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As some of you may know…. when I was a young gurl, my dad told me that he had a daughter before he met my mom and married her. Through the years he would bring her up and it would only make me curious about her. I wanted to know her name, where she lived and many other things. I prayed to God that one day I would meet her and I did!!! Yes, I did. We met at my dad’s apartment…. along with my other 2 Sisters, my mom, daughter and niece. And even though she has her doubts about my dad being her dad, or another one of MY family members being the one as well…… FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE… it was good to meet her face to face God Has Heard my prayers. I Thank him for that, and I’ll never forget that day.


In other news… my niece is having a baby.. and my brother is too!!! Yes, I’m so happy about that. I wish my daughter was having a baby… I would love to be a grandma… but the way she’s talking… I dunno. LOL


There’s this guy who works at my neighborhood store, nice looking. He reminds me of my male BFF Rodney. I see him quite often. As I was walking out of the store, yesterday he stopped me and told me.. how pretty I was and how attracted he was to me from the first time we met. I wasn’t shocked because of the way he looks at me when he sees me. Most times men have a hard time reading me, because of the straight to the point look I have on my face. But yesterday so happened, I saw my neighbor in the store.  I sat at the table outside waiting on her to come out, so that I could offer her a ride home, she was walking with a cane. As he began to tell me how he felt…. I stared into his eyes and lips… because that’s the way I discern where he’s coming from. This is what he said…. I really like you, I think you’re beautiful… I’ve been wanting to tell you that for a long time… but I  HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. I said what? You have a gurlfriend? He said yes.. but I can’t help the way I feel about you. I said you got me messed up. I don’t TALK TO MEN who have a woman or wife. I said I’m too old to be second…. I want my OWN MAN. Didn’t that negro say…. “WELL AT LEAST I TOLD YOU!!” I said I know you told me…. and my answer is “NO… I WILL NEVER TALK TO YOU”.  


Anytime you can tell a woman you like her, but think she’s suppose to say yes to a “relationship/friendship” outside of that….. something is wrong with you. He got me totally messed up. I refuse to share my man knowingly. But you know.. that tells me that he’s use to telling women he has someone, and they’ll still take him. That’s childish to me, and I’m quite grown. Then today when he saw me, he asked me again. Can I just think about it. Then when I put my “business” face on.. with my car in drive.. feet off the brake peddle.. and my lips disfigured…. he got the hint. Women… BOSS UP YOUR STANDARDS….  don’t even speak to a man who think he got it like that with you. Keep it moving. Now, I talk a lot of stuff… but at the end of the day.. a man will have to chase me.. do flips, cartwheels, and no hand back flips for ME. And yes…. I’ll do the same for him.


Be Blessed!

Crees Rambling…. (((((BLOG)))))


Yesterday was the first day I made a PRIVATE Facebook page sharing my testimony to a selected 100 of when I went moved to Atlanta and back to Detroit. Its a very long Testimony, and I will post some everyday until the end. This should take about 2-3 weeks. Many are being Blessed already. I did NOT want to even write it, but God kept telling me to do it, and for my DISOBEDIENCE… I paid for it. So, it is written! LOL LOL It is done Lord!!!

Just sitting here thinking. Even though I never share my personal private life here…. its funny how I can be in LOVE with one, and REALLY REALLY LIKE another. I just LOVE a take charge man. And I don’t know what is it about me that makes them “get with me”…. like I’m tough or something. Its so funny to me, cause I love a man who talk smack in a loving playful way.  And let me clear what I mean by that. Not violent, who will curse me out, belittle me or anything like that. I LOVE to laugh and have a good time. I wonder how many others out there feels this same way about loving one man/woman, and like another.

Anyway…….Today has been a very interesting day. I’m just outdone and speechless. But it is what it is… and <CREE> knows how to keep it moving.

Someone close to me is about to go through a bitter divorce. So sad the stories that’s coming out of it. I’m just numb about a few things, but its all good… Sorry for the rambling… plus I’m sleepy too.

