Your life in a blink of an eye/ BLOG

A few days ago, I was driving home in busy downtown traffic. I came to a red turning green light when this car on a side street darted out in front of me without even stopping for the STOP sign he had. I was so angry and MAD, that for the first time in myContinue reading “Your life in a blink of an eye/ BLOG”

Love Yourself/BLOG

I’ve been spending a lot of time getting to know myself. Sometimes you need to step away from family and friends to learn YOU. I LOOOOOOOOVE ME! I’ve never had a self esteem issue. Not sure if the reason being so that I came from a home with both parents who taught us nothing butContinue reading “Love Yourself/BLOG”

Thank you Jesus, Joyous Flame/BLOG

In 1980 I was 13 years old  when this song came out. When I first heard it I was blown away.  I instantly fell it LOVE with the lyrics and the way it was sung. Back then when you listened to the radio you never really knew who sung the song unless you catch theContinue reading “Thank you Jesus, Joyous Flame/BLOG”


That night after work, I went home and thought about what can make him come to the conclusion that my daughter was his daughter. I asked God to please tell me why is this man telling people this. And why would a person brag on having a child with someone, when they RAPED them andContinue reading “My story of FORGIVENESS-RAPE 4/FINAL/BLOG”

Bobbi Kristina-RIP/BLOG

Just sitting here crying my eyes out re-watching Whitney Houston’s funeral thinking about God and how we must all leave someday. I was also thinking about how close Whitney and Bobbi were. You can tell in every video, how much love they had for each other. That lil gurl loved her mother something deeply. IContinue reading “Bobbi Kristina-RIP/BLOG”

Learning Valueable Lessons/BLOG

My Sisters and I was having a conversation the other day about how I use to follow the rules all the time when we were growing up. I always thought twice about what I was doing when it was against the rules. But for some reason it was always in the back of my mindContinue reading “Learning Valueable Lessons/BLOG”

Leaders Be Mindful/BLOG

    Yesterday 3/19…. I was scrolling through my FB timeline and came across this Woman Pastor * won’t say her name* and her post about her lovely step daughter who had just purchased a new truck, not only brand new… but she purchased it herself! Now for those who have been reading my postContinue reading “Leaders Be Mindful/BLOG”


I was talking to a friend last night, and our phone call conversation trigger several thoughts about being OUTSPOKEN at the wrong time. This is a subject that’s very serious to me, and I speak in COMPLETE BOLDNESS when it comes to it. I touched on this in the last blog entry…. but this one..Continue reading “Being OUTSPOKEN… A WRONG AND RIGHT TIME/BLOG”

Today was a great day!! Yesterday was different/BLOG

Hello Family Today was a great day!! Yesterday was different. I went up to my job to pick up the check that wasn’t right…. THE FOLLOWING WEEK …… And almost had to put on my “clown suit”. My check still wasn’t there and will be cut on the regular day… which I know they knew. See, that’s the kinda stuff that makes me wantContinue reading “Today was a great day!! Yesterday was different/BLOG”


<~ Smiling all day everyday! These last few weeks has truly been amazing for me.. Spiritually. That’s another blog. Living alone has really forced me to pay close attention to ME. I’m really in tuned with myself, things I never paid attention to when I was raising my daughter… I guess because it was all aboutContinue reading “Flirting/BLOG”