the man in the ELEVATOR

ELEVThank you Jesus for waking me up this morning…. I could be dead this morning, but I’m so glad that I’m in that number, to still be in the race!!!

Men are really something. I study them a LOT…. a whole LOT. I just don’t say anything. I watch the boys at work, men that engage in conversations with others, the stats they post on FB or tweet. I pay attention to everything.

Whenever I walk into the elevator here in my building, there is this guy who likes me, and whenever he’s on there, before I get on, he seems to be hypnotized by my presence. Can’t lie….. I am too. So, I started paying more attention to the men who are alone with me on the elevator. I realized that its the PERSONAL SPACE that creates an atmosphere that allows our Spirits to connect. I can feel it. I can not even explain how I feel when I’m in the elevator with him. He’s FIONE….. TALL TALL TALL, THICK * A POWER HOUSE* pretty smile. And he looks at me with such intensity. He makes me wanna sing the lyrics to “C-Low and Melanie Fiona ” A fool for you. Melanie Fiona – Verse)
OH, So sweet, so deep, so real, oooh weeee, got damn!That’s some powerful stuff Ooh, How you do it? Do do do it[ From: ]Keep it coming baby, I can’t seem to get enough What you do, what you say Makes me want to luh luh love you Baby, I don’t even have a choice Ooh and if I did it’d still be you Cuz you’re the man, among these other boys
Sweet sugar, I surrender, white flag, Oh I won’t even put up a fight Ooooh cuz there ain’t a damn thing wrong About this kind of loving Ooh when it feels so right
Call her, write a letter, tell it to my mama And she gon’ tell the world that I love You !Oooooh some people probably say I’m crazy But I don’t mind, being a fool a for you.
I’m a fool, I’m a fool, I’m such a fool

So, this morning, the elevator opened up…..and there he was ALONE. I wanted to wait on the next one going down. I was looking cute and smelling good too. This time he had the power…. LOL usually when I’m on FIRST I have the POWER. I got on and we made small talk, actually we’ve been friends for a while, we text, and everything. He looked at me, I turned my head… cause MY eye contact is ANOTHER STORY. I get real quiet and shy. He can tell. And what’s funny… is that whenever we go to another floor on the way down to pick up someone else, as soon as that door open, OUR SPIRITS spill out unto that floor, and as the person come in, they look at us both THEN walk in. They can feel something from us. Its in the air. I can’t even look this guy in the eye…. and its so cute because he stares at me all the way until we get to the first floor. He DOESNT CARE WHO IS ON THE ELEVATOR WITH US. LOL Its only been 3 months since I moved on my own, and I dunno know if I’m attracting many guys to me, or is it that I’m free, and find myself “looking available”? Something is definitely different about me. I guess I’m just feeling good about myself.

In other news…… I was at work today and got a call from SECURITY in my building. I couldn’t take it, but I called back when I got the chance. Well.. they told me that I apparently I didn’t shut my apartment door good enough, and when someone walked pass, they went to the office and told them. So, they came up walked around to make sure that everything looked okay, and then called me. This is the 3rd time I did this. I have to be careful.

Man, the way the door shut, you have to wait for a “snap” in order to know its closed, no matter how much you check it. The last time this happened about 2 weeks or less ago. The guy who likes me *elevator* was walking pass, and he saw my door open, I WAS LAYING ON THE COUCH SLEEP!!! OH LAWD JESUS…. In my sleep I heard lots of talking, and then I heard the wind blowing or something. Well it woke me up to him looking in my apartment to see why was my door opened. When I saw him, I said CLOSE MY DOOR!!!! I just started screaming. I did apologize to him later. I remember opening the door just before my nap, and hearing someone in the hall way and decided to take my trash out later. I laid down and didn’t close the door all the way. Man, I gotta be careful. Later when me and him talked about that, he told me that he wanted to come in my apartment and have his way with me …..Wow… Men can take something so serious to a woman… and make it ALLLLLL ABOUT THEM. *blank stare*

Tomorrow Story….. Remember we sharing about the gurls who are the LEADERS in school. and me saying that if I can break down the LEADERS OF THE GROUP…. I can get to her crew? Well, not only did I break her down… but now she calls me AUNTIE….. LOL AND BAAAAABY SHE’S A HANDFUL!!!! GOSH I LOVE THEM SO MUCH THOUGH. If I was to have another baby, it would be a boy. I cant deal with the gurls like I use too. They be doing the MOST!

Well, I’m about to go to bed…. Be Blessed

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