracking jokes” hehehehing….. I would have been mad * only for a moment*…. but I knew that they didn’t know any better, and when they see me in action…. they’re going to “FEEL BAD FOR ME” in a sense.

The day before we went out to the streets to feed the homeless, I met my mommy over to my sister house were we sit up, snack, laugh, and talk about different things going on. We were all comfortable when my phone rang… I had to go and meet someone to collect items. When I told my family I would be right back… they were unhappy. They thought I was there to chat… but really I knew I had to meet donors in the area. When I returned…… 30 minutes after that I had to meet someone else, they wanted to know how long I was going to be… because they wanted to sit up and talk.LOL LOL *since they were hehehe about me* But see little did they know I had to do a lot of running around. So after my 3rd pick up, they were like… omgoodness we’re starting to see what you really do. They asked me do you feel like all of this driving? I said yes. I love to drive so this is nothing to me. When 5 pm came, that was my last pick up, and then it was time to take things to my other sisters house to store until the next day. With all the running around… I put in $38.00 in my tank just for those 2 days ALONE then I had to put in $45.00. YES #TRUESTORY

Wednesday morning I was up at 7 am… ready to drop nesha off at work, then to Walmart, Target to pick up some last minute things, picked up my BFF with macaroni and cheese, her daughter, then to my sisters house to get MORE macaroni and cheese she had made that morning before she went to work. We had even more things to unload before we started the process. Whew that was a lot to unload.

By this time it was after 11 am. WE had to bag all 150 dinner rolls, 150 cookies, then we had to tear off over 200 pieces of aluminum foil to cover the dinners. We had to put can pop, and water in 150 bags. WE had some much trash. LOL After we did the drinks, we had to hall them into the van because they took up a lot of space on the floor. After all the food was done, and ready to be served except for a few things that needed to be heated…..my CREW WAS HUNGRY. ME….. when I’m busy like that and I want things done… I can go all day until were done before I even get hungry. So, I had to pause for that… usually I buy extra chicken, rolls and pop for everyone who participated, but they wanted
Mc Donald’s. I didn’t want to go way across town to pick up the chicken AND make extra trips to the restaurant, so I timed it so that we can make only one trip. Whew… the faces people make when they’re hungry is funny!!!! I had my friend Gloria call several places that I had written down to get the best deals for 300 WHOLE PIECES OF CHICKEN WINGS. We found a deal $190.00 we were off to get food. Me, gloria, Charlene and Tyra. It took us over an hour to return and that set us back from being out on the streets at 4 pm. I wasn’t happy about that, but oh well, what can I do?

When we returned my friend Nicole and her 2 daughters were on their way. We knew that once we got in the house we had to get started making 150 plates and when I say it takes some time….. BELIEVE ME!!! They had chicken and dressing, potato salad, string beans with white potatoes, mac and cheese, dinner rolls, and 2 pieces of fried chicken. Pop, water, brownie, and cookies.

What I learned is that here in Detroit the weather changes from year to year.. and when its cold outside I have to make sure we are on the streets be fore dark at least 4 because they go inside of a building and stay. Last year when it was warm, they were all over the streets and it took us 7-10 minutes to pass out all the food. This year it took us longer because dark caught us, and it was cold outside. So next year I’m going to focus on quality instead of quantity. We can make the plates heavier with food, we can give more deserts out, we can also pass out more waters or pop and juice.

After it was over.. my mommy and sister said we ARE SO SORRY FOR MAKING JOKES ABOUT YOU AND YOUR NOTES… my mommy said she could NEVER IN HER LIFE DO WHAT I DO AND STILL HAVE A GOOD ATTITUDE IN FROM OF EVERYBODY. They said…..we never knew it takes all of that to pull this together. They helped me all the way through and couldn’t believe all the work it takes. LOL I told them… I knew they didn’t see the big picture like I did… I know it is God who gives me the drive and motivation to put this together. It takes a sane mentality to inbox, phone, email, text people to make sure everything is going well… I am so proud of myself to truly learning how to “keep it moving” no matter what’s going on.

After we loaded my van, Nicole’s truck and my sister/hubby car… we went to the streets of downtown Detroit. We were so tired.. but for some reason I was up the next morning at 7am. Wow God… for real? LOL

Can’t wait till next year.

Be Blessed!
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving….. Crees Blog Entry

DSCN1172First before I can even begin… I have to Thank God for giving me the gift of planning and the endurance to complete this task with my family and friends. I love you

As you all know I can write. I’m hoping to make this short and to the point….. but I don’t know. LOL

WE COOKED AND PASSED OUT 150 DINNERS THIS YEAR. Whenever we go out to pass out dinners, there are so many men and women who are so THANKFUL. I met this lady last night, who walked up to the van to get a dinner and I could feel that her heart was so heavy with “something”. So, I asked her … what’s wrong? ( yall know me) She said “I just lost my husband, and I’m just so lost”. She said that she didn’t know what to do. I began to minister to her and gave her a long loving hug. And this is what my Sis was talking about this morning. Sometimes we are a pay check away from being hungry.. and sometimes we’re a situation away. You can have the best job in the world, but if your mom dies, or your sisters, anyone who were a pillar to you… ITS SO EASY TO CHECK OUT OF THIS WORLD MENTALLY. And that has happened to this lady. Another thing that amazed me last night… was that a person could walk in front of you and never open their mouth to say “excuse me”. Someone could walk into a room and not open their mouth to those who were there before them to say “hello”…. but last night all you heard was “THANK YOU. GOD BLESS YOU. THANK YOU, WE APPRECIATE IT, THANK YOU WE LOVE YOU, THANK YOU FOR THINKING ABOUT US. *I’m about to cry typing this*

A few days ago, as I was writing down the names of all the donors I realized how many people that sent donations that didn’t live in Detroit. It made me emotional, because how is it that these people who SEVERAL have never met me… would dig in their purses and wallets to decided to help out with my vision to Feed the Homeless? Only God could touch their hearts in this way. For that I am TRULY THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL LORD. And this is why I have to send this special SHOUT OUT to the following people. Rubie of Georgia. Valerie of Arizona, Jodi * former 2959 Walmart Family* of Tennessee, Calandra of Chicago, Selena of New York, and my good friend….. Alex of Texas. Thank you all so VERY VERY VERY MUCH. * hugs and kisses*.

