#Married at First Site/BLOG

MAFS David and Ashley

I just finished watching “Married at First Site”, and I must say its a pretty interesting show. I’ve been watching the show since the first season (( now in the third)). I noticed that all of the women are a bit standoffish. One is attracted to her husband, while the other two women aren’t. I kinda feel bad for the husbands because we women can put up a defense that’s strong enough to make a man agree to live on the streets than to live with us. LOL

I also noticed that the men are willing to “work it out” but if given a chance, the women would pack up leave…. and never look back! I know this, because I can see it in their eyes, and hear it in their conversations. Women can build a wall so tough… just looking at it on TV makes me wonder…. how have I acted in the past?

Let me share something else I learned. I see that in marriage, these men have lots of patience for these women. Seems like the more disconnected the woman is, it makes it that much easier for the man to want to work it out. One of the women told her husband how unattracted she was to him. But when he spoke up for himself in another conversation AFTER THAT, she seemed turned on and felt connected to him. That was so weird to me. LOL But we women are like that!!! Wow.

MAFS Vanessa and Tres

In this experiment the men tend to take marriage more serious as far as getting to know each other  more so than the women. Now had they just met and NOT married, the women would share all kinds of things about themselves. LOL But these men would be in what we call the” friend zone”. That’s a zone where we as women can be/feel safe without getting hurt at all. We can share all kinds of things in this “friend zone”. For example… what time we were born, what we did at age 5, what age we first had sex, we’ll even share the details of our last relationship and how the man was either great or a loser. But by being MARRIED WOMEN.. .they arent sharing JACK! LOL  That’s because this is it. This is MARRIAGE.

MAFS Sam Neil

This experiment showed me that in the dating process, a woman can find out that the man was an ex sex offender, mentally abusive, and a stalker 3 years ago,  ESPECIALLY if she’s already INVESTED 7 months into him.. and realize she LIKES/LOVES him. She’ll ((some not all)) stay with this man knowing his past. But IN THIS EXPERIMENT where they meet the day they are to be married, and she finds this out an hour later… SHE’LL WANT A DIVORCE… ON SPOT! LOL Wow!

I would love to see these women relax and enjoy the moment. Get to know their husbands, stop being so standoffish. Enjoy LOVE! Because in the end I believe these (( or a few)) of them will work!




Eye Laser Surgery/A Wedding/BLOG


Hey Family!!!

Whew what a ride these last few weeks has been.. BUT GOD!!! UM UM UM….. baby.. where and what would I be without him? Wow.

I Had to have EYE LASER  surgery YESTERDAY JUNE 2, 2015 on my right eye because of hemorrhaging. I was so nervous the night before. Thinking about everything. Wondering if they’re going to make a mistake and laser my eye ball, stick the laser to far in my eye, wondering if I’m going to be cross sided. Wondering if the stuff they use to numb my eye was going to work. Wondering if the stuff do work, will it ever wear off. I asked so many questions, they probably wanted to put me out. LOL LOL LOL But when I got there, they said it was going to take 10 mins and it wasn’t going to hurt at all. LOL Man, I was tripping and it wasn’t even  serious. They said that my vision is very good in both eyes. And that’s the truth because I can see so far, and read the smallest letters and numbers that its spooky. I can see so good.I went to work last night, my boss was like.. “Why are you here?” I worked 4 hours and left at 2am. I’m glad I did because after the surgery, I came home and couldn’t sleep at all, thinking what If I wake up BLIND?…. Stupid stuff. LOL

I did sleep until 8 am this morning, got up ,picked up my parents and ran them around to pay bills and to the grocery store. I love being with them. They’re so funny together especially when they have lil debates…. Oh they have me rolling!!!

I’ve been asked to be my friends Wedding Coordinator! We had a meeting this past Monday and it was a great one. I got to ask a lot of questions to see just where we are mentally. I love planning parties, trips and gatherings. This is only my second wedding, I really need the experience. I plan to do this on the side, maybe even have my own business. I love catering and making people feel special and worry free. I’ll take care of whatever needs to be done. Her Maid of Honor happens to be one of my BFF, this gurl is THE TRUTH at color coordinating, details, and resources. We are a great team together, so good to work with my gurl Gloria on this project for our BRIDE.

The internet helps me out so much, because I am a Coordinator in training. I’m a BEAST in communicating. I will call you in a NY minute on something. And what makes me soooo good, is the fact that I COMMUNICATE WITH LOVE IN MY VOICE… I can be VERY DIRECT, to the point and sometimes aggressive in getting my point across. But its all in LOVE and KNOWLEDGE. I’m really excited to be apart of my BRIDES BIG DAY!!! I told her that I’m here to make sure that everything runs smoothly for her. I know she’ll have some worry about things, but I will be there every step of the way!!! I’m hitting the TREADMILL TONIGHT!!! 🙂

I AM La’Crease (( I don’t have to do anything else))

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