How I Gained Back My Self Esteem/ PART 2/BLOG

I was 24 years old (( 6 years in)) when I FINALLY came to my MIND. When I started talking to God about what I was going through. I thought that I would never get over my daughters father. The more sex I had with him, the more I loved him. That’s when I foundContinue reading “How I Gained Back My Self Esteem/ PART 2/BLOG”

Bobbi Kristina-RIP/BLOG

Just sitting here crying my eyes out re-watching Whitney Houston’s funeral thinking about God and how we must all leave someday. I was also thinking about how close Whitney and Bobbi were. You can tell in every video, how much love they had for each other. That lil gurl loved her mother something deeply. IContinue reading “Bobbi Kristina-RIP/BLOG”


Hey Yall! I’m a huge fan of Catfish the Show. I’m attracted to it because its so scary and it could happen to anyone! Its sad that people purposely live a life to deceive others over the internet. These people wake up everyday and have to come up with new stories and new conversations. AsContinue reading “Catfish the show….INTERNET STALKERS/BLOG”


I was talking to a friend last night, and our phone call conversation trigger several thoughts about being OUTSPOKEN at the wrong time. This is a subject that’s very serious to me, and I speak in COMPLETE BOLDNESS when it comes to it. I touched on this in the last blog entry…. but this one..Continue reading “Being OUTSPOKEN… A WRONG AND RIGHT TIME/BLOG”


<~ Smiling all day everyday! These last few weeks has truly been amazing for me.. Spiritually. That’s another blog. Living alone has really forced me to pay close attention to ME. I’m really in tuned with myself, things I never paid attention to when I was raising my daughter… I guess because it was all aboutContinue reading “Flirting/BLOG”

My Funny Parents/DIVORCE/LOVE

This morning I took my parents to run some errands. I love riding with them.. they have debates and lil scraps that are sooooooo funny. My momma be tearing my daddy up. LOL LOL But baby when he’s had enough, he come back on her.  LOL Funny thing, when I’m with them its like havingContinue reading “My Funny Parents/DIVORCE/LOVE”

My Personal Testimony Feedback ((should I publish))….. Blog

Hey Family!!! Recently I share with about 100 people my PERSONAL TESTIMONY that happened in the last 2 years. I DID NOT want to share it because it was so close to my heart and I really didn’t want to “go there”. But I’m glad I did. Wow.. never in a million years did IContinue reading “My Personal Testimony Feedback ((should I publish))….. Blog”

Sisters Only/ Weight Loss Update/ Detroit is Home for Me

Hey,  Every time I think about being back home in Detroit from Atlanta…. I’m reminded of all the things that I’ve helped out with concerning my family, that I wonder how things would have turned out, had I not been here. I must say, since God said so first…”I am exactly where I’m suppose to be”. I loveContinue reading “Sisters Only/ Weight Loss Update/ Detroit is Home for Me”

He Had All the CLUES of a …… (((((BLOG)))))

Hey, Yall know I always have a story to tell. LOL Sometimes I feel that words are on my forehead saying… I’m a writer come talk to me and give me a great story to share with my bloggers. LOL As I was sitting along the beautiful River Walk on the Detroit River a fewContinue reading “He Had All the CLUES of a …… (((((BLOG)))))”

Elders/Respect/Living For Tomorrow/Ephesians 4:32

  Every time someone post a YOUTUBE video about teens, women or babies… its almost always SPOOKY to watch. These days no one has respect for our Elders. I’m 46 years old and you will never catch me cussing in PUBLIC, on Facebook, or anywhere else in front of them. I just don’t believe that ANY CONVERSATIONContinue reading “Elders/Respect/Living For Tomorrow/Ephesians 4:32”