Why did I get Married?………..PT5

I\’ve never been married, and I pray that one day God will bless me with a husband sent only from him.

I have several friends in my life whom I\’m Spiritually Connected with. Back in the day if we get into a debate or argument, I would just hang up the phone and that\’s the end of it. I will think about it and think about it, and call them and call them and probably wont sleep well until I make friends with them. Not because I wont apolize or they wont, but because we are connected spiritually and our souls wont rest until we come to peace with our situation. Its harder for me to move on, and for some reason I feel the need to make it right with them.

In a marriage, it should be that same way. When the wife is upset with her husband, or when the husband is upset with his wife, they shouldn\’t be able to do pretty much of anything, because they are not at peace with each other. If she leaves the house and goes to the store, if they are spiritually connected she will be thinking about him to and from. She/he will not use this time to \”go shopping\” or \”go see an old gurl/boyfriend\”, or \”call up his/her ex husband\”, or even go spend all the money that\’s in their joint account. This should be a renewal of the mind time. A time to focus on the situation, be ready to apolize, be ready to come to an medium and get home to his/her family. That\’s their time to spend with God or a close friend( if they visited one) who will tell them these same things.

I know people who were \”worldly connected\” with their spouse, and first sign of an debate or argument, they ran and slept with the people they wanted to sleep with all the time, but just didn\’t have the courage to do it when their marriage was at high times.

Being spiritually connected and worldly connected, will have you doing two different things. You need to decided after reading this, which is your marriage? Will you say after a heated debate…..Lord help me to mend this situation today, NOW LORD? Or did you take advantage of the situation and spent all the money shopping, called an ex, cursed him/her out to family and friends, call him/her names you normally wouldn\’t, blast him/her in front of the kids, did something you wouldn\’t normally do? ( The list can go on and on)

Take an inventory of your life, and make a choice to be Spiritually Connected to your spouse. You will be amazed at what God will do for your family.

Bear one another\’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.
Galatians 6:2 NRSV

Please……….Listen to the Love and the lyrics in this song

One Reply to “Why did I get Married?………..PT5”

  1. Heyyyyyyy Cre, (Smile)
    Back to bloggin’ it’s been 11 months for me. :~)

    I can’t wait to see the movie. I will not watch the trailer. I have TiVo so most of the time I fastfwd all commercials. I did back it up when I saw Jill Scott & Janet… I was like WHOA! U know I’m a fan of Mr. Tyler Perrys’ Productions so I, (We/My Husband and I) will be there for an EARLY, EARLY show.

    I’m going to blog about our marriage before I go see it then I’m going to blog about the movie & how we may or may not relate to it. I’m sure more than a few things will touch me as it did with ‘Diary’

    ~ T


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