Thank you Jesus, Joyous Flame/BLOG

In 1980 I was 13 years old  when this song came out. When I first heard it I was blown away.  I instantly fell it LOVE with the lyrics and the way it was sung. Back then when you listened to the radio you never really knew who sung the song unless you catch theContinue reading “Thank you Jesus, Joyous Flame/BLOG”

Bobbi Kristina-RIP/BLOG

Just sitting here crying my eyes out re-watching Whitney Houston’s funeral thinking about God and how we must all leave someday. I was also thinking about how close Whitney and Bobbi were. You can tell in every video, how much love they had for each other. That lil gurl loved her mother something deeply. IContinue reading “Bobbi Kristina-RIP/BLOG”


(Continued) #FIFTYSHADES  I realized what he was doing…..he was interviewing. I thought to myself…. “I know dayum well he aint the one doing the interviewing.” Now… I’m staring at him. He’s so dayum fine …he catches my eye. I found it hard to turn away. I was nervous. I can’t be interviewed by him because I know me…Continue reading “#FIFTY SHADES/ FIFTY SHADES OF GREY/ PART 2 OF MY STORY/BLOG”


  FINALLY a movie that explores ME.  The kind of movie that my MIND and BODY craves. I’m a mind exploring -sexual person this is the perfect movie for my appetite.   Chemistry, Romance, Body Language, Mind Games, Way with words. Take MEEEEEEEEEEEEE 🙂 lol lol When the books first came out, I didn’t read it at all. Wasn’t interested,Continue reading “#FIFTYSHADES/ FIFTY SHADES OF GREY/BLOG”


Today was a good day. Even though I had a breakdown … whew.. um um um. God always knows.. I mean not only knows… but ACTS ON IT when you’re on the ledge. I knew I wasn’t going over, but I sure stood on it today baaaaaby. Yes the gurl did. But he came through for me andContinue reading “SOLID AS A ROCK!/BLOG”

Beyonce /BLOG

Beyonce sung: And baby It’s amazing I’m in this maze with you I just can’t crack your code One day you screaming you love me loud The next day you’re so cold One day you’re here, one day you’re there, one day you care You’re so unfair sipping from your cup Till it runneth over, HolyContinue reading “Beyonce /BLOG”

Six Flags over New Orleans… * my thoughts* :( (((((Blog)))))

  I love Amusement Parks….and even though I don’t like to ride roller coasters or rides that’s high in the sky. I’ve always had a connection to the actual park. The park to me in MY mind reminds me of a place where there is laughter, fun screams, eating, walking, photo taking, water, shows, andContinue reading “Six Flags over New Orleans… * my thoughts* 😦 (((((Blog)))))”

Kids paternity goes wrong ((((((((Blog)))))))

I cried today watching this video.  This is happening to so many people and its time parents are truthful to their children no matter how “hard” it may be. No child/adult should be this devastated over a decision that the parents/parent was scared to make as a child. It’s not right and its not fair.Continue reading “Kids paternity goes wrong ((((((((Blog)))))))”