Virgo Women Part 1…… Crees Blog Entry

cresterOkay….so I’ve been watching my TOP POST… and it seems to be the Virgo Men topic. LOL There most be a lot of them out there, because when I tell you people have been reading them…. please BELIEVE!

So…. I’m doing a VIRGO WOMAN. Yes, and since I’m a Virgo…. I have a lot to say. *smiling*


I was born September 3, 1967. Not only am I a Virgo. But I RAISED a Virgo daughter… and her birthday is also Sept 3. Virgos are VERY SECRETIVE. We share a lot ….. but what we keep to ourselves OTHERS would consider a SECRET. I use to love reading as a child… and as a result before my daughter was even born… I went out and bought so many books it was crazy. When she was able to read…. she read them ALL. Other kids wanted toys at her young age…. she wanted books. She told me in her life.. she has read over 300 of them.
Virgos also love to write. We are very visual people. We see it in our minds.. and then its down on paper. When people are telling us a story about something that has happened…. we are visioning it as the story is being told….and in our minds if something is out of place *in our mental picture* we will stop you in the middle of the story, so that you can fill in the gap…. then you can continue. VIRGOS ask a lot of questions. Its because we want to know the truth. We are natural born listeners, and story tellers, and in order for something to make sense to us… we ask questions. Many people look at us as being “noisy” but that’s not true at all. We look at it like this… if we’re going to SPEND our time *minutes* on listening to YOUR story…. then we want to understand it. You cant just “breeze” through a story with us… while having our full attention. We don’t waste minutes on a conversation that we can’t ask questions too. Because in our minds….. we could be doing something else.

Virgo Women knows a lot of people. Our personality attracts many. A young virgo woman is always trying to find her way. As she gets older, wisdom sets in and she can spot a snake in the grass. She pays attention to everything. She may not say a word.. but in her mind she has arrived at her own conclusion. People always wants to know…”what does she think”? That’s the thing about us…… we wont share everything.. but we will give you enough.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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