Why Women? Crees Blog Entry

Why Women?
Why do some women… PRIDE themselves on knowing information about someone. Doing research, talking/listening, finding people who are close to the source for * personal* confirmation. EITHER TO JUST KNOW IT… OR TO SHARE IT WHENEVER THEY FEEL THE NEED TO “PULL IT OUT”.
Watching NeNe Leakes pull out Natalie Christopher Williams wife/gurlfriend is a prime example of wanting to put Kandi and Kenya “out there”. There is no way, Nene want the viewers to believe that Kandi’s record is squeaky clean. #sowhat People like this…. make sure that if you like someone, and find them to be cool good people… THESE TYPE OF PEOPLE will make sure they share with you what type of people YOU THINK they are…because in their minds…… they’re making sure you’re not being “deceived”. When in reality its not that serious….. but it is to the person who is telling the story to you. They cringe at the fact that YOU find this person to be good people.
Why will some women…… do anything in their power to let others know… that they were their for YOU… and you wasn’t there for them. Many times people will PRIDE THEMSELVES on making sure that they’re always there for YOU… RAIN, SLEET AND SNOW…..so when they need YOU… you better be there for them. Sad thing is… when Nene tried to make Porsha feel that she’s not a good friend, no matter what Porsha said to her about going through a rough divorce, trying to find a house, moving away from her mom and sister when they clearly wasn’t ready for her to move yet. Nene disregarded the fact that Porsha was having a hard time in her own life….. why would she expect for her to call her with so much going on? Why women fail to just fall back sometimes? I’m very close to my family, and when I’m going through something… ALL I WANT IS GOD. THEY KNOW THIS.. THEY RESPECT MY SPACE. No person can help me. And if you’re going through and you’ve always been there for me… and I share with you MY ISSUES and why I can’t be there for YOU…… FALL BACK.. Let me regroup. Let me get myself together.. I PROMISE to “do you” when I get through my own issue. Women need to STOP depending on PEOPLE SO MUCH to pick up THEIR pieces of their lives, just to hear their stories. I know how it goes…. I use to be the first to call a friend to tell them “what happened”. God was standing in the background begging me to talk to him about it. And when I realized that NOBODY OWES ME NOT ONE  OF THEIR EARS….. that’s when I turned to God.. and never turned back. Please get some where on your knees and face to seek God. Nene feelings were either “really hurt”….. because she realized that Porsha didn’t look at her as a “go to person”.. or she just wanted to run a guilt trip in her vulnerable state of mind.    I’m proud of Porsha.
One of my favorite songs

Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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