@tylerperry Madea’s Family Funeral/BLOG

  Last Sunday my dad called all his kids ((4)) and told us that he wanted to take us out to dinner. Afterwards we planned to go see Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Funeral. But baaaaaaaaby after we sat ate, drank, laughed and talked, we were all ready for BED! LOL As bad as I wantedContinue reading “@tylerperry Madea’s Family Funeral/BLOG”

Dreams Do Come True! KWAY/BLOG

I’ve been watching BlameItOnKway videos ON INSTAGRAM for a while now.. FAITHFULLY. He is so funny. OMG… He is my kind of Comedian. He makes me laugh so hard, his facial expressions and the make up. PRICELESS! LOL Everyone KNOWS he loves RIHANNA. He finally got a chance to meet her. She’s been watching hisContinue reading “Dreams Do Come True! KWAY/BLOG”

Cree’s Ramblings/BLOG

Hey Family!!! I have lots to talk about tonight!! Lets jump right into it. I’m a thinker, and this is one I’ve been thinking about for a while. Years ago when I was a young gurl before the age of 14, my dad always told ME.. that I had a sister out there. She wasContinue reading “Cree’s Ramblings/BLOG”

Why You Mad?? My @tylerperry Response/BLOG

Hey Family!!!! 🙂 🙂 Tyler Perry wrote-May 27, 2015 I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, and she was explaining to me how disappointed she was in people and the things that they do and have done to her. She went on and on about how upset and heartbroken she was,Continue reading “Why You Mad?? My @tylerperry Response/BLOG”

Crees Ramblings/BLOG

Hey Family!!! I guess this will be one of my rambling blogs. Yesterday morning I got up and went to the movies. My plan was to see Get Hard with Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, then to go home. But after that was over, I decided to see Unfriended. I’m starting to think that noContinue reading “Crees Ramblings/BLOG”


I must talk about The Haves and The Have Nots!!! Tonight was FIYAH!! Tyler Perry wrote that… yeah …. he wrote that! Veronica is out cold!!! The ICE QUEEN for real. Those lil sneaky smiles had me cracking up. I knew once she didn’t answer the phone… it was a wrap for her husband. Dang….. I guess menContinue reading “The HAVES and the HAVE NOTS”

My Single Moms Club Cree’s Blog Entry

If you know me.. you know that I absolutely love and admire Tyler Perry. When it comes to his movies and plays he speaks my language. Even though this movie doesn’t come out until Friday March 14, 2014. I have a lot to say about being a single mom raising Neishia. Which leads me toContinue reading “My Single Moms Club Cree’s Blog Entry”

Rants, Vents, and Ramblings Crees Blog Entry

Hey,   I guess this would be a blog of my rants and rambling.   So Beyonce tweeted and posted on her FB page the remix Kanye did….. Drunk In Love. Its so beyond pitiful, that it makes me question the sanity of these people. Who are these people around everyday? Where are the friendsContinue reading “Rants, Vents, and Ramblings Crees Blog Entry”

David and Tamela Mann Crees Blog Entry

I’ve always been a huge fan of David and Tamela Mann the star of many of Tyler Perry plays and movies. Today they uploaded their 25th Wedding Anniversary that was actually last year!!! And it is all that I expected it to be. People will say Beyonce and J-Z is a POWER COUPLE.. Steve HarveyContinue reading “David and Tamela Mann Crees Blog Entry”

Don’t Stay Too Long…….Crees Blog Entry

In this entry…. I guess I’ll blog off the top of my head.  Its been below zero here in Detroit at night, and reaching only 0 in the day time. We had so much snow to fall in the last few days that we were snowed in my parking lot. I did go out oneContinue reading “Don’t Stay Too Long…….Crees Blog Entry”