Sister Day, Husbands, and Laughs From the Desk of Cree



I had a great time with my Sisters at Red Lobster yesterday evening. We get together every month for dinner to catch up with each other. Then afterwards we ALWAYS end up at their favorite bar… Kwick’s for Karaoke.

I rode with my Sister Peedie. But before we left, she made a stop at home to check in on her husband, and to change clothes . He came out to the truck to greet me, I noticed that he had this “puppy dog” look on his face, that would kill him to admit….. he wanted to go with us. LOL I know him so well… I love, love , love my brother -n- law because he treats my sister so well. PEEDIEDEE2 But my sister told me that when its time for our Sisters gathering, that’s our time. She said me and him are always out and about after work, going to dinner, movies, and shopping. She said this is my time to be with my Sisters. I got that. ……. I guess 🙂

All 9 of us met at 7pm and was seated. Just then my cousin Darcella came in with her husband Wood * who is really MY blood cousin*. (((DEEDAR))) We didn’t know that she was bringing him * wood* with her. But it was cool. In the middle of dinner, someone suggested that we go to Karaoke afterwards. We all agreed and trailed each other. When we got in the car my sister Peedie called her husband and told him to come down to the bar, because wood wanted a guy to be with him. One of our other sisters called her husband down and he came too. But when my sister Peedie’s husband found out that wood was at the dinner, he was kinda disappointed and felt that my sister didn’t want HIM to come. He noticed that Darcella and Wood are ALWAYS TOGETHER NO MATTER WHAT, and wonder why my sister didn’t feel that way. We told him that it was a Sister gathering, we didn’t even know Wood was coming. She tried to get him to come to the bar, but he went to bed… sad….. ahhhhh. Well we had a GOOD TIME!!! LOL

I love, love, love my VIRGO brother-n- law Mark,MARK AND BROTHER who my sister didn’t invite either. I love when he’s with us.. but end up spending it with his brother Deitrick* Haddon*

My point in all of this is… There was a time * in our teens and 20’s* when we (((Sisters))) would jump in our cars and hunt down our men and try to be with them. We all were PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS… tracking down all their whereabouts, friends, family members and phone numbers. We wanted to be with them even if they went to the store. We wanted to know when, where and why. We questioned who they were with, who was there, why they wanted to be there so bad, when were they coming home, and who did you meet while there.

Times has really changed. LOL LOL * I’m laughing so hard*. I WISH THE HELL I WOULD………. look for my husband or boo. I just don’t have that kinda time. I cant believe how much time and work I use to put into finding out what he was doing. LOL Realizing now, that was taking time from ME….. DOING ME… LOL. Every time the Sisters get together, their husbands want to come so bad… and since I don’t have one, I’m the one feeling bad for them and convince the Sisters to let them come with us. They have the best husbands… DRAMA FREE. But I’m learning to understand Sister time is Sister time, and Husband time is Husband time. I get it…. they just look so pitiful. LOL LOL

Thing is they know their wives are not doing anything wrong… they just feel that they should be able to come along and have guy talk at the other end of the table. But what the men don’t understand is……its not about them separating themselves at the end of the table…. the Sisters want to have Sisters Day without them being present PERIOD. LOL

Boy have times changed. LOL LOL * cracking up laughing*


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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