TP Biggest Fan * great video footage*

creee.jpgOkay, I’m going to make this REAL QUICK!!! * in a hurry*

Everybody who knows me, KNOWS I love me some Tyler Perry!!! I love the messages and the lessons that he present in his movies, plays, and sitcoms. The day he was on Steve Harvey show, I missed it. Never knew it was coming on. Well the RESEARCHER I AM… *VIRGO IN ME* I FOUND IT!!!! FIRST I WANT YOU TO WATCH THE LEAD UP TO THE DAY OF THE TAPING FROM SONYA…. THEN WATCH THE ACTUAL DAY THAT SHE WAS ON THE SHOW…. AS TYLER PERRY’S BIGGEST FAN!!! I LOVE THIS… BECAUSE ONE DAY IM GOING TO MEET HIM. IM SO HAPPY FOR HER, BECAUSE I KNOW IM GOING TO FEEL THIS SAME WAY. SO ENJOY THIS WONDERFUL VIDEO SHE PUT TOGETHER.

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