Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving….. Crees Blog Entry

DSCN1172First before I can even begin… I have to Thank God for giving me the gift of planning and the endurance to complete this task with my family and friends. I love you

As you all know I can write. I’m hoping to make this short and to the point….. but I don’t know. LOL

WE COOKED AND PASSED OUT 150 DINNERS THIS YEAR. Whenever we go out to pass out dinners, there are so many men and women who are so THANKFUL. I met this lady last night, who walked up to the van to get a dinner and I could feel that her heart was so heavy with “something”. So, I asked her … what’s wrong? ( yall know me) She said “I just lost my husband, and I’m just so lost”. She said that she didn’t know what to do. I began to minister to her and gave her a long loving hug. And this is what my Sis was talking about this morning. Sometimes we are a pay check away from being hungry.. and sometimes we’re a situation away. You can have the best job in the world, but if your mom dies, or your sisters, anyone who were a pillar to you… ITS SO EASY TO CHECK OUT OF THIS WORLD MENTALLY. And that has happened to this lady. Another thing that amazed me last night… was that a person could walk in front of you and never open their mouth to say “excuse me”. Someone could walk into a room and not open their mouth to those who were there before them to say “hello”…. but last night all you heard was “THANK YOU. GOD BLESS YOU. THANK YOU, WE APPRECIATE IT, THANK YOU WE LOVE YOU, THANK YOU FOR THINKING ABOUT US. *I’m about to cry typing this*

A few days ago, as I was writing down the names of all the donors I realized how many people that sent donations that didn’t live in Detroit. It made me emotional, because how is it that these people who SEVERAL have never met me… would dig in their purses and wallets to decided to help out with my vision to Feed the Homeless? Only God could touch their hearts in this way. For that I am TRULY THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL LORD. And this is why I have to send this special SHOUT OUT to the following people. Rubie of Georgia. Valerie of Arizona, Jodi * former 2959 Walmart Family* of Tennessee, Calandra of Chicago, Selena of New York, and my good friend….. Alex of Texas. Thank you all so VERY VERY VERY MUCH. * hugs and kisses*.

To Nesha my baby. Thank you for always asking me when you know Im about to get stressed ” you’re okay momma”. That challenged me to regroup, because whatever was bothering me in doing this… you made me aware of it. Thanks for your generous donations… you see first hand what it takes to put this together. Thank you so much for being my #1 stunna * gurl*. I LOVE YOU MOMMY MOMMY.

Thank you to MY COUSINS Darcella and Anderson, To Mzlena and her BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER, My aunt wana for making chicken and dressing, and my aunt Faye for the string beans. TO my niece lash… thank you. To my #1 Walmart Family gurl in the WORLD lajuana.. when I tell you I LOVE THIS gurl….believe me! She gave me her debit card while she was working and said… here is my debit card AND NUMBER go and get what you need. So, I’m like okay.. I went and got 2 cases of pop, and returned her card. Then she said what else do you need….. tell me…. here take this card and get some MORE stuff. Wow….how do you THANK A PERSON with a heart like this? HOW? What do you say to this kind of person. Thank you Lajuana so much for your kindness. Thank you for being a friend. * don’t be jealous ruby…. *insider* I love you too boo matter of fact you were my first donor.

To my gurl Myra…. ooo myra please don’t kill me. I was running late to meet you, but you took the things to the service desk anyway. I really wanted to see you… my fault. Thank you so very much for constantly being in touch with me, when you live so far away. You came all the way from where you live to make sure I had what I needed. THANK YOU BOO. To tammy, darron lee, my Sisters Yolanda and Electria.. OMG What did I do so great in GOD eyes to have Sisters like you both? Huh.. Like for real. How did God say.. okay Imma match Cree, Na and Peedie up as sisters? I dunno the math … but IM SO GLAD HE DID. I LOVE YALL SO MUCH!! TO trya my god daughter… baaaaaaaaaaaaaaby when I tell yall this lil gurl *she’s 15* worked…. SHE WENT TO WORK!!!! My sister went in her purse and gave her some money. LOL LOL LOL LOL A special love note to Ms Karen my Walmart Manager… who always go way beyond the call of duty. This lady made 150 BROWNIES with her own money and TIME. This is not her first time either and every time she makes them… I HAVE TO FIGHT PEOPLE OFF ASKING ME CAN THEY PLEASE HAVE A BROWNIE…. and yalp I had to do it again this year. LOL Who makes 150 brownies? Who does that? THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH MS KAREN.. I JUST LOVE YOU!!!