To Nesha my baby. Thank you for always asking me when you know Im about to get stressed ” you’re okay momma”. That challenged me to regroup, because whatever was bothering me in doing this… you made me aware of it. Thanks for your generous donations… you see first hand what it takes to put this together. Thank you so much for being my #1 stunna * gurl*. I LOVE YOU MOMMY MOMMY.

Thank you to MY COUSINS Darcella and Anderson, To Mzlena and her BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER, My aunt wana for making chicken and dressing, and my aunt Faye for the string beans. TO my niece lash… thank you. To my #1 Walmart Family gurl in the WORLD lajuana.. when I tell you I LOVE THIS gurl….believe me! She gave me her debit card while she was working and said… here is my debit card AND NUMBER go and get what you need. So, I’m like okay.. I went and got 2 cases of pop, and returned her card. Then she said what else do you need….. tell me…. here take this card and get some MORE stuff. Wow….how do you THANK A PERSON with a heart like this? HOW? What do you say to this kind of person. Thank you Lajuana so much for your kindness. Thank you for being a friend. * don’t be jealous ruby…. *insider* I love you too boo matter of fact you were my first donor.

To my gurl Myra…. ooo myra please don’t kill me. I was running late to meet you, but you took the things to the service desk anyway. I really wanted to see you… my fault. Thank you so very much for constantly being in touch with me, when you live so far away. You came all the way from where you live to make sure I had what I needed. THANK YOU BOO. To tammy, darron lee, my Sisters Yolanda and Electria.. OMG What did I do so great in GOD eyes to have Sisters like you both? Huh.. Like for real. How did God say.. okay Imma match Cree, Na and Peedie up as sisters? I dunno the math … but IM SO GLAD HE DID. I LOVE YALL SO MUCH!! TO trya my god daughter… baaaaaaaaaaaaaaby when I tell yall this lil gurl *she’s 15* worked…. SHE WENT TO WORK!!!! My sister went in her purse and gave her some money. LOL LOL LOL LOL A special love note to Ms Karen my Walmart Manager… who always go way beyond the call of duty. This lady made 150 BROWNIES with her own money and TIME. This is not her first time either and every time she makes them… I HAVE TO FIGHT PEOPLE OFF ASKING ME CAN THEY PLEASE HAVE A BROWNIE…. and yalp I had to do it again this year. LOL Who makes 150 brownies? Who does that? THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH MS KAREN.. I JUST LOVE YOU!!!

Thank you to my gurl Nicole and her beautiful daughters. This was there first time going out with us…. and when they came in, they were like “okay what do you want us to do”. They got right to work!!!! They came to serve and that’s what they did. Looking back on it… hadn’t they came in…. it would have been a battle getting all of that stuff packed up. We put Ford to shame with our assembly line. WE DID THE THANG BABY LOL !!! THANK YOU JESUS FOR THEM ALL. Thank you to Charlene my BFF for PHYSICALLY being * hands on* to what we do. At the last min when I asked you to make some mac and cheese… you said “bring it over… I’ll do it”. I was so happy…. God knows I needed that. Sometimes I just don’t know how to ask for what I need… and people like you made it easier for me to communicate. You were working so HARD… that I couldn’t stop having laughing out burst. LOL LOL * water* I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH… THANKS for putting me in my place when I need it, cause everybody knows I CAN GET OUT OF ORDER… YOU KNOW ME BEST. LOL LOL Thank you to Ms Gloria…. My SISTER my RIDE OR DIE TILL THE WHEELS FALL OFF!!! You have been with me feeding the homeless for 5 years and 7 total runs including Valentines Day Personal items, and making sandwiches for the homeless. Every time I pick up the phone and say… Ms. gloria.. I need you… your response is…. WHEN? Yesterday when you walked in the house to start making plates… little did you know… you were the glue to my day. * tears* THANK YOU SO MUCH… AND I LOVE YOU.

To my brother in law Darren… I knew you had to work yesterday, you even came in tired. But see what you all don’t know is…. even though I love to drive and know a lot of places…. once the food is in the car… I don’t know how to physically get to all the spots we go to pass out food. Its like once the hard work is done…. I cant even think to drive anymore. So, I thank you so much for always willing to lead us to our destination. Do you know when it was over, I didn’t even know my way home.. gloria had to guide me back? LOL So when I tell you that I appreciate you…. BELIVE ME.. . Thanks for riding with me since DAY ONE OF THIS MISSION. I LOVE YOU

TO my MOMMY.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. It was you who called me out of the BLUE AND SAID…. THIS YEAR WE ARE FEEDING 150 PEOPLE. I said huh mommy… in my mind…..I said I cant even focus on that right now. You said… we’re going to do it this year and I’m cooking. At that point… all I felt in my Spirit was YES. Because with my mentality at that time.. I didn’t want to do anything!!!!! It was God who told you to call me up.. I don’t remember you even saying HEY ZEE AS YOU DO when you first call. Thank you so much for everything mommy. Thank you for the loving kindness you displayed… you didn’t “snap” at me that much in front of my friends, LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL TOLD YALL MY MOMMA BE SNAPPING. LOL