Be Blessed

He Had All the CLUES of a …… (((((BLOG)))))



Yall know I always have a story to tell. LOL Sometimes I feel that words are on my forehead saying… I’m a writer come talk to me and give me a great story to share with my bloggers. LOL

As I was sitting along the beautiful River Walk on the Detroit River a few days ago, this guy who was running decided to come and sit by me to get to know me better. I promise being a Christian is hard work… people mistaken that  sweet  peaceful calm Spirit as an opportunity to “get over” on you. That bothers me a lot, because I feel that I have to “go there” with people… when really it shouldn’t  even be that way. I told him my name was Lisa… and I’m so glad I did. It was something about him, that I knew if I listen more than 15 minutes… it would show me who he was.. AND IT DID.

He told me that he was carrying around his “credentials”  in this album because he was trying to gain employment and eventually  move to Canada. That was a “clue” to who he was… and I’m calling it Clue # 1. When I asked him where he stayed, he said he stay with a “room mate” ((a guy)) that he met at Starbucks after he and his gurlfriend broke up and didn’t have a place to go. That was Clue #2. That told me that he was sorta  like a “drifter” a person who tries to get in where he fit in. Any sign of an opportunity to get ahead at YOUR expense he will. It told me that he was purposely looking for people to meet. He had some shades…. and anytime he wanted to know about me, the shades were off, but when it came down to him sharing his story, he put them on. Clue #3. When he told me that he was 28… I was the happiest person on that day… it gave me an opportunity to “wrap up” the conversation and for him to BEAT IT. Told him, my daughter was 28 * she’ll be Sep 3* and that I had nothing in common with men HER age. Instead of him exiting from my “straight to the point, direct eye contact, bass in my voice, turned my head and made no eye contact with him after wards”, he still didn’t leave. So, I said to myself okay….. he’s up to something.

As I watched my phone because I had to be someplace at a certain time, he kept making small talk. When he told me how close he stayed and the landmark near it… he said it the WRONG WAY. He said that he stayed near Belle Isle. Clue # 4.  If you grew up and was raised in Detroit.. you pronounce it like this…. *Bell Owl*… AND NO OTHER WAY. LOL LOL I knew that doe doe bird was from another city. I went right in after he said it wrong……. “Where are you from”? LOL He looked at me as if I was the smartest woman HE HAD EVER MET IN HIS LIFE. LOL And said Houston. After about an hour.. he was still sitting there. I didn’t say a word.. I enjoyed the silence.

 Just then a couple came and sat on the bench next to ours (((LOL after all those that were there)))… oooweeee.. why they do that? This guy was SOOOO irritated about that. I heard God loud and clear when he said…. you see that? I said yesss Lord…. I’m paying attention. Clue # 5. Just then God said…. he’s going to ask you to take him home.  I kept saying  to God, I knew this guy is up to no good. I sat there mentally preparing his VERBAL DEATH. I looked at my phone and it said…. 5:04… I  said… OH WELL… LET ME GO. He said.. oooo ummmm umm oooooouumm which way are you going? I smiled in my mind because he was fulfilling just what God told me. I pointed in the direction of where I was going. He said.. do you mind if you can drop me off. I LOOKED AT HIM… I said.. I, WILL NEVER—— EVER—— IN MY LIFE—— let a stranger get in the car of my personal space. I said I don’t know you. Told him, my daughter would have a fit if she THOUGHT I took a stranger home. He made me so heated, I said I wouldn’t even let a stranger WALK ME TO MY CAR.  Then he said… no.. I’m not like that, here are my “credentials”  right here,* showing me his album of his ID and important papers. I said I DON’T WANT TO SEE THAT.. DON’T MATTER WHO YOU ARE, I’M NOT TAKING YOU ANYWHERE. I made it PERSONAL..  Just then I jumped up REAL FAST… catching him off guard, told him I was leaving…… and left! He didn’t know which car was mines * lol*,  it was actually parked directly behind where we were sitting. He wanted to know so badly which one it was. As I walked off…. I walked the whole circle to get to my car…. NO THIS CLOWN didn’t get out of his seat.. and started doing push ups on the side walk just to have full view of where I was walking. It was so funny watching him looking around for me, by the time he spotted me, I was popping the locks on the car. LOL

I know for a fact by the way he was irritated that couple sat near us, had they not came, he would have harassed me  and tried to convince me that he was a good person. He got me messed up… I watch too many killer shows for me not to know the signs of my last days on earth….messing around with him. He’s looking for another person to link up with so that he can free load and create another opportunity for himself to advance. This VIRGO is way to smart for that. If people knew what I KNEW…. they would stop TODAY.

