People will show you who they are…….Crees Blog Entry

blueskiesIts been almost a whole year since I moved into my apartment. My life has changed so much. I pray more and talk to God everyday around the 5 o clock am hour. I’m more stronger as a person. I listen more, and I pay attention to everything. I love to learn people. And since I work with teens, I pay attention to their behavior, and more importantly ADULTS.

I was listening to Steve Harvey one day and was so upset the way he was rushing, and fast talking his callers. The way he talks to LISTENERS is so disrespectful. But when a celebrity calls in… he talks to them as if they can find out secrets about him and expose them. He talked to them with respect and as a person on HIS level. One day it was so bad… I had to turn the station.. it killed me to hear him talk to another person in that way. Which takes me to another situation. I’m always the one who likes to defend a person, but now I sit back and pay attention to what is being said…. I don’t open my mouth. And I always find out the person who I’m always defending… is the one who is “doing the most”. When God told me that he was God and I didn’t have to defend anybody anymore….. I rest. I just sit back and watch it go down. Legs crossed…. arms folded. And in THAT ORDER.

People will show you who they are. They will mistreat you * in their own little way*, while trying their best to be up in somebody else face… who they feel is more “influential ” than THEMselves. I’m so glad I am who I am. A person of influence… with NOTHING TO PROVE IN THIS WORLD.. TO OTHERS, FOLKS AT MY JOB, TO MY FAMILY OR FRIENDS. I AM FREE.

I just hate when people treat others differently just because they feel that they’re not on their level. It could be success, or pay scale, living arrangements, or anything. People pick debates just to not hold a conversation with them. They want to purposely feel “some kinda” way for you, just so that they don’t have to be bothered. But its all good…. BECAUSE I see the fall that’s ahead…..* and I have no POWER to stop it*
Be Blessed

 Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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