Today was a GREAT DAY….Crees Blog Entry

Today was a GREAT DAY. Me and my Best Friend finally found a day to spend together. We both work and so today was the day that we went to dinner and a movie.

I LOVE my Best Friend because she is so WISE. GOODNESS, I promise, we always end up on the same page in our lives. And even though she is married, she still finds time to spend with me. I love how she talks about God, and how she prays and we’ll sit and watch it come to pass. She says this about me, so imagine us together. POWER HOUSES!!! LOL Have you ever had a friend that listens to you, and helps you, and prays for you, and is the same person everyday? We’ve been friends for over 20 years. WE ARE BLESSED!!!!!

She’s a woman who loves her HUSBAND so dearly, she teaches me some things about marriage, and I don’t even have a boyfriend. LOL But I love to listen to her, because she gives good advice, and she TELLS ME WHEN IM WRONG. And as sweet as I am…… I’m a tough cookie, who loves to act like “my feelings hurt” and LOVES TO PLAY DUMB. LOL She doesn’t go for that. She knows me well and see through me. LOL LOL I know I’m a hand full, and its going to take a TOUGH MAN TO DEAL WITH ME!!! A VERY TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH ONE * IN LOVE* TO HANDLE CREE. LOL I LOVE MY BFF CHARLENE.

I’m just sitting here at the computer reading emails that made me smile. Things I had forgotten. Things I want/gonna do. Its going to happen for me soon, I can’t wait to get started. Let me not go too deep. Anyway….. I had a wonderful time today with Char, we talk and text all day, but its nothing like being face to face sharing God, and sharing the things that matter in our lives.

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Life Changing

Just got off the phone with my Best Friend Charlene. I promise I love her.


 She can Minister to me and I get off the phone feeling like a new person. Weve been best friends for 21 years, been through so much together. She’s happily married to her childhood sweetheart  of 13 years, who she calls ” LaCrease Walker the II”. LOL He’s a Virgo like me and she says we are so much alike it makes her SICK sometimes. Hehe. I’m so proud of them, and how God is working in their lives. Their Testimony is something awesome. And I’m her prove that everything she wanted, she ask God for and GOT!!! My hand is raised, because I watched God do it for them. They are truly blessed. I can listen to her all day. I can be hard-headed some times, and I need people in my life that are gonna “get with me”. I need that. I get plenty whoppings by God, and I appreciate them. He always sends people to me that are always on key and point on whats going on in my life.



 Every since God sent this one person in my life to Minister to me last month ( May), my life just changed. I mean really changed. I see myself in a different light for some reason. I’m seeing things in people who I never paid any attention too. I’m more in touch with God, and it’s always something he’s teaching me. All I can say right now, is my life has changed.


I got up this morning on my day off, and went down to the Detroit River. I enjoy going there to clear my head. I have too, it gives me piece of mind. I need it.


 I’m on my way to bed, back to work tomorrow. Good Night!