Let me say this. People will show you who they are be them FAKE OR GOOD PEOPLE…. just pay attention to the Spirit they usher in with them. The Spirit is like a fragrance of cologne or perfume. Pay attention people. Listen.. don’t be so quick to want a friendship, that you miss the person you’re befriending. Give them time, honey, they will show you all day the condiments they wear.

Be Blessed!

Feeling Some Kinda Way……………………….Crees Blog Entry

I’m sitting here feeling “some kinda way” I can’t even explain this feeling. It’s this quiet thinking, but not talking feeling. If Nesha was here, she would say… “ma, you look weird”…… what’s on your mind’? I dunno. Usually when I get like this… I’m usually lacking time with God.. or my music. Tonight I think its my music. So, I’m going to lay down soon and let my Ipod put me to sleep.
I need to get out of this head space that I’m in. Oh yea… its almost the end of the month and my goal was to lose 9 lbs… and I’m at 10. So, that I am excited about. I have LOTS of work to do. Thank God for my beautiful shape… because I can get away with a lot. I can’t wait until it warms up, so that I can do my walking again at the Park. I can’t mess with all those jumping jacks, and hula hoops. LOL
Even though this “wilderness” that I’m in….. I can’t deny the things I’ve learned. And funny thing is.. had I not been here… I don’t think I would know what I know. That’s something to think about……if your reading and have found yourself here. That’s a Blessing in itself. I look at people, things and situations in a totally new light. Not so much as bad either……. just “differently”. LOL
Great thing is….. I’m feeling better even after writing this little bit. My break through is coming….and when it happens….. its going to be a loooooong time before I’m in this space again.

Good Night… Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

My Sister…..Cree’s Blog Entry

sis latrTonight I was watching Oprah’s “Where are they now” as she recapped the show where her Sister Patricia realized that they were sisters, it just bought me to tears. I had seen the original episode, and also this same “Where are they now” but this one tore me up. It reminds me so much of the story about my Sister. I know I keep writing on this subject, but I had known that she was out there somewhere since I was a young gurl. And to have her on my FB page and to see her post keeps her close to my heart.

When I saw tonight how the niece and Patricia took a blood test to determine if they were family, really made me think closer about doing this when ever my Sister * I believe we are* comes back to Detroit. I cannot stop thinking about this, and tonight I just cried and cried. My grand dad * my dad’s father* was married to her Aunt Lucy…. who I use to spend lots of time together when I was a kid. I loved my Grandma Lucy * passed away a few years ago*…. who was also her FAVORITE AUNT. And all the while my dad knew where she was, and how to contact her, but since it was a big secret in the family that she was his daughter… he didn’t. How all this came about….. one day.. my Sister knocked on my dad’s door and demanded answers. Someone in her family started talking and giving my sister answers. All while growing up she looked different than her other sisters, she knew something was wrong. All it takes is one family member who knows the truth, to spark the fire. I was the first person my dad called when my Sister left his apartment that day, because he knew I would find out, and I was the one he talked about her the most with.

As I was watching Oprah… I watched how happy Patricia was JUST TO KNOW her family members. It didn’t matter that Oprah is/was famous. I’m the oldest of the 4 of us from my mom and dad… but she’s older than me. So I see her as a “Big Sister”..someone I had to be to my siblings. I’m excited about that. I can see true LOVE in her eyes, in her mannerism, the way she looks at Oprah. She is very happy to have a Big Sister. I cried for her happiness. And as for Oprah’s mom, I hope that she can move on with her guilt, because really it doesn’t matter about the past anymore. Its okay that Patricia was given up for an adoption, because everyone is going through a healing process, and all that matters is the fact that….they’re all together now. See that’s the part my dad don’t get. He doesn’t want anyone to ask questions. Well.. I’m sorry dad you have daughters that ask questions. We aren’t mad or angry with you for what happened when you were a teenager. We don’t care, all my sister want is to be accepted. Give her that.