Thank you to all of those who wanted to help and couldn’t for whatever reason. I REALLY FELT THE LOVE FROM YOU. I saw the messages….I read the in boxes.. But that’s okay… it really is because MARCH 2014… WE ARE GOING BACK TO THE STREETS to pass out sandwiches. chips, drinks, and snacks at lunch time. For all those who want to be apart of it…. we will be doing it ONCE A MONTH. There’s always an opportunity to give and to be apart of something special. I look forward to working with different faces for 2014 as well as my “regulars”. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.. THANK YOU AND THANK GOD FIRST, BECAUSE HE WAS THE ONE WHO GAVE ME THE VISION!!!!!!! Alex TigerCat Moses Tammy Frazier Lashanna Thomas Neish Walk


DSCN1183 DSCN1176

Would you buy for the HOMELESS as you buy YOUR FAMILY? *FB repost*

Good Morning!!! I have a QUESTION. Okay….. there is this customer that comes to Walmart everyday. He is the sweetest man you’ll ever meet. You can tell that he has money based on the conversations and his style. Usually when he comes in, he’s looking to buy small end things such as a hammer, or screws. Keep in mind he comes in EVERYDAY knows all the cashiers and floor sales associates. One day I was ringing him up and noticed that he was buying groceries, he never buys them. He had lots of can goods. So me… being me said to him wow… I never remember you buying food, its always other things. He said YES, this is for the HOMELESS not for me. Well, I looked at his items, and they were ALL NO NAME BRAND…. things he certainly wouldn’t buy for himself. I kinda got annoyed because why is it that when people donate to the HOMELESS for FOOD *not items you don’t eat* We tend to buy them NO NAME BRAND FOOD, but when it comes to our family we buy name brand? Is this okay? Is this wrong or right? When we buy name brand food for us, and no name brand food for the HOMELESS are we saying we are better than them. Are we saying,…. WELL AT LEAST IM BUYING THEM SOMETHING TO EAT… I DIDN’T HAVE TO DO THIS? If you are a person who donates or help people, do you buy them things on the SCALE AS YOU WOULD YOURSELF? What are your thoughts on this?

Michelle Hicks-Stokes I’m a no name brand shopper Lacrease Walker. I am a Kroger queen and buy all Kroger products which taste divine! So yes, I would buy no name brands. Quiet as kept, they are some of the best tasting foods out there. A lot of times you are just paying for the name in the name brand products.

Thursday at 10:20am 路 Unlike 路 8

Betty Williams I don’t see it that way. I saw a documentary on this long ago when I was in California and some of the “no name brand” and the “name brand” are packaged at the same factories. You are paying more for the name brand because of the name brand. I buy the no name brand because it is cheaper unless they have the name brand on sale. I salute this guy for thinking of the homeless people. There are many people who would not even think about homeless people.

Thursday at 10:22am 路 Unlike 路 5

Gus Blackice Walker As u know cuz, i use to work in a pasta plant, and i can tell you that most of the stuff is the same, just in different packages, pasta and milk especially. People dont know that they are paying just for the name.

Thursday at 10:23am 路 Unlike 路 7


Thursday at 10:27am 路 Unlike 路 6

Starr Cureton In my opionion cree I dnt think it matters cause if u trying to feed more than one person I do think it about stretching your dollar so u could get more for your buck so just keep n mind its for more than one person so I dnt look at it that I would just b happy somone is thinking about the homeless enough to get anything for them. Just like that time I bought them juices for them I wasn’t thinking about price or anything but I eat no name food so that’s y I say that

Thursday at 10:28am 路 Unlike 路 5

Lacrease Walker 鈥嶮ichelle Hicks-Stokes okay now I worked at Walmart and we sell Walmart brand food WHICH IS THE BOMB!!! Im not talking about those types of items, Im talking about cans of corn that saws MYCORN…. or peas that says PEASFORTHE SEAS… stuff like that. AND ALSO If you buy these things FOR YOURSELF cool, Im not asking this question from you. Im asking if you BUY GREEN GIANT STRING BEANS……. would you buy them for the homeless?

Thursday at 10:30am 路 Like

Cedes Prayze-Him Weekes I don’t trust no names! If you’re gonna give, remember your name/rep is attached to it!

Thursday at 10:32am 路 Unlike 路 1

Lacrease Walker If you buy no name brand food for yourself. OF COURSE I WOULD EXPECT FOR YOU TO buy it for the HOMELESS…… MY question was IF YOU BUY yourself DASANI WATER….. WOULD YOU BUY THE HOMELESS DASANI WATER?

Thursday at 10:32am 路 Unlike 路 1

Lacrease Walker AM i WORDING THIS RIGHT?

Thursday at 10:33am 路 Unlike 路 1

Lacrease Walker LOL

Thursday at 10:33am 路 Unlike 路 1

Michelle Hicks-Stokes I don’t think it matter Lacrease Walker, it’s the thought that counts.

Thursday at 10:35am 路 Unlike 路 1

Starr Cureton I would but that’s how I am cree u no how I am

Thursday at 10:38am 路 Unlike 路 1

Lacrease Walker Now…….. let me go a bit further……… If Tyler Perry went to kroger, meijer, walmart and other places to buy for the homeless. And he came out of the stores with allllll kroger, meijer, walmart brand of food would he by JUDGED by the fact that he could have bought name brand items. WOULD PEOPLE EXPECT MORE FROM HIM?

