My Tyler Perry MGAJ Weekend…Detroit, Michigan…. Cree’s Blog

I was going to write a full review on the PLAY.. Tyler Perry’s Madea Gets a Job at The Fox in Detroit April 26-29. I don’t want to spoil it for others, and my mind is all over the place right now packing and getting ready to head out. So, if you know me, I can hit on different topics quickly and say much. So hopefully you can follow me.

Tyler Perry ….. very ANOINTED MAN…. I studied him on Thursday and Sunday night FROM THE FRONT ROW and baaaaby *I can stare with no blinks*. He is a very anointed MAN.

He is SO FUNNY. He kept on busting out laughing…. he was going into his mind after seeing or thinking about something funny… and laughing. That was funny to watch. He’s SHY too…. don’t let his laughs fool you. LOL Tyler is the type of person that if you are in his presence and you want to talk serious… he can CHANGE THE WHOLE ATMOSPHERE and make YOU laugh just to break HIS ICE before he get serious and answer your question. Imma tell you this……. if I had to take a test on TYLER…. I WOULD PASS WITH FLYING COLORS. LOL

The night of the play a friend of mines PAT drove down and we rode together to check into The Holiday Inn Express which is DOWNTOWN DETROIT across from the WESTIN HOTEL. Very creepy HOTEL. I slept no more than an hour. I went on 6 floors to get ice, and every time I got out of the elevator to get ice, the machine was broken or whatever. I was pushing the ice machine button like a killer was going to turn the corner and get me. It felt just like someone was after me. Then, I went to another floor, same feeling. Then I got paranoid and started pushing the elevator button like please open and let me get to my room. I found some ice and I went to the room like…..yall this Hotel is creepy. Neisha said ma…. I thought so too, I just didn’t tell anybody. Wow… all while we were there, we didn’t see a child, hear a TV, hear any walking, any talking, NO DOORS SLAMMING… NOTHING!!! If my friend wasn’t there from driving a long way, I would have got in my car at 4 am and went home. I never experienced anything like that. Went to check out, and there were about 50 people in the lobby. WOW… Felt like we were the only ones in the WHOLE HOTEL. CREEEE PEEEEEE!

Anywayyyyyzzzzzz…… My friend hit the back of a truck coming to get me…. it was starting off crazy. My dad was mad at me that day….. then finds out at the play that the story line was about parents in a nursing home. Touch me deeply… The songs were awesome….cant even explain how great the singing was and the BAND…. UM some cutie pies too baaaaaaaby * the horn guys*

Tony Grant sang at MY CHURCH SECOND EBENEZER, I went to Grace Community Church that morning to see my 14 year old cousin get BAPTIZED…. I cry when people get Baptized it means so much. So, I was there with lots of guest, then they took us to dinner at least 50 of us. YES EXPENSIVE TOO. Tyler Perry’s cast members came to my Church to support Tony….. but Faithful Tyler Perry ( a good thing) went to Perfecting… Bishop Marvin Winans Church on Vandyke near 7 Mile * side eyeing Tyler Perry for that*. My Bishop LOVES HIM TOO… Don’t do us like that next time. He reference those streets on Sunday Night at the Play….. that was funny. VERY FUNNY 🙂

These 2 older ushers * about 50 ish* were standing in front of me talking… one white and one black. They were saying that Tyler had some special guest sitting directly behind the PIT or they sat in the PIT in section 5.. and you know I was trying to see who it was without staring down their throats. LOL So, I guess the black lady wanted to know who, so the white lady reach over and whispered it in HER ears. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL That’s what my noisy a&& get. LOL But it end up being………Kem and Guest!!!

Yep, Kem was there in the audience on SUNDAY NIGHT… I was sitting in the PIT and when he got up to leave at the end… Tyler shouted him out and when I turned around he was right there. LOL I went to his message board on FB and posted this today… Lacrease Walker saw you at the Tyler Perry play in Detroit on Sunday 🙂

45 minutes ago · Like · 1He was the one who liked it. Then he posted THIS:


The #MadeaGetsAJob play was my 1st time seeing Madea live. @TylerPerry has been given a perfect platform 2 minister 2 God’s people. Love it!

Also I admire the work of Ms. Chandra Currelley… and I LOVE HER CD’S.. * mines played out* I posted that I would be in attendance and this is her post to me…

Chandra Currelley Yes Lacrease, I saw your beautiful face. Thank you for your support! *so geeked right now*

I wish Tyler would have had a PROGRAM BOOK…. that’s a lot of money he missed out on… He could have wrote in it Blah, Blue, Black and it would have went for $10.00-$15.00 EASY. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

I know people were upset that folks were walking in late…. but hey people pay their money, things come up and they end of late. I didn’t have to worry about that, because I SAT FRONT ROW…. BUT it is what it is….and that’s where patience come in at.

There is something about the way Madea says things that makes people get it and understand. You can have 6 friends tell you the same thing, but when Madea says it…. ITS GOLD. She is surely needed to get these points of WISDOM to US. Where can you find people that will tell you the truth these days? People love to KEEP SUGAR on their conversations and it trips me out. I KEEPS PEPPER IN MY PURSE…. with a DASH OF SALT * blank stare*

Another thing I OBSERVED…. THE respect that Tyler’s cast mates have for him. You can tell they LOVE and Support him. I’m sure its some behind the scenes drama from time to time, but for the most part…. its all about

On Thursday Night the opening night of the PLAY here in Detroit…. Tyler seemed tired. His eyes were small, and you can tell that he was *making it thru*.. but baaaaby by Sunday.., he was READY!!! And we answered back!! He said wayyyyyyyy more extra lines did he did on Thursday.

Before hand I had chatted with some people from Twitter and didn’t get on my phone to communicate with them so that we could meet. Got home and this person said…. WHERE YOU AT? DANG…. she sat front row as well. I missed her. Tyler shouted out this 13 year old who was sitting about 6 chairs from me in the front row she had a tiara on her head, it was soooooo nice. I wished her a Happy Birthday as we exited the PLAY. He also shouted out on Thursday 4 older ladies calling them beautiful. So sweet.

This is a MUST SEE PLAY……. the messages, the singing, the concert at the end, the words of wisdom. Beautiful!

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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