My Sister is now running for a seat in the US Senate. I am so proud of her. As for me…. I just want to kiss her, hug her, look at her, talk to her, listen to all of her stories, and even share some. My dad still haven’t called me * almost 3 months*, and I have no desire to talk to him. I don’t like the way he is handling things with my Sister because of his fears. And since he knows how I feel, in his mind… its easier for him to find something petty to be mad at me about. Growing up when he did it …. it bothered me… now….I’m keeping it moving.

Let me go to bed…..more this week.

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

The lady who almost lost 40 years of MEMORY….Cree’s Blog Entry

flat tireSoooo……… yesterday morning as I stood in line to get a money order, I wanted to smile…. but I didn’t because it was taking the manager a long time to come to the customer service line. Even then when he came, he looked at me…… God told me to smile…. I didn’t and I felt bad about it, because of what happened next. I didn’t even want to make eye contact with him once he came because there were people in front of me and it wasn’t my turn yet. But for some reason he kept looking at me. When the turn was MINES, we took care of business, and then he asked me if he could talk to me in his office.
My daughter was waiting on me so that we could both go to work, and when she saw me go into his office… she had to have wondered “what the what” is she doing talking to him? LOL He said to me… I know sometime ago, you came up to me and you said ” One day I want to work in your store… and when the time comes ….you’re going to hire me”. Yea I told him that…. I’m a pretty bold. Then he said… “well I pretty much have a full staff, but I need someone to work on the weekends, and some afternoons.” He said if you’re interested, what day can you come in to train? I was shocked everything was happening so soon. I told him that I could come right after my first job TODAY. He was happy and I was back there at 3 pm and I worked to 6 pm. As he was leaving yesterday he asked me if I could come back on Friday which was today. I did.. I trained for 2 hours.
As I was ringing up this one customer…. I noticed that she wasn’t “wrapped too tight”. She was an older woman… appeared to have been in her day VERY BEAUTIFUL. Had money, a good life, a husband who loved her, educated, with very educated children. A woman who drove nice cars, clothes and shoes to match. But LIFE caught up with her, because she was selfish, mean, stubborn, and thought more of her self than she was. And for many years God held up his umbrella of GRACE AND MERCY for her, knowing one way or another if she would change her ways. Well, it appeared she didn’t… and LIFE caught up with her and rung her neck…… causing everyone who comes in contact with her to “wear” her fragrance of BITTERNESS…..along with herself.
My trainer says to me… she doesn’t need help, she don’t want to do it herself. She said… she comes in here everyday and mistreats me. She said I will ring her up, you can go around and help her but I’m not. The lady was standing there, saying loudly and sarcastic… “I NEED HELP”!!! As I was unloading her things, I asked her “are you okay maam”. I talk to everyone this way, always asking are they okay, just in case they need help, or if I feel that something is wrong that they’re not saying. She was unbelievable. She talked smart to the lady behind her who was trying to help , she was unlike any thing I’ve seen before. She was really holding up the line… after she paid for her things. She was taking so long to move and by then everyone in line was “DONE WITH HER”. LOL LOL They wanted her out of the way. So to move the line faster, I asked her again are you okay? She looked at me and said REAL LOUD…. “I TOLD YOU I WAS OKAY. HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GOING TO ASK ME THAT?” I just looked at her, and I promise the HEAVENS OPENED AND I SAW WHITE LIGHTS…. .I WANTED TO SMACK 40 YEARS OFF HER MEMORY. Put up the DEUCE SIGN TO MY COWORKERS…. POP THE LOCK TO MY VAN, DRIVE HOME SIT ON THE COUCH WITH MY LEGS CROSSED EATING A BOWL OF CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM WITH PEANUTS ON TOP. To calm me the heck down.


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Putting away childish things…DONE WITH YOU… Crees’ Blog Entry

CUT YOU OFFHeyyyy Everybody!!! I see the numbers on my blog entries are jumping off the hook! Well, I’m happy someone is reading, I just hope that you get something out of it. A lot of times when someone is having a moment or is going through something, once you read it, you can truly relate. I know I do. This is why I LOVE to read and LOVE to write.