Thursday at 10:40am 路 Unlike 路 1

Mikel Stovall I see nothing wrong with it at all Cre! Also be mindful that some of your wealthy live very frugal. I say bless the blessing. I bet the homeless not saying when they get a meal or food “mannn they got the nerve… Wheres the Del Monte and Doritos in this piece.” Sometimes its as simple as “thank you JESUS for food to eat!!”

Thursday at 10:40am 路 Unlike 路 2

Darron Lee Giving is giving if a person is down and out they dont care whaT name on it as a person that make good money if i c a polo shirt 4 my kids at somerset 4 65 but c the same shirt at burlington or marshall 4 12. 99 in going 2 marshalls black people get caught up in a name that y we so far behind just b glad he gave cuz so many dont

Thursday at 10:44am 路 Unlike 路 4

Lacrease Walker I need to REWORD MY POST

Thursday at 10:44am 路 Like

Renee Bates The cheaper you get, the more you can buy/purchase..God knows your HEART” and a Blessing is a Blessing

FOOD THE HOMELESS regardless unless it’s not meant 4 A dog

….than don’t buy.God got your back in the END……Bigger and Better thing

……The throught is totally Awesome

I WILL help somebody this week,because of this.I want to be Christ Like…Gratefulbates

Thursday at 10:47am 路 Unlike 路 4

Renee Bates Feed the Homeless

Thursday at 10:48am 路 Like 路 1

Lacrease Walker I want to REWORD my QUESTION FOR TODAY. So, Im going to BLOG about it and go deep into what I really MEANT. Ill be back in a few.

Thursday at 11:01am 路 Like

Cell Boogie It’s like this people feel they work for theirs, earn it themselves so they buy what they want…when it come to orhers they feel it’s extra so it shouldn’t matter it’s the thought….like if u buy faygo for $1.49 for yourself but when u give suming away u but the Walmart brand u can get 2 for that price so now u got double so u helping twice as many people then u would buying the more expensive stuff

Thursday at 11:07am 路 Unlike 路 1

Nakia Henderson It doesn’t matter what brand it is, he is doing something from his heart to help others that are less fortunate. Maybe he got the no name brand because it’s cheaper and he can get more for his money and feed more people. GOD feed a multitude and Im sure it wasn’t name brand….

Thursday at 11:09am 路 Unlike 路 3

Myra Bee Brand or no name brand they both taste the same to me.. My bro n sis always taste the dif me idc I buy them both but I do get what ur saying

Thursday at 11:09am 路 Like 路 1

Brittney Turner I mean if he’s getting for the Homeless he could be trying to save money. The off brand generally cost less. If you think about a lot of churches and organizations give all kinds of food name brands and off brands. They just give… Just saying

Thursday at 11:14am 路 Unlike 路 3

Calvin Lokktrax He can buy more of the no name brand foods to give to more people other than buying all brand names to feed a few. If he loks like he has money then that’s how he was able to have and keep money! By spending his money on quality products at a better price. I bet he drives an old car too! Lol

Thursday at 11:30am 路 Unlike 路 2


Thursday at 11:36am 路 Like 路 1

Kim Hicks Kelsey Sorry Crea I but buy name & no name brand depending on my likes but I feel whatever and I specify whatever we can do to help the homeless is appreciated think of it this way when we donate clothes we donate things that we don’t wear or can’t fit anymore we don’t go out and buy new clothes to donate as long as your heart is in the right place that’s what matters God judges a man according to his heart!

Thursday at 11:37am 路 Unlike 路 2

Rose Hicks 鈥嶡kim Hicks, I have to agree. I have a short bakers rack full of canned goods. Some are name brands and the rest are no name brand. The reality is I am ready to donate them. I need to do this because it seems a little unfair seeing them there everyday and while passing by I feel that this is not right.

Thursday at 12:21pm 路 Unlike 路 2

Tania D Stubbs ok big baby i have been feeding homeless every two sat for two years now. We never buy un named brand unless it is spartin because it is a michigan based product. I perfer to keep our $in the state. I buy better maid over lays and faygo over coke and pepsi. I nevef tell or brag because i dont need to be praised for a good job because All belong to GOD. and all that I do is for HIS glory. so if he gave with a pure heart GOD with reward HIM but if not he will reap the benfit of that too.

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Vee IslovingherselfFirst Cree…I honestly get what you are saying, and some things I can only eat “brand name”, like cheese. However, If I am donating food for any cause, I will not purchase the brand name if it is not on sale. If you are buying for the homeless, it is probably a significant amount of things. I would not set off to get the “no name brand” but if it happens to be within budget I will. * and the others are right…its the selfless act that counts, nothing else*

Thursday at 2:02pm 路 Like 路 2

Yolanda Pippen Crease, I think u were asking everyone that if the no brand name is as good as the name brand then why shop differently for others? Crease is ur position that u would shop the EXACT SAME for everyone u buy for unless they ask for something different?

Thursday at 3:03pm 路 Unlike 路 3

La Shondra Rias Now I shop at Kroger,Meijer,and Walmart when I do shopping never in the Hood the stores in the Hood r designed to take your money and leave you with no choices but to buy what it is there trying to sell you. But anyway yeah it’s cheaper to buy no name items so you can get more for your $ we should be happy that that gentleman was thinking about the homeless bcuz he didn’t have to. Truth be told the only time we think about the homeless is when we see someone down on the luck and standing on the freeway off ramp. But someone like me I would pull my car over to the side and have a conversation with that person, to see y they are in the situation they are in. Now I’ve been down on my luck and have not had a real job since Walmart but I’ve been blessed to get what I need.

Thursday at 3:04pm 路 Unlike 路 2

Yolanda Pippen If the food is all the same why change products when buying for others?

