Today was a good day!!! :)

nell britt at targetHey 🙂


Today was a good day!!! I slept most of my School Vacation last week. LOL Now since school has started back… I’m not even sleepy even on 4-5 hour sleep nights. I bet you tonight though…. I’ll be in bed by 11:00. LOL


As I look around my apartment, I can’t help but think about Atlanta. I still want to live there, and I know its coming. Its really deep that since being back, me and my dad have gotten really close. I even moved him around the corner from me, so that if he needs me I can be there real quick. God has a way of helping you to heal of past hurts. Who knows what could have happened, if I was living in Atlanta and he died without me getting the PEACE I always wanted about him. And the funny thing is, my mom is laid back, she says her peace, and she’s done. You knew she mean business. But my dad is the one who is aggressive and strong minded. All 4 of us take after my dad. We are all STRONG MINDED…. they say I’m the worst, but I don’t think so. We all are. Guess what I’m really saying is, that’s probably why me and my dad didn’t get along because of that. But God is working it out.


My kids at school are something else. It takes a STRONG person to work with these kids today. Baby, if I didn’t work with them daily, nobody could tell me the things they say and do. What amazes me is that God equipped me to do this. If parents knew what their kids were doing, they would either be upset, or say “they do that at home”. I am also happy that I was placed in a school where the neighborhood has gangs and lots of issues with anger. These are the students I feel I can reach. I’m very firm, I can be cool, I’m easy to talk too, but at the same time…. I have to BOSS UP. The boys are way taller than me, and the gurls are BEAST these days. I dunno why this job challenges me. I love getting the “Leaders” of the group and breaking them down. I learned once you break that leader down….. you can get to her/his crew. There is one gurl who thinks she’s so tough. She was running her mouth to me today….. I gave her this one look, and told her in my low, “to the point eye contact voice “FALL BACK” , she knew I meant business. Can’t wait to see her tomorrow. She’s one of those loud gurls…. I use to be just like that. Talk loud, thinking I’m saying something and wasn’t doing anything. I think this is why I love this job, I see myself in many of the students. The boys are hard headed… BUT I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I raised one daughter, but never a boy. But I have a stronger connection to them. These gurls are really different than back in the day. Boys they get over ” me fussing” with them and they hold no grudges… but them GALS….BAAAABY they will gang up on you, and you have to threatened to exclude them in order for them to calm down. But I love my job. I love kids…. Maybe I need to have one more. Who knows. LOL


I have been writing like crazy. I’m so proud of myself. I have really a lot of work done. I just hope people get it. I do. Speaking of “getting it”. This week I’m going to do a blog on Temptation Tyler’s movie…..some people are just not getting it. And it bothers me so bad, so I will do that this week. ALL OF YOU AND NONE OF ME LORD….. when I write that one!! Oh boy!


Alright off to bed. Know that God loves you, and always SHOW YOURSELF FRIENDLY 🙂

*photo my nieces Brittney and Ganell*

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