Leaders Be Mindful/BLOG

    Yesterday 3/19…. I was scrolling through my FB timeline and came across this Woman Pastor * won’t say her name* and her post about her lovely step daughter who had just purchased a new truck, not only brand new… but she purchased it herself! Now for those who have been reading my postContinue reading “Leaders Be Mindful/BLOG”

Another One of My Kids…

These last few days I’ve been thinking hard about our youth today.   I wrote yesterday on one of my students and how he’s being charged with MURDER.   Last month one of my favorite students was KILLED when he was driving a stolen jeep which turned over and threw him out of it. I was sick whenContinue reading “Another One of My Kids…”

Speak life and pray for the best/BLOG

I woke up today with a terrible headache. So much was on my mind. But after Church and a nap… I’m good. I went to the movies on Friday, but I stayed in the whole weekend. Glad I did too. Plus I caught up on some much needed rest. Sometimes its good to just relax on the couch,Continue reading “Speak life and pray for the best/BLOG”

Elders/Respect/Living For Tomorrow/Ephesians 4:32

  Every time someone post a YOUTUBE video about teens, women or babies… its almost always SPOOKY to watch. These days no one has respect for our Elders. I’m 46 years old and you will never catch me cussing in PUBLIC, on Facebook, or anywhere else in front of them. I just don’t believe that ANY CONVERSATIONContinue reading “Elders/Respect/Living For Tomorrow/Ephesians 4:32”

Parenting Tips, New Apartment, (((((((Blog)))))))

Parenting Tips When driving and coming to a ice cream truck  it is very important to treat it as if its a school bus. You may not see any children coming, but its important to slow down, then come to a stop, because you never know with kids. They’re just being kids when they dartContinue reading “Parenting Tips, New Apartment, (((((((Blog)))))))”

My Single Moms Club Cree’s Blog Entry

If you know me.. you know that I absolutely love and admire Tyler Perry. When it comes to his movies and plays he speaks my language. Even though this movie doesn’t come out until Friday March 14, 2014. I have a lot to say about being a single mom raising Neishia. Which leads me toContinue reading “My Single Moms Club Cree’s Blog Entry”

Inside the crazy mind of Ms. Walker

A mother and father finds out that they’re expecting a baby   everyone is excited   they call up everyone and tell them of the good news   later on in the pregnancy they  find out what sex the baby is   the baby moves for the first time… and its pure excitement   aContinue reading “Inside the crazy mind of Ms. Walker”

School House Rock…………………..Crees Blog Entry

Growing up, I wasn’t a cartoon person like my sisters and brother. But I looked forward to seeing the School House Rock Commercials. They bring back so many memories. Believe it or not that’s how some of us learned our multiplications, nouns, adjectives, and so much more. Click on the link and walk down memoryContinue reading “School House Rock…………………..Crees Blog Entry”

Made my night……Crees Blog Entry

Its amazing how I was feeling down… and one of my students sent me this in inbox tonight…. MADE MY NIGHT …. Maa, i went to the hospital in they did in X-ray on my Heart in they found you in They Said If You Leave I will Diee Let me share how we becameContinue reading “Made my night……Crees Blog Entry”

People will show you who they are…….Crees Blog Entry

Its been almost a whole year since I moved into my apartment. My life has changed so much. I pray more and talk to God everyday around the 5 o clock am hour. I’m more stronger as a person. I listen more, and I pay attention to everything. I love to learn people. And sinceContinue reading “People will show you who they are…….Crees Blog Entry”