My Sister Peedie Crees Blog Entry

I guess I’m in a writing mood tonight. Its cold outside… no school, no work. I’m about to bake me some Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookies after writing this and chill out!!! LOL I’m feeling REAL good right about now.
Even though my circle is small…. I know a lot of people. There was a time that if you didn’t agree with what I’m saying….then I figured why should WE be friends? I would speak to you when I saw you… but I had no intentions on dealing with you again. I’m so glad GOD got on me about that. That’s terrible to be that way just because somebody don’t agree with you. I want to share this story.
My family LOVES banana pudding. My momma makes it from scratch… She has her double boiler and she gets down. She uses Nabisco Wafers. and pretty yellow ripe bananas. My brother likes it, but not as much as me and my 2 sisters. So this is what she * my mom* does now. She’ll make a BIG GLASS BOWL for the grand kids, my daddy and who ever is over. Then she’ll make MY own bowl, MY SISTER YOLANDA own bowl, and MY SISTER PEEDIE own bowl of banana pudding. My sisters don’t too much care for the bananas, but I LOVE THEM. SO, mines would have them, and they would just have the cookies in theirs.
I noticed years ago, that when my baby sister Peedie come over to my house she would always want to leave with something of mines. I say to myself.. “why does she always ask me could she have something that she see on my dresser, in the refrigerator, or on my desk. I WOULD GET SO MAD AT HER… because I didn’t understand. This gurl has everything she ever needs. But it was just something about my stuff. So, one day I asked God why does she do that. At one point when I knew she was coming over, I would hide the stuff that I KNEW SHE WOULD ASK FOR. LOL
God said to me… remember when she was a little gurl she would beg your mother to get YOUR WHOPPINGS for you? I said yeaaa.. we always talk about that. He explained to me how much Peedie loves me. How much she admires me, and how much she listens to my advice. He said you have more of effect on her than you realize. He said don’t say nothing just pay attention to when she come over, and how she listens to you. Pay attention to how she always want your stuff…. just to be apart of it, and not to completely take it away from you. I said wow…. just thinking about certain situations made me think. I never thought about it like that.
A few weeks ago.. my mom told us that she was making dinner and for all of us to be there around 4 on this one Sunday. Like she always does…. she made US ALL OUR OWN separate banana pudding bowls to take home…. mines with bananas and wafers, my sisters with just wafers. And also one HUGE GLASS BOWL for the others. We all were sitting at the table talking and laughing. My Sister Peedie got up opened the refrigerator and got her bowl out, she took a spoon got a few taste and put it back. Then she got the glass bowl out and made her a tiny tester portion. I laughed in my mind. She sat down first thing she asked me was… did I want some of hers. LOL I ate a little bit. Still thinking about what God told me… I laughed in my mind.
Then after a hour or 2, she got back up and went to get HER personal bowl out, she got a few spoon fulls then closed it back up. I said to my momma… now watch she OPEN MY BOWL and dig her spoon in mines. We sat and watched her.. it was so funny. God was right. So, as she was putting it back…… I said “Peedie,.. now my momma made us all our separate bowls of pudding…. why you digging in mines”? She started cracking up. She said you know I gotta always taste and go in your stuff. I said but PLEASE HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND…. she said its something about YOUR STUFF. I LAUGHED WE all LAUGHED. She said… plus yours have bananas in it…. mine don’t. I said guuuuuuuuurl… the big bowl have bananas in it… you still want mines. We cracked up laughing.
The point in this is… UNDERSTANDING. Even if we don’t agree or understand why people do what they do, or act a certain way…. ITS OKAY.. Its not a bad thing, ask God for understanding of why they do the things they do. I promise, you will look at that person in a whole different light. I love my sister…. she loves me. I understand her now. Its NOT the STUFF that she wants… its the fact that it belongs to ME.
peedie my baby
Please watch this VIDEO…. to get a visual picture of UNDERSTANDING. #understanding

Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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