How we fed 150 people for Thanksgiving in Detroit….Crees Blog Entry

DSCN1183I realized that God equipped me with Being a Visionary I have insight on things that others just don’t see, or understand…. and ITS OKAY. As a visionary you have to be able to think quickly and able to come up with solutions. You have to always have a plan B. I have a gift to vision the whole thing in progress before it even happens while sitting in my living room months before time. In doing this, I can see all the issues that may come up, and that is how this is able to go smoothly EVERY YEAR. THANK YOU JESUS.

While I was preparing for our 5th Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving, my mother, and sister said to me…..* WE laughed* what do you do, because all we see you doing is writing stuff down on your notes? I laughed so hard at them, while they laughed at me… and I said yall have NO idea what it takes to pull this all together. Had this been years and years ago when they were “cracking jokes” hehehehing….. I would have been mad * only for a moment*…. but I knew that they didn’t know any better, and when they see me in action…. they’re going to “FEEL BAD FOR ME” in a sense.

The day before we went out to the streets to feed the homeless, I met my mommy over to my sister house were we sit up, snack, laugh, and talk about different things going on. We were all comfortable when my phone rang… I had to go and meet someone to collect items. When I told my family I would be right back… they were unhappy. They thought I was there to chat… but really I knew I had to meet donors in the area. When I returned…… 30 minutes after that I had to meet someone else, they wanted to know how long I was going to be… because they wanted to sit up and talk.LOL LOL *since they were hehehe about me* But see little did they know I had to do a lot of running around. So after my 3rd pick up, they were like… omgoodness we’re starting to see what you really do. They asked me do you feel like all of this driving? I said yes. I love to drive so this is nothing to me. When 5 pm came, that was my last pick up, and then it was time to take things to my other sisters house to store until the next day. With all the running around… I put in $38.00 in my tank just for those 2 days ALONE then I had to put in $45.00. YES #TRUESTORY

Wednesday morning I was up at 7 am… ready to drop nesha off at work, then to Walmart, Target to pick up some last minute things, picked up my BFF with macaroni and cheese, her daughter, then to my sisters house to get MORE macaroni and cheese she had made that morning before she went to work. We had even more things to unload before we started the process. Whew that was a lot to unload.

By this time it was after 11 am. WE had to bag all 150 dinner rolls, 150 cookies, then we had to tear off over 200 pieces of aluminum foil to cover the dinners. We had to put can pop, and water in 150 bags. WE had some much trash. LOL After we did the drinks, we had to hall them into the van because they took up a lot of space on the floor. After all the food was done, and ready to be served except for a few things that needed to be heated… CREW WAS HUNGRY. ME….. when I’m busy like that and I want things done… I can go all day until were done before I even get hungry. So, I had to pause for that… usually I buy extra chicken, rolls and pop for everyone who participated, but they wanted
Mc Donald’s. I didn’t want to go way across town to pick up the chicken AND make extra trips to the restaurant, so I timed it so that we can make only one trip. Whew… the faces people make when they’re hungry is funny!!!! I had my friend Gloria call several places that I had written down to get the best deals for 300 WHOLE PIECES OF CHICKEN WINGS. We found a deal $190.00 we were off to get food. Me, gloria, Charlene and Tyra. It took us over an hour to return and that set us back from being out on the streets at 4 pm. I wasn’t happy about that, but oh well, what can I do?

When we returned my friend Nicole and her 2 daughters were on their way. We knew that once we got in the house we had to get started making 150 plates and when I say it takes some time….. BELIEVE ME!!! They had chicken and dressing, potato salad, string beans with white potatoes, mac and cheese, dinner rolls, and 2 pieces of fried chicken. Pop, water, brownie, and cookies.

What I learned is that here in Detroit the weather changes from year to year.. and when its cold outside I have to make sure we are on the streets be fore dark at least 4 because they go inside of a building and stay. Last year when it was warm, they were all over the streets and it took us 7-10 minutes to pass out all the food. This year it took us longer because dark caught us, and it was cold outside. So next year I’m going to focus on quality instead of quantity. We can make the plates heavier with food, we can give more deserts out, we can also pass out more waters or pop and juice.

After it was over.. my mommy and sister said we ARE SO SORRY FOR MAKING JOKES ABOUT YOU AND YOUR NOTES… my mommy said she could NEVER IN HER LIFE DO WHAT I DO AND STILL HAVE A GOOD ATTITUDE IN FROM OF EVERYBODY. They said…..we never knew it takes all of that to pull this together. They helped me all the way through and couldn’t believe all the work it takes. LOL I told them… I knew they didn’t see the big picture like I did… I know it is God who gives me the drive and motivation to put this together. It takes a sane mentality to inbox, phone, email, text people to make sure everything is going well… I am so proud of myself to truly learning how to “keep it moving” no matter what’s going on.

After we loaded my van, Nicole’s truck and my sister/hubby car… we went to the streets of downtown Detroit. We were so tired.. but for some reason I was up the next morning at 7am. Wow God… for real? LOL

Can’t wait till next year.

Be Blessed!
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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