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Hey Family!!

Tyler Perry’s #HAHN came back on tonight on OWN. I don’t usually do reviews on these shows, but tonight was good!! Veronica….. is out cold!!! I love looking into her eyes and seeing her put everything into her acting. She is something. That cigarette she holds in her hand tells me, that she’s calm and thinking about “Whats next”. Her sneaky “don’t know what she’s up to next” smile kills me!!! That ice stare is spooky!!!  I saw myself in her  BACK IN THE DAY * not to the extreme*. Don’t get me twisted… I will never burn down a house with anyone in it, especially where I live. Its just that I can look in her eyes and see pain, I see a loss of control, I see someone who thinks they have so many connections that her dirt will never catch up. I see a floor that dropped from under her, she lived through it, and now she has no breaks on her actions. I can see that its starting to feel good to her to be bad. OMG, now she’s messing with Benny…. she’s out cold!! Great actress.

Okay…. I said it first. I think that Amanda and Wyatt are Celine kids. OR…. only Wyatt. One of those kids is Jim and Celine’s. Tonight when she came over, it was something about the atmosphere that made me think that something aint right. It’s some deep dark secrets going on with this family. We haven’t seen the last of Celine.. She has some bombs to drop and I can see it all over her face. Its more than just that son she has, that we haven’t seen much of. Um um… juicy!

#LAHHATL I’m so happy MIMI told her own story.. now no one can come after her for her lies, and no more blackmailing her. She told Stevie J, her BFF, and later she will tell her daughter. It made me mad all the POWER MEKO UGLLLLLLLLLLLY butt had over her. Go out and get your own money, stop trying to keep a story line to stay on TV and to make money. I didn’t care for him then, and especially not now. Kirk Frost get on my nerves.. but if Rasheeda loves him… what can I say? LOL She’s my gurl, so she’ll handle him.

As for me… I have been taking it easy, just working, trying to get my apartment together. Haven’t been going to the park to spend my quiet time with God as I normally do, but I will this next week for sure. On my way to bed…. working midnight’s will have you up late especially on your off days!!!

My BrideRANA J (( I’m her Wedding Coordinator)) Rana day is coming fast, after this week, its time to get on the ball. I need to do some personal things to prepare for her day in September. But other than that….. Be Blessed!

I AM La’Crease (( I don’t have to do anything else))


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