Thank you to my gurl Nicole and her beautiful daughters. This was there first time going out with us…. and when they came in, they were like “okay what do you want us to do”. They got right to work!!!! They came to serve and that’s what they did. Looking back on it… hadn’t they came in…. it would have been a battle getting all of that stuff packed up. We put Ford to shame with our assembly line. WE DID THE THANG BABY LOL !!! THANK YOU JESUS FOR THEM ALL. Thank you to Charlene my BFF for PHYSICALLY being * hands on* to what we do. At the last min when I asked you to make some mac and cheese… you said “bring it over… I’ll do it”. I was so happy…. God knows I needed that. Sometimes I just don’t know how to ask for what I need… and people like you made it easier for me to communicate. You were working so HARD… that I couldn’t stop having laughing out burst. LOL LOL * water* I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH… THANKS for putting me in my place when I need it, cause everybody knows I CAN GET OUT OF ORDER… YOU KNOW ME BEST. LOL LOL Thank you to Ms Gloria…. My SISTER my RIDE OR DIE TILL THE WHEELS FALL OFF!!! You have been with me feeding the homeless for 5 years and 7 total runs including Valentines Day Personal items, and making sandwiches for the homeless. Every time I pick up the phone and say… Ms. gloria.. I need you… your response is…. WHEN? Yesterday when you walked in the house to start making plates… little did you know… you were the glue to my day. * tears* THANK YOU SO MUCH… AND I LOVE YOU.

To my brother in law Darren… I knew you had to work yesterday, you even came in tired. But see what you all don’t know is…. even though I love to drive and know a lot of places…. once the food is in the car… I don’t know how to physically get to all the spots we go to pass out food. Its like once the hard work is done…. I cant even think to drive anymore. So, I thank you so much for always willing to lead us to our destination. Do you know when it was over, I didn’t even know my way home.. gloria had to guide me back? LOL So when I tell you that I appreciate you…. BELIVE ME.. . Thanks for riding with me since DAY ONE OF THIS MISSION. I LOVE YOU

TO my MOMMY.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. It was you who called me out of the BLUE AND SAID…. THIS YEAR WE ARE FEEDING 150 PEOPLE. I said huh mommy… in my mind…..I said I cant even focus on that right now. You said… we’re going to do it this year and I’m cooking. At that point… all I felt in my Spirit was YES. Because with my mentality at that time.. I didn’t want to do anything!!!!! It was God who told you to call me up.. I don’t remember you even saying HEY ZEE AS YOU DO when you first call. Thank you so much for everything mommy. Thank you for the loving kindness you displayed… you didn’t “snap” at me that much in front of my friends, LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL TOLD YALL MY MOMMA BE SNAPPING. LOL

Thank you to all of those who wanted to help and couldn’t for whatever reason. I REALLY FELT THE LOVE FROM YOU. I saw the messages….I read the in boxes.. But that’s okay… it really is because MARCH 2014… WE ARE GOING BACK TO THE STREETS to pass out sandwiches. chips, drinks, and snacks at lunch time. For all those who want to be apart of it…. we will be doing it ONCE A MONTH. There’s always an opportunity to give and to be apart of something special. I look forward to working with different faces for 2014 as well as my “regulars”. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH.. THANK YOU AND THANK GOD FIRST, BECAUSE HE WAS THE ONE WHO GAVE ME THE VISION!!!!!!! Alex TigerCat Moses Tammy Frazier Lashanna Thomas Neish Walk


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