Ummmm cuse meeeeeeeeeee! /BLOG

When it comes to business I have to really be on my game. Sometimes you can appear friendly, too friendly, not aggressive on the surface but when it comes to business I am a beast and I know it. In business you have to always  discuss facts and stay on the point. Because once youContinue reading “Ummmm cuse meeeeeeeeeee! /BLOG”

Eye Laser Surgery/A Wedding/BLOG

Hey Family!!! Whew what a ride these last few weeks has been.. BUT GOD!!! UM UM UM….. baby.. where and what would I be without him? Wow. I Had to have EYE LASER  surgery YESTERDAY JUNE 2, 2015 on my right eye because of hemorrhaging. I was so nervous the night before. Thinking about everything.Continue reading “Eye Laser Surgery/A Wedding/BLOG”

Why I Say I AM La’Crease/BLOG

Hey Family! 🙂 In today’s Blog entry I want to explain why at the end of my post I write, I AM La’Crease and I don’t have to do anything else. After thinking about it  deeply, well…… read it for yourself. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a person that’s veryContinue reading “Why I Say I AM La’Crease/BLOG”


Hello Family 🙂 Today I was laying in the bed thinking about how God works in my life. Its so unreal, makes me smile and LAUGH at the same time. When I was 19, I was so in LOVE with my daughter’s father. God told me that I LOVED that man, more than I LOVEDContinue reading “GOD Chose MEEEEEEEEEE…. CREEEEE?/BLOG”

A Phone Call I Had To Make/ BLOG

  Last Monday I called my daughter’s dad and told him how much I loved the fact that he and Neisha are so  close. He has 2 kids, Neisha the oldest, and a son 15, by his now separated wife. I never thought a day would exist to see them as close as they are.Continue reading “A Phone Call I Had To Make/ BLOG”


(Continued) #FIFTYSHADES  I realized what he was doing…..he was interviewing. I thought to myself…. “I know dayum well he aint the one doing the interviewing.” Now… I’m staring at him. He’s so dayum fine …he catches my eye. I found it hard to turn away. I was nervous. I can’t be interviewed by him because I know me…Continue reading “#FIFTY SHADES/ FIFTY SHADES OF GREY/ PART 2 OF MY STORY/BLOG”


  FINALLY a movie that explores ME.  The kind of movie that my MIND and BODY craves. I’m a mind exploring -sexual person this is the perfect movie for my appetite.   Chemistry, Romance, Body Language, Mind Games, Way with words. Take MEEEEEEEEEEEEE 🙂 lol lol When the books first came out, I didn’t read it at all. Wasn’t interested,Continue reading “#FIFTYSHADES/ FIFTY SHADES OF GREY/BLOG”


I was talking to a friend last night, and our phone call conversation trigger several thoughts about being OUTSPOKEN at the wrong time. This is a subject that’s very serious to me, and I speak in COMPLETE BOLDNESS when it comes to it. I touched on this in the last blog entry…. but this one..Continue reading “Being OUTSPOKEN… A WRONG AND RIGHT TIME/BLOG”

Dear Husband/BLOG

Dear Husband, Where are you? LOL Its getting hard holding it down baby. I’m meeting a lot of guys… but nothing serious.. So I guess… you’re still in the running. LOL You know I remember years ago asking God for you, but I clearly see that I wasn’t ready.  I’m learning so much about myself…. its crazy. I would haveContinue reading “Dear Husband/BLOG”

He Had All the CLUES of a …… (((((BLOG)))))

Hey, Yall know I always have a story to tell. LOL Sometimes I feel that words are on my forehead saying… I’m a writer come talk to me and give me a great story to share with my bloggers. LOL As I was sitting along the beautiful River Walk on the Detroit River a fewContinue reading “He Had All the CLUES of a …… (((((BLOG)))))”