Tuesday Morning June 23, 2015 I had a dream.

I couldn’t for the life of me relax my mind long enough to really think about what the dream meant. Of course its to the point. But I never knew what would happen on Friday June 26, 2015, that would wake me up from my spiritual NAP. The US Supreme Court declared that same sex couples can marry. That ruling has awaken my desire to win souls of Christ.

I had a dream that I was in this huge building with lots of rooms and people. In every room it had nothing in them except a BIG MIRROR.

I WAS IN CHARGE, like in all of my SPIRITUAL dreams.

We were surrounded by MIRRORS. And as I was telling people where the EXIT doors were, because I knew the world was coming to and end. If they didn’t listen to me, their faces would BURST INTO A BIG BALL OF FIRE, which meant they DIED. I was telling people where the EXIT signs were because I wanted people to LIVE (( which meant)) getting out of the building. But they were in another ((mind set)) and felt why was it necessary to leave…. in the first place? They couldn’t see what was going on, but I could. Instead of them focusing on leaving, they chose to put all their ENERGY in wondering…. WHY  I WANTED THEM TO EXIT SO BADLY.

Some people were looking at me like I was crazy and didn’t listen to me. I could sense that they felt that since I KNEW where the EXITS were, why wasn’t I heading for them? Why was I telling them to get out, when I could just leave myself? They were looking at me like, well since you know where the EXIT signs are why are you telling us? Why do you want us to go with you so badly? I was so deep into telling people where the EXIT signs where, that as this one person FACE BURST INTO A BALL OF FLAMES… I was too close and mines caught on fire too. I was dying. In my DREAM… it was like I came to myself (( knew I was dreaming)) and told God that I wanted to LIVE. I told him that I wanted to ((wake up from my death)) and go back into the building to tell the other people where the EXIT signs were. Well, God listened to me, and he permitted me to go back into this HUGE BUILDING with lots of rooms and people to tell the others where the EXIT signs were.

When I got back into my dream…  I looked into the mirror to tell this other person where the EXIT signs were, and saw that MY FACE was covered with a WHITE TOWEL. I could still hear my voice, it was my body, but my face was covered. My face was burned up so bad that God put a WHITE TOWEL over it. I remember not caring at all, because all I wanted to do was tell people about the EXITS. After telling so many people and going room to room, I heard GOD SAY TO ME LOUD AND CLEAR……now its time FOR YOU….. TO HEAD FOR THE EXIT. I heard him, and I got out of the BURNING BUILDING. All who didn’t listen to me…. perished.

I AM LaCrease (( I don’t have to do anything else))

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