The lady who almost lost 40 years of MEMORY….Cree’s Blog Entry

flat tireSoooo……… yesterday morning as I stood in line to get a money order, I wanted to smile…. but I didn’t because it was taking the manager a long time to come to the customer service line. Even then when he came, he looked at me…… God told me to smile…. I didn’t and I felt bad about it, because of what happened next. I didn’t even want to make eye contact with him once he came because there were people in front of me and it wasn’t my turn yet. But for some reason he kept looking at me. When the turn was MINES, we took care of business, and then he asked me if he could talk to me in his office.
My daughter was waiting on me so that we could both go to work, and when she saw me go into his office… she had to have wondered “what the what” is she doing talking to him? LOL He said to me… I know sometime ago, you came up to me and you said ” One day I want to work in your store… and when the time comes ….you’re going to hire me”. Yea I told him that…. I’m a pretty bold. Then he said… “well I pretty much have a full staff, but I need someone to work on the weekends, and some afternoons.” He said if you’re interested, what day can you come in to train? I was shocked everything was happening so soon. I told him that I could come right after my first job TODAY. He was happy and I was back there at 3 pm and I worked to 6 pm. As he was leaving yesterday he asked me if I could come back on Friday which was today. I did.. I trained for 2 hours.
As I was ringing up this one customer…. I noticed that she wasn’t “wrapped too tight”. She was an older woman… appeared to have been in her day VERY BEAUTIFUL. Had money, a good life, a husband who loved her, educated, with very educated children. A woman who drove nice cars, clothes and shoes to match. But LIFE caught up with her, because she was selfish, mean, stubborn, and thought more of her self than she was. And for many years God held up his umbrella of GRACE AND MERCY for her, knowing one way or another if she would change her ways. Well, it appeared she didn’t… and LIFE caught up with her and rung her neck…… causing everyone who comes in contact with her to “wear” her fragrance of BITTERNESS…..along with herself.
My trainer says to me… she doesn’t need help, she don’t want to do it herself. She said… she comes in here everyday and mistreats me. She said I will ring her up, you can go around and help her but I’m not. The lady was standing there, saying loudly and sarcastic… “I NEED HELP”!!! As I was unloading her things, I asked her “are you okay maam”. I talk to everyone this way, always asking are they okay, just in case they need help, or if I feel that something is wrong that they’re not saying. She was unbelievable. She talked smart to the lady behind her who was trying to help , she was unlike any thing I’ve seen before. She was really holding up the line… after she paid for her things. She was taking so long to move and by then everyone in line was “DONE WITH HER”. LOL LOL They wanted her out of the way. So to move the line faster, I asked her again are you okay? She looked at me and said REAL LOUD…. “I TOLD YOU I WAS OKAY. HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GOING TO ASK ME THAT?” I just looked at her, and I promise the HEAVENS OPENED AND I SAW WHITE LIGHTS…. .I WANTED TO SMACK 40 YEARS OFF HER MEMORY. Put up the DEUCE SIGN TO MY COWORKERS…. POP THE LOCK TO MY VAN, DRIVE HOME SIT ON THE COUCH WITH MY LEGS CROSSED EATING A BOWL OF CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM WITH PEANUTS ON TOP. To calm me the heck down.


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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