I’ve been doing so, so, so good with my ANGER ISSUES… I guess its not as bad as I thought. When I feel myself getting upset, I’m make sure that I’m conscience of what I’m feeling, my thoughts, and what comes out of my mouth. I’m 46 years old, there comes a time when you put away childish things. I realize that I have the POWER to allow GOD to help me to control the atmosphere. When I open my heart to him, he helps me to come all the way down….. and I like that. I’m sorry I do NOT want to have ANGER stories for the rest of my life. Because if I’m having those issues often…. that’s WHO I AM. #idontthankso

So… my friend who had the fire in his apartment told me what happened. He was waiting on the time to pass so that he could go and visit his daughter for her first week back to school, he lit a cigarette and fell asleep with it in his hand. He woke up with his lap on fire. He suffered burns but was treated and released. He’s no longer living in the building. We had even began to be friends again. We talked on the phone for several nights straight… and if you know me.. I HATE talking on the phone ((( in person I can sit for hours)))… he knows this and expects for me to talk to him every night. I JUST CANT DO THAT…. I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE… and when I skipped a few nights and only text him…. *just as before* he stopped answering my calls. YESSSSSSSSSSSS SEE YA…. GOOD RIDDENS… I cant deal with a MAN who is so needy and has to talk everyday. I’M NOT A NEEDY WOMAN. So I deleted his number tonight.. AND IM DONE WITH HIM.. OUTTA HERE VIRGO SIR.

I had so much to say earlier, but its gotten late, and when I start itching and moving too much….. its BEDTIME LOL Good Night!

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Cree’s Ramblings Gerald Levert, @tylerperry and my Students *my blog entry*

blurrymeSo many thoughts go through my mind. Ever since I was a young gurl, I use to always write in my journal. I don’t think anyone in the world have as many as I had back in the day before there were computers. What I learned is that I don’t have to share them all, I have learned to keep something’s to myself. Funny thing is… if people knew what I knew…. I wonder how they would feel…. for the fact that I DIDN’T SHARE IT WITH THEM….especially when I could have at anytime. Its not that I “set out” to be “secretive”, its just that I’m at the time in my life, where I enjoy figuring out things, knowing things, laughing and/or crying to myself. For a person with a huge personality, I realize that its “Okay” to keep something’s to myself. My daddy told me long, long time ago…. “Never empty your head out”. I didn’t get it then…. but I do now.



As I write, I’m sitting here listening to Gerald Levert. I miss him so much…. it just hurts so bad. When Luther Vandross died, and Barry White my mothers favorite artist. She cried and I really never understood it because “In my mind” they were people she never met. We went to see them both in concert, but I never realize the connection she had with their music and their work…. until Gerald died. When she was going through her own personal issues, the music that they made, helped her get through those times. And so, I finally got it. 1163220814-hr-937



I was at work when my coworker called my extension. She said LaCrease I have something to tell you, are you sitting down? Her voice didn’t sound right, I remember screaming in the phone… WHAT KI KI WHAT? When she told me, I instantly went numb. I was a walking zombie. She came to get me with about 3 other coworkers and I remember going to the rest room crying like a baby. It was one of those things where when you hear a story you instantly know its true. Now, I’m a person who don’t believe a whole lot of nothing . I side eye everything, lol but this feeling was real. I could hear God in my ear at work saying to me… LaCrease, I let you meet him, take SO MANY photos, spend PERSONAL TIME with him, be invited to his listening party with 50 others. He answered your questions in a LIVE CHAT, SAT FRONT ROW AT HIS VERY LAST CONCERT AT THE FOX IN DETROIT… When I think of that…..tears REFUSE to fall. God has truly comforted me during that time. My LOVE for Gerald goes way back. I feel this same way about Tyler Perry. Nothing better not happen to him before I meet him 🙂 This would hurt me something terrible. tpcollection



