Feeding the Homeless YESTERDAY/BLOG


Hey Family!!!  

Today for dinner, I’m making Collard Greens, corn on the cob, corn bread and some fried chicken. Not to forget my Pep boy * Pepsi*. Been working and I got tired of eating on the go, its time for some real food. So its going down today. In other news…. I’m so tired of all the rumors on Bobbi Brown. Send up prayers, and just be quiet.. because the people who are in the circle of hers aren’t saying ONE WORD. Just pray!

Yesterday me and my Princess went to the Shelter to serve food to the Homeless. We served from 4-6 we had a good time, it was well organized, and the men were very friendly. The people there said they were happy to see women serving them, because the men are more settled down. We were happy. Even talked to the man in charge that said when ever we want we can cook food for them and bring it down, and serve it. Yesterday they had chilli and biscuits. I didn’t like the fact that the biscuits were kinda hard. I hate that homeless people will eat what they can.  Its just not fair sometimes to see them eating whatever they can get their hands on. I’m going to gather up my FB family and friends and we’re going to come up with a plan and a menu to COOK for them. We’re going to take it to the shelter for dinner and serve. This was also the shelter KEM the singer was in before he got clean. It was truly a pleasure to volunteer. Cant wait till next time. I’m taking my FB friends with me.