Thursday at 3:06pm 路 Unlike 路 4


Thursday at 3:07pm 路 Like 路 1

La Shondra Rias Some of the items in the picture are not necessarily no name brands the have a name just not the name you want it to be. Water is water, soda is soda, juice is juice, chips are chips etc. Im loving this man he can buy things for me anytime

Thursday at 3:12pm 路 Unlike 路 3

Tania D Stubbs big baby i buy them what i buy in my house because i cook thrm the same meal i cook for my family that week. They eat what i do brand name or not. Just like i dont give them used clothes but new ones

Thursday at 3:19pm 路 Unlike 路 3

Lacrease Walker http://sistergurlsmyblog.wordpress.com/2012/07/05/always-bring-your-best-gift/



Please read this good. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH NO NAME BRAND FOOD that wasn鈥…See More

Thursday at 3:21pm 路 Like 路

Lacrease Walker 鈥嶭a Shondra Rias oh that’s the photo taken at my house for the homeless….. I just posted a PHOTO to go with STORY that’s all. The photo didn’t have anything to do with the story.

Thursday at 3:27pm 路 Like

La Shondra Rias Oh OK. Just finished reading your blog had to put my show on pause trying to read all these messages your ? Generated.

Thursday at 3:33pm 路 Like

Lacrease Walker LOL La Shondra Rias LOL

Thursday at 3:34pm 路 Like

Harriet A. Houge well i think his offerings of no name products are better than the big companies that donate to the homeless products that are out dated and could possibly harm them. no name have the same ingredents as the name brand items if you take the time to read the labels it just might be a little different but when i donate i would give what i would eat or drink

Thursday at 3:52pm 路 Unlike 路 3

Lacrease Walker 鈥嶩arriet A. Houge YEP… that was what I was trying to see if PEOPLE DONATED THE SAME FOOD THEY EAT………….*SINCE ITS ALL THE SAME IN SOME PEOPLES EYES*

Thursday at 3:54pm 路 Like 路 1

Darren Johnson Yes I would buy no name for one reason is that if you have a set amount of money why not shop that way because you would be able to buy more and then you can feed more cause when its said an done if you are a great cook it wouldn’t matter cause the food will be so good who would no the difference so whether is name brand or no name if its cook to perfection they will love and be thankful for it

Thursday at 4:46pm 路 Unlike 路 3

Michelle Hicks-Stokes I agree Darren. It’s not about the name brand. People are just glad to get a meal. And really, they get meals, it’s the other stuff they lack like soap, tissue, toothpaste, etc.

Thursday at 5:23pm 路 Unlike 路 2

Miiss Ladiiee honestly i really think that is not okay. why because i feel they are human to and they dont deserved to be treated like they are nobody because they are somebody that just fell on hard times. they still are gods child. and i dont understand why people do that. do unto others as you want to do unto you. they are still human like us and they still have feeliings like us. so that’s how i feel about this. god bless

Thursday at 5:32pm 路 Unlike 路 2

Michelle Hicks-Stokes I can’t believe people are being judged and they are doing a good deed for someone else. *blankstare*

Thursday at 5:38pm 路 Like

Lacrease Walker MY[ POINT IS what everrrrrrrrrr you buy for yourself…….. MAKE SURE YOU BUY IT FOR OTHERS/HOMELESS. Dont downgrade just because “YOU CAN GET MORE”, give them the same quality of FOOD as you would yoursefl SINCE ITS ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THE SAME. Im talking about whateverrrrr you choice of food is. DONT DOWNGRADE

Thursday at 5:39pm 路 Like 路 1

Lacrease Walker Dee I know how you shop…. so I EXPECT for you to shop the same for the homeless. That’s all the point Im saying. What ever you are use to… DO IT ALL ACROSS THE BOARD…

Thursday at 5:40pm 路 Like

La Shondra Rias OK say that thereeeeeeeeeee. Bcuz I would buy whatever I buy myself, I’m not going to buy the homeless Pepsi when I don’t buy myself Pepsi. But this topic should make everyone look a little closer to yourselves

Thursday at 5:45pm 路 Unlike 路 1

Michelle Hicks-Stokes But maybe the person has a BUDGET and wants to do something extra. If they choose to downgrade, what difference does it make? The person is doing a great thing for someone. Maybe I’m just slow and don’t see the point you are making. But to me it don’t matter if they buy green giant for themselves and Kroger brand for the homeless person. The thought itself is priceless.

Thursday at 5:46pm 路 Unlike 路 2

Lacrease Walker If you are on a BUDGET….. then its okay to skip a FUNCTION…. This means this project is NOT for you. That’s fine.

Thursday at 5:48pm 路 Like 路 1

Lacrease Walker If you down grade to some FOOD YOU DONT buy even for yourself…….. why would give it? Dont try to squeeze “a give ” in… its okay sit it out. GIVE YOUR BEST IN ALL YOU DO!!

Thursday at 5:51pm 路 Like 路 1

Michelle Hicks-Stokes 鈥?

Thursday at 5:51pm 路 Like

Tonii Badd A donation is a donation to me … You will get your blessings any way rather its a good or bad brand …

Thursday at 6:50pm 路 Unlike 路 1

Lacrease Walker That’s right a donation is a donation. But that’s NOT what Im asking.

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Thursday at 6:52pm 路 Like

Lacrease Walker 鈥嶵onii Badd when you shop for yourself….. and your family… do you buy the same BRAND OF FOOD for them as you would a HOMELESS PERSON?

