My Beautiful Raisingurl/BLOG

Meet Tasia! Yess  Tasia was ONE OF MY RAISINGURLS!!! She was one of my babies when she first joined my group of teens at my home.She had just started Junior High and was one of the last group of gurls I had before I moved into my apartment. She’s doing so well and I’m soContinue reading “My Beautiful Raisingurl/BLOG”

Women do your part too/BLOG

Last night I wrote about controlling men. To the women. Do your part in the relationship to balance your man. If your man is on 10, its your job as his woman to bring the balance and make sure he gets back to 1. Its pitifully and sad to see couples, especially husbands and wivesContinue reading “Women do your part too/BLOG”

Crees Ramblings/BLOG

Hey Family!!! I’m here getting over a cold, haven’t had one in a long time, so I’m okay with it…. I guess. LOL On Mothers Day, my baby daddy ** I love saying that** sent me a message and called…. something he always does. But its so funny how long I’ve come  (((MENTALLY speaking)))  fromContinue reading “Crees Ramblings/BLOG”

Baltimore Mom/ My FB Post/ HULK/BLOG

Hey, I was having heated debates with my friends on FB about the Baltimore Mom who “snatched” her son up  because she didn’t want him out rioting. Many of them felt like “why is it news that she did that”, and that the Media had an agenda behind it, because they felt that had itContinue reading “Baltimore Mom/ My FB Post/ HULK/BLOG”

A Phone Call I Had To Make/ BLOG

  Last Monday I called my daughter’s dad and told him how much I loved the fact that he and Neisha are so  close. He has 2 kids, Neisha the oldest, and a son 15, by his now separated wife. I never thought a day would exist to see them as close as they are.Continue reading “A Phone Call I Had To Make/ BLOG”

Crees Ramblings/Relationships/RHOA

Hey, I guess in this entry I’ll do some rambling. Lets start with RHOA. I’m still stuck on Apollo and last nights episode. How the hell could he do what he did without thinking about his family and then TURN THE STORY AROUND ON PHAEDRA and accuse her of not being there for him? Do you see that typeContinue reading “Crees Ramblings/Relationships/RHOA”

You poked my heart/BLOG

This is so cute!!! I love kids so much. I think the gurls are twins. One is mean and the other is nice LOL LOL I know twins just like this. Why at the end it made me cry… awwww. (((Click the link below if it doesnt automaticly plays)))      

Home Dreaming 9/ Kitchens/BLOG

A beautiful kitchen for a woman can be equivalent to a “Man Cave”… When women look for a home, the kitchen is the first place she goes to. A kitchen is suppose to set the atmosphere appetite for the evening.

Another One of My Kids…

These last few days I’ve been thinking hard about our youth today.   I wrote yesterday on one of my students and how he’s being charged with MURDER.   Last month one of my favorite students was KILLED when he was driving a stolen jeep which turned over and threw him out of it. I was sick whenContinue reading “Another One of My Kids…”

If you are LEAD….. Please Do So (((((Blog))))) This post is from a good friend of mines. If you are lead to help her with donations for a Lawyer.. please do so.  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! Hello all!! I am currently raising funds to pay for what may be potentially two lawyers (one in Georgia and one in Illinois) toContinue reading “If you are LEAD….. Please Do So (((((Blog)))))”