My Vent!

Hey Family! Wow what a month!!! So, I guess this will be my “vent” blog. I know I can’t be the only one going through something like what I’m about to write about. Sometimes I dunno how to feel about how I feel. Or even if I’m “right” about feeling the way I feel. I’veContinue reading “My Vent!”

Virgo Women/BLOG

  One of my popular post here in my blog is the one I posted on VIRGO MEN. But I wanted to do something on VIRGO WOMEN and just so happens… I’m one MYSELF. I’m going to give you a BALANCED post by sharing in each paragraph the beautiful and the ugly about us VIRGOS.Continue reading “Virgo Women/BLOG”

Women Let’s Come To A Place/BLOG

((( My friends TC, Kema & MG))) I’m always thinking about the relationships between women, and how we can communication without being offended all of the time. I use to be a person of constant confusion. Always the one arguing and debating with someone out of the group. When I debated I went hard, nonContinue reading “Women Let’s Come To A Place/BLOG”

My Virgo Sister @demimckinney RHOA/BLOG

First question? Why are we so nice? What is it about us that makes us care free, friendly and sweet? And I ask this question because people can see it on our faces. Most of us don’t have attitudes… we have to be pushed to that limit. Now, don’t get me wrong or mixed up.Continue reading “My Virgo Sister @demimckinney RHOA/BLOG”

A little talk with God/BLOG

Hey, Just finish having a talk with God. Last year this time, I was about to get a phone call that our job had been eliminated. The day before Thanksgiving. Wow. Thinking about how God makes me laugh because of the things I asked him for are coming to pass. Its so funny because you haveContinue reading “A little talk with God/BLOG”

I’m feeling him………..

Have you met someone and they just do it for you? You don’t even want or need to meet anyone else. This guy.. been knowing him for a while. I never really paid any attention to him… I dunno why. But now…..   When I look into his eyes… I promise I get weak. TheContinue reading “I’m feeling him………..”

He Had All the CLUES of a …… (((((BLOG)))))

Hey, Yall know I always have a story to tell. LOL Sometimes I feel that words are on my forehead saying… I’m a writer come talk to me and give me a great story to share with my bloggers. LOL As I was sitting along the beautiful River Walk on the Detroit River a fewContinue reading “He Had All the CLUES of a …… (((((BLOG)))))”

21 Day- May Challenge ….. Oh Boy ( Blog )

Hey Yall!   On May 7, I started this  “May 21 day Challenge” with a group of women online. So far so good. I had to chose from a list of things what I can take away for 21 days. Mines is NO POP, NO COOKIES, NO CANDY, NO CHOCOLATE, NO ICE CREAM, NO FAST/FOODContinue reading “21 Day- May Challenge ….. Oh Boy ( Blog )”