Oprah’s …The Life You Want Weekend”…. I won’t be there From the Desk of Cree

only me


I’m so disappointed!

I read that Oprah was coming to the Detroit area with guess, to speak at The Palace of Auburn Hills Friday Sep 12 and 13th. I didn’t know all the details of Oprah’s “The Life You Want Weekend”  but I WAS READY!!!

I went on line and BOOKED my hotel! I’ve stayed at this hotel at least a dozen times when I go to a Piston game and don’t feel like driving home. I knew that I had to book this hotel RIGHT AWAY before tickets went on sale. I booked for Thursday-Saturday. I was so excited and happy. I didn’t care who was going with me, if I had to go alone… that was fine with me.

Later on that day, I checked my email and put in the password to purchase tickets early before they went on sale to the general public. What happened next…. I THOUGHT MY FAMILY WAS GOING TO FIND ME DEAD IN MY APARTMENT FROM SHOCK!

Once to the ticket page, you can roll over your mouse to see the TICKET PRICES. And not only that… you get to see WHERE YOU’LL BE SITTING FOR THE PRICE . Now, I’m thinking okay, this is a 2 day event. tickets should be no more than $100.00. I paid $238.00 to see Maxwell, Jill Scott, Chrisette Michele, Robin Thick and comedian Guy Torey  … AND I’M STILL ON “CONCERT PUNISHMENT” FOR DOING THAT. As I rolled over the mouse, I was so SHOCKED AND SO OUTDONE by what I was seeing concerning TICKET PRICES.

Ticket prices: $99.00 to sit AT THE TIP TOP AT THE ROOF OF THE PALACE $199.00 , $299.00, $599.00 $999.00., as you make your way to the floor. LOOK AT THESE TICKET PRICES!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?

I sat at my desk and stared at the screen. There is NO WAY in the world… would I pay $199.00 to sit at THE TOP OF THE PALACE/ARENA TO SEE A N Y B O D Y!!! Even if I had $1000.00 I wouldn’t pay that to be in YOUR FACE!!!I’m still trying to figure out, what team of people would agree that these prices are ACCEPTABLE? Why aren’t tickets GENERAL ADMISSION… FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. No one can EVER explain to me why these tickets are so high. I guess this will turn in a conversation of “WHERE ARE YOU SITTING”? I am so pissed off about the thought process that went into this planning.
if you have money, or COME UP with the money to pay $1000.00 and $599.00 you receive a gift pack along with other goodies and A PHOTO. I’m guessing the money is in the photo and the “in your face” experience. But the people like me…. who really WANT to hear this word, HAVE TO SIT AT THE TOP OF THE PALACE with the heat, dust and screens everywhere to get the same experience as the others. Sorta reminds me of the MENTALITY OF FLYING FIRST CLASS: You pay more, get to sit in larger seats, get all of these extra AMENITIES, BUT IF THE PLANE GO DOWN. THEY ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL GO DOWN…… am I the only one who figured that out? *blank stare* *


I can hear some people saying right now.. ((((((wow))))))… .well if you want to “LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT” then you would do what you have to do to BE THERE. Or, if you want to ” LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT”… you shouldn’t put a dollar amount on your success. Well guess what? When Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, or TD Jakes come to town, they don’t charge for their conferences. And they sure don’t charge by where you sit to see and hear them. For free conferences like those, that’s when you show your appreciation and you give offerings.

I’m really disappointed in Oprah this time. I was really looking forward to seeing her on this tour, but too bad I can’t afford to pay the high ticket price. I have to cancel my hotel reservation. That’s okay… ILL SEE HER ON JUDGEMENT DAY….FOR FREE


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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