No Discipline means No Destiny!!! Crees Blog

So……. I had 3 days off work, and I’ve been apartment searching in Sandy Springs, Georgia from Detroit. Its been stressing me out a little too. I hate this feeling. I’m such a hands on person, I have to see the property TODAY, talk to the owner TODAY, ask a billion questions TA…DAY, and have his phone number on speed dial TODAY. LOL Sometimes things are a money issues, and sometimes its a time issue. I was so stressed out about it, I slept all day yesterday. Today I refuse to do that, I got up and started early this morning. God is going to work everything out concerning my move. I know.

And let me “preach” a little while I’m on the subject of questions. Do you know that by asking questions you can get anything you want? You cannot tell me a story and I CONTINUE to hold a conversation with you, and I NOT understand what you’re talking about. That’s FOOLISH to me. My BFF …. I love her to death, but baaaaby she would call me and go right in to the subject, I had to tell her gurllllllllllllllll I have a billion things on my mind too, you gotta refresh my memory on the subject!!! You do want me on the same page right? LOL

One day the DISTRICT MANAGER came into our store. Now, when he comes the managers clean up and rebuild the store like his guest was JESUS. And its funny because YES, he is the BIG BOSS and its okay for everyone to be on their best behavior…… but when he comes in, he always come and talk to me. LOL LOL He’s a nice looking white guy, so friendly and Arkansas country. LOL We stand and talk for a long time all while the store managers and department mangers stare from a distance and wonder what we are talking about. So, one day he came in and we started chatting, afterwards my boss came over to me and said, why when he come in, he always talk to you? LOL I said because people put on a fake face when the BIG DUDES *GOOD DEEDS* come in, but its the real people who they recognize. 😉

Bishop TD Jakes said on Sunday…… No Discipline means No Destiny!!!

Off to bed work in the AM

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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