Today I was talking to one of my students. I have to be careful, because I can break somebody down with my words and eye contact, especially about stupid mess… so I have to be careful because these are KIDS. This boy came in the lunch room like he grown, cursing and acting hard. My coworker and I said to him excuse ME… DONT YOU SEE US STANDING HERE , WHILE YOU’RE DOING ALL THAT CURSING? He said I’M GROWN… I can do what I want to do, and say what I want to say. He said I pay my own bills, pay my own rent, buy my own clothes. So. now I’m looking at him real hard walking up on him, THEN HE SAID…. MY MOTHER IS DEAD….. I’M GROWN. He said it with such conviction and he meant it, NOOOOBODY is going to tell him what to do. He looked like he wanted to pull out a gun and show us better than he can tell us.A wave of anger went through him. That’s when I heard God say…. go over and sit with him. I went and sat at the table with just him. I said what’s your name? He said Juan.. I said I’m Ms. Walker. He calmed all the way down when he realized that I wasn’t there to hurt him or be HIS BOSS. I sat with him and looked him in his eyes and said to him. First of all lets start off respecting each other. He said okay and he apologized for his foul mouth. After that we just started talking and after a few minutes, I knew that he had a lot on his plate. It hurts me to my heart that these kids carry so much on them. The parents are either on drugs, dead, or too busy doing them. But there are some good parents out there, let me make that clear. I’m so HAPPY AND SO BLESSED that God gave me this gift to be able to break through to this kids. They really listen to me, even if they don’t get it right now, I tell them to “file it”, That means to keep it in the back of their minds and whenever they need to use that wisdom, to pull it out. LOL Tomorrow I can’t want to see him again, so that I can see how he’s doing. Praise God!!!!stay-positive.jpg



Okay let me close this up, because I can write all day. Remember to LOVE people, show yourself friendly. Always encourage, uplift and inspire someone. God loves YOU!!



Be Blessed











Mr. Wrong

tylertarjinkitchen.jpgOkay, so my phone is here. Yea…. so happy. Everything is in place.


Met a guy this weekend… hmmmm my type. 🙂

He told me that I was different, but he couldn’t put his finger on why. If I’m feeling you, I wont give you any information about me…. NONE…. If I’m not feeling you, I can open up and tell you everything. I was quiet with him.. listening.


Until I found out……He’s married…… not interested.


In other news………In my meantime of waiting on Mr. Right….. I’m enjoying spending time with God and myself…


New International Version (©1984)
I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. Philippians 4:12


No Discipline means No Destiny!!! Crees Blog

So……. I had 3 days off work, and I’ve been apartment searching in Sandy Springs, Georgia from Detroit. Its been stressing me out a little too. I hate this feeling. I’m such a hands on person, I have to see the property TODAY, talk to the owner TODAY, ask a billion questions TA…DAY, and have his phone number on speed dial TODAY. LOL Sometimes things are a money issues, and sometimes its a time issue. I was so stressed out about it, I slept all day yesterday. Today I refuse to do that, I got up and started early this morning. God is going to work everything out concerning my move. I know.

And let me “preach” a little while I’m on the subject of questions. Do you know that by asking questions you can get anything you want? You cannot tell me a story and I CONTINUE to hold a conversation with you, and I NOT understand what you’re talking about. That’s FOOLISH to me. My BFF …. I love her to death, but baaaaby she would call me and go right in to the subject, I had to tell her gurllllllllllllllll I have a billion things on my mind too, you gotta refresh my memory on the subject!!! You do want me on the same page right? LOL

One day the DISTRICT MANAGER came into our store. Now, when he comes the managers clean up and rebuild the store like his guest was JESUS. And its funny because YES, he is the BIG BOSS and its okay for everyone to be on their best behavior…… but when he comes in, he always come and talk to me. LOL LOL He’s a nice looking white guy, so friendly and Arkansas country. LOL We stand and talk for a long time all while the store managers and department mangers stare from a distance and wonder what we are talking about. So, one day he came in and we started chatting, afterwards my boss came over to me and said, why when he come in, he always talk to you? LOL I said because people put on a fake face when the BIG DUDES *GOOD DEEDS* come in, but its the real people who they recognize. 😉

Bishop TD Jakes said on Sunday…… No Discipline means No Destiny!!!

Off to bed work in the AM

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy