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Lately, I’ve been having deep conversations with several young women, and it bothers me so deeply what many are allowing these men to do to them. As I listen, I can’t help but think about the time when I was their ages and allow men to say and do things to me as well. The hard part is, they have to go through the experience themselves. I can talk to them till I’m blue in the face, sometimes they listen to me, and sometimes they don’t. It is them who has to learn the lesson.

I always knew that there was an order in which abuse start. First come the cursing out, and calling the woman out of her name. Secondly, are the personal attacks, meaning personal things that was said is now used in a way to hurt the person mentality. Third, is the physical laying of the hands on the woman to tear down her appearance and self esteem. I really hope women pay attention to this. We have to stop being so gullible. Stop feeling that we have met the best man for us. If someone is calling you names, and punching on you, get out of that relationship because the one for you is still out there. We have to stop getting so attached so soon. That’s the very reason why its so hard for us to break apart when things go wrong. Its okay to forgive, but that doesn’t mean that you should stay with him. It is not okay to mentally and physically abuse a woman. The same goes for women abusing men. Talk to a family member or close friend if you’re going through this, talk to the person who is going to be truthful, honest and upfront.  And listen!!! Listen to these people who have already experienced it.  It just may save your life.

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Cree’s Ramblings/BLOG


Hey Family!!! I have lots to talk about tonight!! Lets jump right into it.

I’m a thinker, and this is one I’ve been thinking about for a while. Years ago when I was a young gurl before the age of 14, my dad always told ME.. that I had a sister out there. She was his step mothers  SISTER. It was a huge secret back in the day because at the time he was young and still at home, and if his dad knew this, he would have kicked him out of the house FOR GOOD. So the gurl had the baby, but it was a secret who the father was until later on in the gurls life when people started to talk.

For me…. I always wanted to meet her. I’m very close with my siblings and to find out that I have a sister out there was like heaven for me. I thought about her all the time. Asking my dad questions he didn’t want to answer sometimes. But one day he got a knock on the door.. and it was HER. Not only did she come for answers, but it was also told to her that her mom was raped by my uncle((( by marriage))) , and that it was a possibility that she was his child. My cousins (( his daughters)) wanted a blood test to know either way, but that never happened and it kinda devastated me.

One day she called and said that she was coming to Detroit to visit her family and that she wanted to meet up with me and my siblings at my dad’s house. We finally had the meet I PRAYED TO GOD FOR. I got to see her face to face, stare at her, hug her and just Thank God for that moment. But when she left, we didn’t communicate much at all, and when my uncle who she felt was her dad.. passed away…. she made it known that she felt HE was her dad. I was good with that part. Because I Thanked God for us meeting. God gave me exactly what I asked for… and that was to meet her face to face. But I expected more. I wanted to have a blood test taken, and if she was my Sister start a relationship with her,  my niece and nephews. I feel that I was “short changed” in a way. She decided not to take the test , and I had to be good with that choice she made. Its funny, how God will give you the desires of your heart, but he never reviled  the outcome. Thing is, he comforted me during those days after the meet. I cant be mad at him for how things turned out, because he gave me what I asked for… A MEET. There will always be a “what if” in the back of my mind  when I see her post on FB. I love her and Thank God all the time that I got a chance to meet her. 🙂  🙂  🙂  🙂

Which brings me to Tyler Perry.. another person who I always wanted to meet since I was introduced to Madea. I love me some Tyler Perry and the work that he brings to life on stage and on the screen. But since meeting my sister and having HIGH EXPECTATIONS… I’m good. Not that I don’t want to meet him, I want him to want to meet ME. I’m just not good with expecting something so great to happen (( a friendship with him and my sister as well)) and it not happen. If its God’s will.. it shall be. Other than that I’m Okay. I’m going to sit back and let God do this… I’m out of it. It feels natural that way 🙂 🙂 🙂

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I’m a family gurl/BLOG


Hello Family!

Sitting here enjoying my night off. Just thinking about how God will turn things around in your life. I’m so happy that I wrote down everything that I was going through, so now when I go back and read it, it makes me feel so good that I stayed in the race. I’m living each day with a different mind set. In 2013 I packed up and moved to Georgia. I wanted a new life, wanted to move into an apartment somewhere tucked near water and trees. Sorta like isolate myself. Boy did God have another plan for me. And even though I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ATLANTA…. I’m so glad I moved back home. I’m a family gurl. Raised with both parents in the home, I’m VERY close with my brother and my 2 sisters, not to mention the love I have for my nieces and nephews. Thing is…. I can drive/fly to Atlanta anytime, and stay as long as I want. Wow… no one told me that. LOL Atlanta will always be my second home. But NOTHING beats this DOWNTOWN DETROIT LIVING!!! I’M IN LOVE 🙂

I get to spend lots of time with my parents. When I came home, I found a 7 floor Senior Apartment * they live separately in the same complex* that is directly around the corner from me. Yes! If I leave my apartment right now, I will be at theirs in 2 minutes. I take them * my siblings as well* to the grocery store, to their doctors appointments, to dinner and other outings. They need me and I need them. My daughter lives around the corner from me, and its funny because my brother does too. My street is my brothers SIDE STREET. My daughter street is MY SIDE STREET. Yea we all live downtown and around the corner from each other. Wow God… never seen that in my forecast. We always get together for dinner and birthdays and of course just because days. Family is everything. If you can get alone with your family you can get alone with ANYONE!

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I Am … La’Crease

My Funny Parents/DIVORCE/LOVE

only me

This morning I took my parents to run some errands. I love riding with them.. they have debates and lil scraps that are sooooooo funny. My momma be tearing my daddy up. LOL LOL But baby when he’s had enough, he come back on her.  LOL Funny thing, when I’m with them its like having precious cargo with me. I have to be very careful of driving, even though I’m a careful driver anyway… its still something about having them in the car. When I’m with them.. we hit about 40 stores… because everybody likes to shop at their own personal favorites. LOL We had a bad storm yesterday and 2 of the stores were closed because they had no power. We always end the day with KFC…. I LOVE IT….. the memories we are creating without even REALIZING.
Sooooooooooooo………my Sister’s DIVORCE is final and she encourages me to write about it. Especially my feelings about it. I loved my brother n law. I just hate they couldn’t work it out. Its funny how you could start off together on the same page… then end up on different sides of the street. He was driven by money and “stuff”…. she was driven by LOVE and spending time together. She has a MASTERS working for the city and they built 2 companies and 14-15 properties together. This has really taught me a lot. I will NEVER EVER marry a man who works day in and day out. I’m not driven by money…. “aha’s” and “look what I bought “, “look what I”m doing now”… and all that needing APPROVAL stuff. I just want to LOVE and be LOVED. I’ve always worked since I was 14… and yesss my HUSBAND will too. But doing too much will mess up a marriage because it can’t grow. Yes…. I’m afraid of that. While one person is doing one thing, another is doing something else. I don’t like that. Now, if me and my HUSBAND worked together side by side or in the same building…. that could work. But me working someplace, while he works  another from 6 am-10pm  … NOT GONE HAPPEN WITH MS CREE. Working too many hours apart in a marriage while one is driven on LOVE.. and the other on STUFF, topped with oo’s and ah’s won’t work for me. Then they end up “tolerating” each other because its “business” and too much to lose… to DIVORCE.  MY PERSONALITY doesn’t have time for that. Meeee… for the sake of the PEACE that I demand…. will walk away from EVERYTHING. He can have it ALL… its the ONLY THING THAT CAME MAKE HIM HAPPY ANYWAY. Here… go be happy with your “STUFF”.
Growing up in our household, we knew nothing but LOVE. We learned how to share, how to look out for each other. we weren’t allowed to fight. I find it amazing how  having so much LOVE in the home from both parents….. that ALL 3 OF MY SIBLINGS just want to be LOVED. My sister was wearing a $13,000 ring * and it was NICE too* she said if she ever gets married again… she only wants a matching wedding band. She didn’t have a wedding… this time she wants one. She didn’t go on a honey moon, this time she wants to go. I understand her because we grew up together.  I understand her mentality. I watched her live her life.. because we are close. I see the type of people that me and my siblings are. We want God in our lives, we want a PEACEFUL home, we want to work come home and spend time as a family, have friend time, movie and dinner time, trips… and of course do our own things separately with our friends. We don’t like arguing and nick picking. I can’t do that.
I want to be showered/ and to SHOWER HIM… with LOVE… KISSES, HUGS, TOUCHING, LOVE MAKING… AND FAMILY GATHERINGS…This is LIFE… if we’re going to LIVE it… LETS GET IT!!! I can go all over the place on this topic… later I will. But for now…. ITS ALL ABOUT LOVE.


Crees Rambling…. (((((BLOG)))))


Yesterday was the first day I made a PRIVATE Facebook page sharing my testimony to a selected 100 of when I went moved to Atlanta and back to Detroit. Its a very long Testimony, and I will post some everyday until the end. This should take about 2-3 weeks. Many are being Blessed already. I did NOT want to even write it, but God kept telling me to do it, and for my DISOBEDIENCE… I paid for it. So, it is written! LOL LOL It is done Lord!!!

Just sitting here thinking. Even though I never share my personal private life here…. its funny how I can be in LOVE with one, and REALLY REALLY LIKE another. I just LOVE a take charge man. And I don’t know what is it about me that makes them “get with me”…. like I’m tough or something. Its so funny to me, cause I love a man who talk smack in a loving playful way.  And let me clear what I mean by that. Not violent, who will curse me out, belittle me or anything like that. I LOVE to laugh and have a good time. I wonder how many others out there feels this same way about loving one man/woman, and like another.

Anyway…….Today has been a very interesting day. I’m just outdone and speechless. But it is what it is… and <CREE> knows how to keep it moving.

Someone close to me is about to go through a bitter divorce. So sad the stories that’s coming out of it. I’m just numb about a few things, but its all good… Sorry for the rambling… plus I’m sleepy too.

Be Blessed

Jealousy………… ((((((((((Blog))))))))))

Friday night my 2 sisters and I went out to dinner at Applebees…. we sat for 5 hours talking and catching up on our lives. We were having many conversations but the one that stood out the most was the fact that we’re not jealous when it comes to being in a relationship. For me I was never a jealous person until I met my daughters father. Before him I was never insecure. I knew I was pretty, had a great family, nice personality… but when I met him and having to deal with all the women. It made me a bitter person. It took me years to get over him and over the way the relationship made me feel. Over the years I met some pretty good men, that always made me feel so loved and so wonderful. I never had to deal with jealousy again.

The reason why I’m writing this is to say to my Sisters out there. Know you’re beautiful. Know that you are loved by God no matter how a man make you feel. Know that if you have to be in a relationship that makes you have to always look over your shoulders because of other women, or have to fight or go back and forth…. please don’t waste anytime getting help, or leaving that relationship. What woman in their right mind want to feel jealous and insecure of another woman? Women these days lose themselves in a marriage or in a unmarried relationship. You have to still love your life and enjoy it.

Let me say this too…. Sisters, you have to do your part in making your man feel secure. When you start trying to make him jealous, then one day down the line, it just maybe you….. who gets jealous . That’s a dangerous game to play. Find ways to entertain yourselves while he’s not around. Visit family and friends….. Don’t build your life around him…. that when he wants and needs a break, you find yourself whining and bored. Many women push themselves away from their family and friends when they get married or enter a relationship. Never do that. You never want to look up and have no one….but him. Down the line it makes him uncomfortable, and he’ll have to always find ways to entertain you. That’s not fair. Build your own life, and at the end of the day…  go home to the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.

Be Blessed!

Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. – Dr. Maya Angelou 

Finding My * your* Purpose in Life 4 ~ La’Crease’s Blog

purpose 7

Entertainment, Business, Women and Teens

Finding my purpose in life.
What is my calling? What are my gifts?

Entertainment- When I was 14 years old I was IN LOVE with Prince. I told my mom when he come to Detroit, I wanted to be there. She took me, not once, but twice. What a dream come true. Ever since then I fell in love with Entertainment. Not only was I enjoying Prince, but I love the live experience, the back ground singers, and especially the musicians. I love the way it made me feel. I felt so alive. When I moved out on my own I started going to more and more concerts. I would win concert tickets off the radio, and when I went to pick up my tickets, I met a wonderful Radio Personality for WJLB name Janet G. She was so nice and sweet to me. I love her to this day!!! There were many times when she would call me down and she would just give me concert tickets, that was often. I believe that she played a huge role in me loving entertainment as much as I do. I enjoyed going to see the Male Dancers as well 4-5 times a week, just to see them do routines fast and slow.

I missed a lot of concerts waiting on others to go with me, or to get their money together, so I started going alone. It was hard in the beginning. I started buying tickets without telling anyone. Seem like every time I went with others, I was getting seats way in the back, but when I went alone I was sitting in rows 1-5….. every time. I went to several plays before I knew who Tyler Perry was, but when I went to one that was terrible…. I vowed to never, ever go see another play again. I also enjoyed comedy. At concerts and plays I started paying more attention to what was going on back stage than what I came to see. I wanted to be apart of a backstage crew. I enjoy planning and how things came together. I absolutely LOVE ENTERTAINMENT. To name a few of my favorite concerts and plays that I’ve attended would be…… Anita Baker, The Late Great Gerald Levert, Barry White and Luther Vandross, Karen Clark-Sheard, Shirley Caesar, Missy, Mary J Blige, Janet Jackson. Destiny Child, Kelly Price, Jill Scott, Chante Moore, Maxwell, and Tyler Perry. Too many to name. I know for a fact, that Entertainment is apart of my calling.

Business- I LOVE taking care of business. I love to hear YES… in all my business ventures. Sometimes I push it , but its all good. When I was in my 20’s I learned how to speak well over the phone and in person to get my way. My family and friends would call me and have me to pretend to be them because they were nervous. I’m good over the phone, but face to face .. IM EVERYTHING. Seem like I can never get my way through email because I come off too persistent, and people LOVE to tell me No because they can’t see me. It started for me when I was a young gurl, my mom would make business calls and they would always tell her No, or make her have to do all of these unnecessary steps. Sometimes I felt that they sense that she was nervous about handling her business * which she was*, and they always gave her the hardest time. That bothered me. So, I made sure that when I became an adult, that wasn’t going to happen to me. Just tonight she called me and gave me a phone number to call in the morning so that I can take care of her business for her.

I learned that you have to have all your questions written down before you make calls. You have to speak with authority and know what you want. You can’t be afraid to ask question. Its your business, and you should feel comfortable asking whatever you want and need to know. I put together a lot of things, and in order to do this, I have to make these kinds of calls. If I have to see them in person….. that’s even better. I know for a fact, that the business is apart of my calling.

Women and Teens- I’ve always had a connection to them I learned to keep secrets at a young age, and it was needed in order to gain the trust of women and teens. No matter how deep the story is, God has always given me the tolerance to hear all kinds of unbelievable stories. I use to cry a lot when I’d hear the stories because they would be so devastating. But over the years God has strengthen me in this area where I’m able to listen and not take it personal. I’ve put together many Women’s Gathering, where we get personal, talk about God, and discuss how to deal with issues in relationships. I’ve worked in Detroit Public Schools for over 9 years total and I loved it. When my book is released, I know so many women will read it and change their lives. I know for a fact, that Women and Teens are apart of my calling.

purpose 4

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Finding My * your* Purpose in Life 3 ~ La’Crease’s Blog

purpose 8

Communication, Personality, Keeping it moving

Finding my purpose in life.
What is my calling? What are my gifts?

Communication– I found out early in life that when I spoke…. people listened. I never found myself to be an interesting person at all, but I knew that the way I expressed myself in Honesty and in Truth people trusted me. When I speak, I aim to get right to the point. I learned that in order to be a great communicator, you have to use different tones of voice. My dad use to always scream at us to get his point across, and I HATED THAT. So when I had my daughter, I screamed at her. But what I found out is, just like me, she didn’t require that tone of voice. She was just like me a gentle gurl, all we needed was to be told once, in a nice tone of voice and we got the point. I’m glad I learned that before she got in her teens. Because there’s no telling how her communications skills would be today. I thought I was good at communicating, she may have me beat….. and I’m good!!!

When dealing with people, communication is one of my best traits. I always make sure my facial expression is approachable. That’s very important because who wants to hold a conversation with someone whose face is twisted and unpleasant? It goes both ways, when I want something, and I have to approach a person in charge, I always make sure my smile is on, and my body language and face expression is not defensive. That’s important because these are people who are in position to give you either an answer you’re looking for, or one you have to negotiate. I have gotten myself out of plenty of situations by being able to communicate and use facts that will give me a desired out come. I use to feel that you have to “get with people” in order to get what you want. I found out very quickly that people who have attitudes, have the most drama stories to share. My goal in life is to have the most success stories to share. I know for a fact, that communication is apart of my calling.


Personality– Growing up, I felt that I was a complete “nerd”. I was always in my room alone reading. But when I got in my 20’s, I knew I had a huge personality when, if there was 9 of us in the room, I would get into it with all 9 people before the night was over. LOL That’s bad. I didn’t know how to control my mouth, or my behavior. All I knew was that I had this huge personality, and for some reason when the night was over, I knew how to make up with EVERY person in the room. And I did…. every single time. I admit my personality always got me in trouble with my family, friends, and my jobs. I had no control of something so powerful. My strong personality got me in trouble, but my even stronger communication skills got me out of it. Once I knew I had these gifts, I started using them for good. Not to argue or debate with anyone, but to inspire, uplift and encourage people. I combine my gifts to be a great listener by using Godly wisdom, and reading my bible daily. I knew how to love and to receive love because that’s all my parents showed me growing up. By reading and writing, I studied the behavior of people, and by communicating I was able to get things in my FAVOR. Once I realized the Power my personality had, I wanted to do right. I wanted to be a better person because people listened to me. They wanted me in their presence. I made them smile, laugh and look at life in a different light. When before I made them angry and mad at me. I lost a lot of friends and jobs because of my personality, and I’m still learning.

When I was in my teens I would read my bible every day. I was addicted to the stories and to the Love God have for us. I would find interesting Scriptures and write them down, go through the white pages and mail them to people. I have this desire to see people go to Heaven (((make it))), then and more especially now. When I moved out on my own, I had more money to buy postage stamps. I never told anyone, I just did it. I would pray over the stack, and take them to the mailbox which was at the corner of my apartment. I know for a fact, that having a strong personality is apart of my calling.

Keep it Moving– This is one gift that I knew I had, but hated using it. I associated it with being mean or funny acting. But I NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, knew that it was needed to go with my personality. I now realize that I attract a lot of people, and for the people who aren’t good for me…. I need the gift of keeping it moving. I have absolutely no problems with letting people go. It takes my two Sisters to sit and tell this story about me. They say I don’t give chances I just cut people off. I do give chances, they just see when I’m done. God has always, always showed me who was for me and was not, it was always my choice to keep them in the picture. I always knew that when I cut you off, it was a WRAP!!! IM DONE.

I love people, but I’m not attached to anyone on this earth. God gave me the Entrance to Love everyone, but he also showed me the Exit to keep it moving. ITS ONE OF MY FAVORITES TOO. I know for a fact, that the gift of keeping it moving is apart of my calling.

Tomorrow * Final* – Travel, Business, Entertainment

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Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

My Sister Peedie Crees Blog Entry

I guess I’m in a writing mood tonight. Its cold outside… no school, no work. I’m about to bake me some Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookies after writing this and chill out!!! LOL I’m feeling REAL good right about now.
Even though my circle is small…. I know a lot of people. There was a time that if you didn’t agree with what I’m saying….then I figured why should WE be friends? I would speak to you when I saw you… but I had no intentions on dealing with you again. I’m so glad GOD got on me about that. That’s terrible to be that way just because somebody don’t agree with you. I want to share this story.
My family LOVES banana pudding. My momma makes it from scratch… She has her double boiler and she gets down. She uses Nabisco Wafers. and pretty yellow ripe bananas. My brother likes it, but not as much as me and my 2 sisters. So this is what she * my mom* does now. She’ll make a BIG GLASS BOWL for the grand kids, my daddy and who ever is over. Then she’ll make MY own bowl, MY SISTER YOLANDA own bowl, and MY SISTER PEEDIE own bowl of banana pudding. My sisters don’t too much care for the bananas, but I LOVE THEM. SO, mines would have them, and they would just have the cookies in theirs.
I noticed years ago, that when my baby sister Peedie come over to my house she would always want to leave with something of mines. I say to myself.. “why does she always ask me could she have something that she see on my dresser, in the refrigerator, or on my desk. I WOULD GET SO MAD AT HER… because I didn’t understand. This gurl has everything she ever needs. But it was just something about my stuff. So, one day I asked God why does she do that. At one point when I knew she was coming over, I would hide the stuff that I KNEW SHE WOULD ASK FOR. LOL
God said to me… remember when she was a little gurl she would beg your mother to get YOUR WHOPPINGS for you? I said yeaaa.. we always talk about that. He explained to me how much Peedie loves me. How much she admires me, and how much she listens to my advice. He said you have more of effect on her than you realize. He said don’t say nothing just pay attention to when she come over, and how she listens to you. Pay attention to how she always want your stuff…. just to be apart of it, and not to completely take it away from you. I said wow…. just thinking about certain situations made me think. I never thought about it like that.
A few weeks ago.. my mom told us that she was making dinner and for all of us to be there around 4 on this one Sunday. Like she always does…. she made US ALL OUR OWN separate banana pudding bowls to take home…. mines with bananas and wafers, my sisters with just wafers. And also one HUGE GLASS BOWL for the others. We all were sitting at the table talking and laughing. My Sister Peedie got up opened the refrigerator and got her bowl out, she took a spoon got a few taste and put it back. Then she got the glass bowl out and made her a tiny tester portion. I laughed in my mind. She sat down first thing she asked me was… did I want some of hers. LOL I ate a little bit. Still thinking about what God told me… I laughed in my mind.
Then after a hour or 2, she got back up and went to get HER personal bowl out, she got a few spoon fulls then closed it back up. I said to my momma… now watch she OPEN MY BOWL and dig her spoon in mines. We sat and watched her.. it was so funny. God was right. So, as she was putting it back…… I said “Peedie,.. now my momma made us all our separate bowls of pudding…. why you digging in mines”? She started cracking up. She said you know I gotta always taste and go in your stuff. I said but PLEASE HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND…. she said its something about YOUR STUFF. I LAUGHED WE all LAUGHED. She said… plus yours have bananas in it…. mine don’t. I said guuuuuuuuurl… the big bowl have bananas in it… you still want mines. We cracked up laughing.
The point in this is… UNDERSTANDING. Even if we don’t agree or understand why people do what they do, or act a certain way…. ITS OKAY.. Its not a bad thing, ask God for understanding of why they do the things they do. I promise, you will look at that person in a whole different light. I love my sister…. she loves me. I understand her now. Its NOT the STUFF that she wants… its the fact that it belongs to ME.
peedie my baby
Please watch this VIDEO…. to get a visual picture of UNDERSTANDING. #understanding

Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Why Women? Crees Blog Entry

Why Women?
Why do some women… PRIDE themselves on knowing information about someone. Doing research, talking/listening, finding people who are close to the source for * personal* confirmation. EITHER TO JUST KNOW IT… OR TO SHARE IT WHENEVER THEY FEEL THE NEED TO “PULL IT OUT”.
Watching NeNe Leakes pull out Natalie Christopher Williams wife/gurlfriend is a prime example of wanting to put Kandi and Kenya “out there”. There is no way, Nene want the viewers to believe that Kandi’s record is squeaky clean. #sowhat People like this…. make sure that if you like someone, and find them to be cool good people… THESE TYPE OF PEOPLE will make sure they share with you what type of people YOU THINK they are…because in their minds…… they’re making sure you’re not being “deceived”. When in reality its not that serious….. but it is to the person who is telling the story to you. They cringe at the fact that YOU find this person to be good people.
Why will some women…… do anything in their power to let others know… that they were their for YOU… and you wasn’t there for them. Many times people will PRIDE THEMSELVES on making sure that they’re always there for YOU… RAIN, SLEET AND SNOW… when they need YOU… you better be there for them. Sad thing is… when Nene tried to make Porsha feel that she’s not a good friend, no matter what Porsha said to her about going through a rough divorce, trying to find a house, moving away from her mom and sister when they clearly wasn’t ready for her to move yet. Nene disregarded the fact that Porsha was having a hard time in her own life….. why would she expect for her to call her with so much going on? Why women fail to just fall back sometimes? I’m very close to my family, and when I’m going through something… ALL I WANT IS GOD. THEY KNOW THIS.. THEY RESPECT MY SPACE. No person can help me. And if you’re going through and you’ve always been there for me… and I share with you MY ISSUES and why I can’t be there for YOU…… FALL BACK.. Let me regroup. Let me get myself together.. I PROMISE to “do you” when I get through my own issue. Women need to STOP depending on PEOPLE SO MUCH to pick up THEIR pieces of their lives, just to hear their stories. I know how it goes…. I use to be the first to call a friend to tell them “what happened”. God was standing in the background begging me to talk to him about it. And when I realized that NOBODY OWES ME NOT ONE  OF THEIR EARS….. that’s when I turned to God.. and never turned back. Please get some where on your knees and face to seek God. Nene feelings were either “really hurt”….. because she realized that Porsha didn’t look at her as a “go to person”.. or she just wanted to run a guilt trip in her vulnerable state of mind.    I’m proud of Porsha.
One of my favorite songs

Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy