Hey yahoo Family,

What advice do you have for a 38 year old God fearing Christian woman as myself, who does not have a special someone? I met this guy yesterday he\’s nice looking too, own his own business. But there is one problem. he\’s shorter than me, and he\’s about 100 years old.

Why does it seem as if Im running into men that I am not attracted too? And the ones I do like, they are like octopuses, and wont keep their hands off me.

What advice would you have for me?

Where is my husband?

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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  1. OMG! That sounds like my ex! Run for the hills and don’t look back! LOLOL

    I’m Just Joking. I’ve been on this particular road before…7 years as a matter of fact. I
    will say that a lot of good things come in small packages but pay attention to the mindset. It’s my experience, and don’t have to be everybody’s…I said MY EXPERIENCE..that the mind goes to the rocking chair much faster than the rest of the package. If he’s interested in a friend/lover/companion than I would say it’s ok but make sure he’s not looking for a daughter. In my case, he tried to have all of the above and that was a major conflict. In any event, go on and enjoy yourself, just keep all 3 eyes open.


  2. i’d say love comes in all shapes, sizes , and colors. open your heart , mind, and soul to possibilities. and listen to God first and foremost!


  3. Well my advice is wait on GOD but you already know that. He know what you want and he will give you desire of your heart. I personally dont care what a man looks like anymore I had my baby and aint having no more so looks are not important .. I mean we aint making no babies.. look at the heart Cre.. (but not the 100yr old man maybe the next one) lol


  4. I know this is going to sound so… Cliché-ish (And, I know this is not a word :o)
    But, Don’t go looking & don’t make yourself look like you want to be found.
    [If that makes any sense] Go about your normal activities doing things you enjoy, discover new things get out of the freakin’ house—- I know you’re on that computer like a second job. I don’t mean go out to clubs & etc. because, I know you don’t go out like that. But, you know find new things to do. Most importantly, if there are a few loose ends you need to tie up make sure everything is secure as far as what’s going on with you and that means, everything about you.

    I’m not saying you’re not ‘all together’ I’m saying I wasn’t totally together… But, I was in the process… and love moved in on me. I fell in love with myself. I made sure I was a good woman to myself; Spiritually, Financially, Emotionally and Physically. Started gaining a higher education on top of all of that and before I completed all of my goals… Close but not totally…. Someone else found ‘good things in me’ & introduced me to one of their good friends.

    Be a good woman to yourself, love will find you & bring someone along that deserves you. I couldn’t believe it when it happened & he was not ‘my type’ as far as looks… but everything checked off on my list of must be/should not/must have/ I did not compromise or settle on what was important to me (this time) & its working… Remember you can’t pray for ½ of a man… You gotta’ give a detailed description (I don’t mean by looks) cuz, U can pray for a tall man and he can be in a wheel-chair. Just saying ‘husband’ is not being very clear… So when you do pray… Pray for what kind of person you really want to share your life & family with.

    ~ T


  5. Ain’t nothin’ wrong wit’ a man a hunnet’ years old…
    If he’s got more than just a lil’ change… Make sure that will has your name as the
    full/only/sole- beneficiary.

    You’ll be alright when he decides to take a dirt nap.

    ((Just kiddin’——–Jus’ kiddin—Jus’ kiddin’))

    ~ T


  6. …for those of us that keep stickin’ love in the pre-packaged box of a FINE WOMAN or FINE MAN, we’re gonna die alone…

    I had to get outta that mindset…just food for thought…


  7. hi…i wish i could help you…but the turth be told…i am still look-n myself.. maybe..just maybe…we should stop look-n and let him find us.. he may be sitting right next to you but we can not see him for looking


  8. You know thats what I love about Yahoo 360 people here tell you the truth. I read every post and I “so get it” I got food from every “table” person who commented. Wow. Im just going to continue living my life, praying, and I will be available when he finds me.
    Thanks so much family!


    Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy


  9. Cre – you know he knows when the time is right, and only in his time will you be found!

    Food for thought:
    Stop telling God how big your storm is. Instead, tell your storm how big your God is!

    He will find you, or you will be able to spot him out of a crowd of 4,000 people when God is ready – be patient big sister – I love you!


  10. OOps – that’s a turtle running fast as ever getting away from something – must mean you trying to get away from the hundred year old man – ROFLOLLLLLLLL!


  11. he is nice…but…he is good…but…he owns a business…but…I like him but….he is too short…but….Do you see a pattern here? If he is the right man for you then superficial things like his hieght and age should make no difference at all. Worry more about the content of a mans character than the outer trappings and you will find the right one for you.


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