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As some of you may know…. when I was a young gurl, my dad told me that he had a daughter before he met my mom and married her. Through the years he would bring her up and it would only make me curious about her. I wanted to know her name, where she lived and many other things. I prayed to God that one day I would meet her and I did!!! Yes, I did. We met at my dad’s apartment…. along with my other 2 Sisters, my mom, daughter and niece. And even though she has her doubts about my dad being her dad, or another one of MY family members being the one as well…… FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE… it was good to meet her face to face God Has Heard my prayers. I Thank him for that, and I’ll never forget that day.


In other news… my niece is having a baby.. and my brother is too!!! Yes, I’m so happy about that. I wish my daughter was having a baby… I would love to be a grandma… but the way she’s talking… I dunno. LOL


There’s this guy who works at my neighborhood store, nice looking. He reminds me of my male BFF Rodney. I see him quite often. As I was walking out of the store, yesterday he stopped me and told me.. how pretty I was and how attracted he was to me from the first time we met. I wasn’t shocked because of the way he looks at me when he sees me. Most times men have a hard time reading me, because of the straight to the point look I have on my face. But yesterday so happened, I saw my neighbor in the store.  I sat at the table outside waiting on her to come out, so that I could offer her a ride home, she was walking with a cane. As he began to tell me how he felt…. I stared into his eyes and lips… because that’s the way I discern where he’s coming from. This is what he said…. I really like you, I think you’re beautiful… I’ve been wanting to tell you that for a long time… but I  HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. I said what? You have a gurlfriend? He said yes.. but I can’t help the way I feel about you. I said you got me messed up. I don’t TALK TO MEN who have a woman or wife. I said I’m too old to be second…. I want my OWN MAN. Didn’t that negro say…. “WELL AT LEAST I TOLD YOU!!” I said I know you told me…. and my answer is “NO… I WILL NEVER TALK TO YOU”.  


Anytime you can tell a woman you like her, but think she’s suppose to say yes to a “relationship/friendship” outside of that….. something is wrong with you. He got me totally messed up. I refuse to share my man knowingly. But you know.. that tells me that he’s use to telling women he has someone, and they’ll still take him. That’s childish to me, and I’m quite grown. Then today when he saw me, he asked me again. Can I just think about it. Then when I put my “business” face on.. with my car in drive.. feet off the brake peddle.. and my lips disfigured…. he got the hint. Women… BOSS UP YOUR STANDARDS….  don’t even speak to a man who think he got it like that with you. Keep it moving. Now, I talk a lot of stuff… but at the end of the day.. a man will have to chase me.. do flips, cartwheels, and no hand back flips for ME. And yes…. I’ll do the same for him.


Be Blessed!

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