Thursday at 6:54pm 路 Like

Tonii Badd RIGHT !!! That’s what I was answering … I buy off brand and named brand … But wateva the brand is it shouldn’t matter its a donation …

Thursday at 6:55pm 路 Unlike 路 1

Lacrease Walker Okay lets leave out the…But wateva the brand is it shouldn’t matter its a donation … BECAUSE THAT GOES WITHOUT EVEN HAVING TO SAY IT….. you answer is YES YOU WOULD BUY BOTH FOR YOU AND BOTH FOR THE HOMELESS… THANK YOU SIS 馃檪

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Thursday at 6:58pm 路 Unlike 路 1

Lacrease Walker Thank you!!!! loving these answers

Thursday at 7:01pm 路 Like 路 1

La Shondra Rias I know you didn’t think that you would get all these answers ?

Thursday at 7:38pm 路 Like

Lacrease Walker

LOL La Shondra Rias No I didn’t!!!! LOL But Im glad because there was a time when I was VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY selfish. I would come to YOUR PARTY EMPTY handed. I would step in your KIDS party with nothing but a …See More

Thursday at 7:51pm 路 Like 路 1

La Shondra Rias That’s all what its about giving to receive your blessing. If all you had was time give THAT. I had to learn the hard way myself.

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Thursday at 8:31pm 路 Like

Keri Valloni The no name brands are really the name brands sold to stores at a cheaper price. When my ex delivered for GFS we found out that the Meijer’s Mac and Cheese was actually made by the Prince Macaroni company. So even though they have somebody elses name they are actually made by a big end company.

Thursday at 8:38pm 路 Unlike 路 1

Eunice Hicks Hello can inbox a number for you please. Try to call you on Tuesday dont have a valid number.

Thursday at 9:02pm 路 Like

Lacrease Walker OKAY BOO about to right now

Thursday at 9:03pm 路 Like

Lacrease Walker hey was that your 252 #

Thursday at 9:03pm 路 Like

Lacrease Walker 鈥240

Thursday at 9:04pm 路 Like

Lacrease Walker im calling you now boo

Thursday at 9:04pm 路 Like

Bern Forest Hey Z! Stop thinking so hard. I know it’s a virgo thing girl! Think about this he’s getting more for his money and not paying for advertising for the big names. same ingredients at a fraction of the cost. peace and love!

Thursday at 9:11pm 路 Unlike 路 2

Lacrease Walker LOL Bern Forest gurl why we VIRGOS DO THAT? LOL But once we are done we are DONE!!! LOL I THINK im frustrated because everybody keep posting comments about the NAME BRAND… IF OPRAH DID THAT ISH, PEOPLE WOULD BE TWEETING AND FACEBOOKING ALLLLLLLLLLL DAY LOL LOL

Thursday at 9:15pm 路 Like 路 1

Bern Forest hahahahahaha! absolutely

Thursday at 9:20pm 路 Unlike 路 1

Electria Peedie Walker Who cares if it’s the same ingredients, no name brands, or name brand??? If you won’t eat it, then it’s not ok to give it!!! no matter what it is!!

Thursday at 10:28pm 路 Unlike 路 2

Kunle ‘Hoppy’ Tayo Buying more of slightly cheaper Walmart-branded cereal, for example, for the homeless when I buy Kelloggs for myself at a higher price is not a crime against humanity. It’s bourgeois-economics. If I come to your house and you offer me some, I’ll eat it. Maybe I just feel better rewarding myself with the “brand names”. What about those that have and give nothing?

Thursday at 11:16pm 路 Unlike 路 1

Lisa SlimGoodie All brand name and no name items are not the same it really depends on wat the item is…its like going to a baby shower and u buying that person all dollar store items…and yes cree tyler perry wld be judged…i personally wld buy the homeless wat I eat at home and wat I feed my kids

23 hours ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Lacrease Walker 鈥嶭isa SlimGoodie SHE GETS IT!!!! DAYUM THANK YOU!!!! I guess some people look at it as “at least I bought them something”…. WELL HELL DONT GIVE ME NOTHING, WITH THAT ATTITUDE!!!but let a family member give them some day old chicken when they’re hungary….. first thing they would ask….. why couldn’t i have the good chicken? i YOU GET WHAT YOU PUT OUT LOL LOL LOL

16 hours ago 路 Unlike 路 2

Electria Peedie Walker Yess!!!

3 hours ago 路 Like

Princess Gooden Cree, no name brand items are less expensive. Therefore, you can buy more, & more goes a long way. The homeless aren’t gonna complain so neither should you. I don’t think he saw it as he’s better than they are. You got some folk w/money who wouldn’t even think about helping the homeless any kinda way, so thank God he has a heart.

about an hour ago 路 Like

Lacrease Walker

鈥嶱rincess Gooden HE saw it as USING LESS MONEY!!!! Flat out. If his mother n law was coming to dinner and he eats the best HE’S GOING TO SERVE HER WHAT HE EATS! right? Who says…. My mother n law is coming to dinner I EAT NAME BRAND FOOD, …See More

about an hour ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Princess Gooden

I’m sure he did see it as using less money in order to purchase more than he would if he bought name brand. Why buy name brand that will only feed 12 homeless people when you can buy no name brand and feed 20? Come on, Cree. You’re reading …See More

about an hour ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Lacrease Walker

鈥嶱rincess Gooden My point was….. why feed the homeless no name brand food WHEN YOU DONT EVEN EAT IT? That’s all Im saying. Treat people how you want to be treated. Dont downgrade THE HOMELESS food, when you wont buy it for yourself. Who ca…See More

about an hour ago 路 Like 路 1

Lacrease Walker

Im not saying something is wrong with no brand food.. Im saying if you buy yourself good ISH,,,,, BUY IT FOR THE NEXT PERSON… WHETHER ITS OPRAH OR THE HOMELESS. When you go to a baby shower, do you BUY THE BEST, when you go to a wedding…..See More

about an hour ago 路 Like

Lacrease Walker Im not going to but 6 ONEZIES FOR SOMEBODY FOR $6.00 WHEN I CAN GET 3 GOOD ONES FOR $12.00 ? GURL are you serious?

about an hour ago 路 Like

Lacrease Walker IM not buying 6 onezies for a BABY SHOWER that’s going to TEAR UP!!! LOL I RATHER BUY 3 GOOD ONES FOR $20.00.. What I BUY FOR MYSELF I WILL BUY FOR YOU!!!

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La Shondra Rias Girl you betta say THAT

57 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1


57 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

La Shondra Rias SAY THAT

55 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Princess Gooden

Hell naw!!! When I go to a baby shower, house warming, wedding, etc. I buy what my ass can afford. I ain’t gonna go outta my way and spend a whole lotta money for NOBODY if it’s gonna put me and my family in a bind. . . and, yes, I AM SERIO…See More

49 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Lacrease Walker I feel you on some points. But gurllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I ain hardly got the Joness MONEY either…. But gurl IT AINT BUT ONCE IN A BLUE MOON A FUNCTION LIKE THAT COME UP. LOL If you want the BEST… give the BEST.. And if I cant afford it….. then I wont get it. But it comes a time, when you quit half stepping. You want the BEST FROM GOD…… you give the best on earth.

44 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

La Shondra Rias SAY THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

43 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Princess Gooden

God wants the best from us, but whatever we do to help the next person regardless if it’s a LOT or a LITTLE – he wants us to give from our hearts and, as the Bible says, not to give grudingly. Don’t ever say “if you can’t afford it you won’…See More

31 minutes ago 路 Like

Chris Brown

I think its ok because now in days u can’t really tell who’s really homeless if they r homeless they would be thinkful for what they can get when i go to the store and buy stuff for my house i give what i can even if its a orange or an appl…See More

29 minutes ago 路 Like

Lacrease Walker

When I said If I don’t have it I wont give….. that means HAVE ANY MONEY. I may come over to your house to help you with the party, AND WHEN I GET THERE IM GOING TO DO MY BEST. That’s all Im saying….And PAM when you give your BEST TO PEO…See More

44 minutes ago 路 Like

Lacrease Walker BECAUSE GOD IS #1

44 minutes ago 路 Like

Princess Gooden I agree with you Chris. I think they will be moreso thankful just getting something to eat, as opposed to harping on how much it cost. I don’t think the homeless really care about the brand.

41 minutes ago 路 Like

Lacrease Walker 鈥嶤hris Brown AND Princess Gooden The subject is NOT the NAME BRAND…. THE prupose of the story was to ask this: WOULD YOU BUY THE HOMELESS THE SAME BRAND OF FOOD AS YOU BUY YOUR FAMILY? PLEASE ANSWER THAT FOR ME Okay boos?

33 minutes ago 路 Like

Lisa Misfit Matthews Well… now that I see the original story… could it be so he can buy more and stretch the money he plans on spending a little further??

28 minutes ago 路 Like

Princess Gooden

But Cree, the BEST for some ppl is what they can afford and not having to neglect themselves by doing so. If a little is ALL I gotta give, God is gonna be pleased with that! Again, he is moreso concerned with what’s in our heart. I wouldn’t…See More

24 minutes ago 路 Like

Lisa Misfit Matthews

But yes I would buy brands names if I could afford to do so… but if it is a situation of well i can buy a $100 worth of brand names vs generic and get more quantity to feed more ppl then yes I would buy the generics…. not bcuz i would f…See More

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22 minutes ago 路 Like

Lacrease Walker 鈥嶭isa Misfit Matthews now would YOU eat it?

21 minutes ago 路 Like

Lacrease Walker if the answer is YESSSSS, then you DID YOUR BEST!!

21 minutes ago 路 Like


20 minutes ago 路 Like

Lisa Misfit Matthews Yesss I would! Grab my plate, pull up a seat and sit right down next to them and start WITNESSING!

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18 minutes ago 路 Like

Lisa Misfit Matthews Here is my thing… if I know the generic alternative is a hot mess (such as generic cereal ickkkkk) I wouldn’t buy that and give it to the homeless!

17 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Princess Gooden Boo, I understood the question but you did ALSO mention the brand and you’ve elaborated on the brand more than once. I did answer your question because I said “hell naw, I buy what I can afford!” That applies to anyone. If you don’t like what I buy cause it’s too cheap, just give that shit back cause I can guarantee you, someone else will appreciate it.

17 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Cynthia Y. Sprague If i eat expensive in canned goods..homeless gets the same exact thing I eat..I dont why some people are like that. they are humans just like we are..God’s children..why go and buy NO name brands and give to them..give them WHAT YOU EAT!!!

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16 minutes ago 路 Like 路 1

Lisa Misfit Matthews LOLOLOL!!!

16 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Lacrease Walker YESSSSSSSS Cynthia Y. Sprague YESS YES YES THANK YOU!!!!! OKAY I CAN SLEEP GOOD TONIGHT. i feel soooo good. LO)L

15 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Cynthia Y. Sprague I’m not going to give someone something I don’t eat myself!! That’s tacky and rude!!

15 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Lisa Misfit Matthews And I would go by that name brand cereal from WALMART cuz its 50% cheaper than regular grocery stores!!! LOL

14 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Lacrease Walker ALL HE DID WAS HELPED HIS POCKETS$$$$ . Had somebody offered himn a plate of his OWN FOOD, HE WOULD HAVE DIED IN HIS BOOTS!!!

14 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 2


13 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Lacrease Walker You are helping SOMEBODY when you can sit down and eat with them!!! Not turning your nose up saying to yourself…. I WOULDNT EAT THAT!!!

12 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 2

Cynthia Y. Sprague I think I would have said something to him..and I would have said, you sure are finding the cheapest way to them

12 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Lacrease Walker 鈥嶤ynthia Y. Sprague I DID. I dont remember what I said tho. because I was out done.

11 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 2

Lacrease Walker But Let his MOTHER N LAW AND FATHER N LAW COME TO DINNER, he would be pulling out HIS BEST!!

16 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Cynthia Y. Sprague exactly! he wasn;t doing anyone a favor but his pocket! Cheap skate!

15 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Cynthia Y. Sprague Why give if you can;t give the BEST!!

15 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Lacrease Walker If you go the cheap way……….and you would eat it too, because you buy it for your family. THATS COOL. But don’t buy stuff you wouldn’t eat. THEN SAY ……………..HERE THIS IS FOR YOU.

13 minutes ago 路 Like 路 1

Cynthia Y. Sprague exactly Cree!!

12 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Princess Gooden Cree, gone to sleep, but Chris and I got it, waaaayyyy back when. But, hey, everyone person is different, everyone is not gonna think along the same line(s), nor feel the same way. Maybe that man’s heart wasn’t there – you see him EVERYDAY, so you should pretty much be able to decifer that. Did you ask HIM why?

10 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Lisa Misfit Matthews

But here is what I want you guys to understand… you buy the best brands cuz maybe the wife cant cook very well so we cant take no chances with the generic stuff cuz it might not turn out too hot…. but Imma take this money… get as much in quantity as I possibly can to feed as many as I can cuz man oh man.. there are some dynamite cooks at the homeless shelter who can turn these nickle cans of beans into a gourmet meal then YES i would buy generic but most def not under the premise of… they should be happy with ANYTHING!

7 minutes ago 路 Unlike 路 1

Lacrease Walker I said something to him Pam.. I don’t remember what it was. Whew chile you know I DID.

6 minutes ago 路 Like

Lacrease Walker I agree Lisa and Pam… if you eat it too, aint nothing wrong with feeding it

2 minutes ago 路 Like

Lisa Misfit Matthews Some of those homeless shelter cooks can THROW DOWNNNN on what looks like would be a hot mess!!!

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75 turned 86 ppl. Praise God! CFTH


This gurltheycallCree聽is TIED!!! Not tired, but TIED! LOL WE fed 86 people today!!! Our goal was to feed 75! God is the bomb. I can’t聽even try to express how I’m聽feeling right now. I can’t stop praising HIS name. Jeeeeeeesus!!! Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus. I’m聽going聽 to post the video of my family preparing the food. As always, I was the camera gurl, making sure they were on their JOBS!! LOL Just playing. Check out the video and tomorrow I will post more photos and footage!!! What a wonderful God we serve. I am doing with I always wanted to do. Wow! For dinner we COOKED, Chicken and Dressing with cranberry sauce, macaroni and cheese, string beans with white potatoes, dinner rolls, potatoe salad. For desert each person had donuts, brownies, and cookies. Each person had water, pop, and juice.

Communication and Dedication

Hey Everybody!!!聽

聽I know that I’m gonna be busy for the next聽week getting ready for my Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving dinners that I pass out, so this will be a long message. My mind is all over the place right now, which is not bad, it’s that I want to cover a lot. First of all I want to Thank God for the many women who read my blogs, I get so many encouraging messages in email, and I’m happy that someone is reading them and being encouraged. So Thank you!!!

So many people have come to me asking how did I get started with Cree’s Feeding the Homeless. For as long as I can remember I have always had this connection with the homeless. I’ve never been homeless myself, but聽I hate to see people hungary.聽So, this is not something that I just up and did. When I’m out and about, and someone ask for money聽if God lead me to give, I do.One year I said Lord, I want to feed the homeless. I want to cook the food out of my聽 own house and pass it out on the streets of downtown Detroit. I was nervous the first year, but we feed 12-15 people. Last year we feed 50 people, this year we are feeding 75. I tell people聽 you must have a plan. You have to set time apart to really get involved with making sure that everyone is getting their items in on time, and a lot of people like to be reminded, so you have to send out reminders. I’m very good at planning so that area was easy for me. I made out a menu and also everything that goes into the food has to do on the donation list. From the eggs, to the cheese in the macaroni. I’m also good at communicating the need to others, so that they can get the items to me in a timely fashion. You have to leave room for a few to say…. something came up and I won’t be able to donate. The money that was donated will go to those things. Thank God I never had that to happen, but what I did do this year was add dressing to the menu because of the money that was left over. This lady that works in the UPC office at my job asked “am I scared to pass out food”. No, I’m not scared at all. Those are the most grateful people you ever want to meet. They Thank you over and over and over again. They really appreciate it.

Someone asked me,聽 am I nervous to ask people to donate? The answer is No. Because its something that I believe in with all my heart, its my passion, it’s what I enjoy doing. I personally know a lot of people, really good people, and they know you, they trust you, and so they are very willing to help out.聽You have to see the vision……clearly. You have to choose people who聽 HAVE PROVEN to be trust worthy when it comes to cooking the food. I’ll make sure that they have everything they need, but they have to be people you truly trust . My daughter and nieces are the ones who聽help make the plates and put the napkins and silverware together. All you have to do is believe in what you are doing, make an effort to really put 100% in it. Send out reminders, and communicate to the people what you need, date lines, and their time to distribute if they can. It’s really fun, and the appreciation聽……is priceless.

My goal next year 2011 is “taking it to the streets” to branch out in different cities for Thanksgiving. I have a friend who wants to do it in Texas. And he wants me to show him how its done. If I can get 2 people in different cities to do this for their own community we will really be making a difference!!! Im excited!!