God Told Me That I Was Getting In The Way With My Foolishness- PT 2/BLOG


The following year, my daughter entered High School. She had a good 4 years, graduated, then decided that she would take a year off from school. That didn’t sit well with me at all. I wanted her to go straight to college because I know sometimes when kids take a year off, its hard to get back into the grove. But my baby was determined to go to college. She told me that she was tired, and that she really needed that time off.  I respect that, she broke it down and I got it. I didn’t want her to start a job either, because I KNEW that if she started working, it was a chance that she would get use to the money and never start college. That was happening to so many kids at the time. I made sure she didn’t need for anything.

Often times Nesha  and I would talk about that night God told me that I was getting in the way with my foolishness of who she was going to be. I was very conscience of everything I did, said, and exposed her to.  As I’m watching her grow up, I’m watching GOD work in her life. I’m watching every step of the way with excitement in my heart… asking just what is HE using my baby for? We both wanted to see where God was leading her, and sometimes its not what WE  have in PLAN.

On her way to an Event for her job

nita 4

She traveled in the summer with her dad, and when Fall came around she was ready for College. She wanted to become a Lawyer, so she went to school, did 4 years, and received her Bachelors in Criminal Justice. In her last year she went to work for the 36 District Courts here in Detroit where she worked in Forfeiture. She wanted to learn as much as she  could, so she sat with Judges, Criminal Prosecutors, and Defense Lawyers.  She also sat in the court room for every hearing of our former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.  It was a joy to see her on TV everyday.  Knowing in my heart how she felt about being in the presence of a court room and getting a feel of what she wanted to do. She was so well liked and known around the building for her ambition to learn. Several Judges wanted her to leave her department to work for them. She did. But as time passed, she started seeing in the court room how things were done and had a burning desire to help Women, Seniors and Children. She felt as if her need was elsewhere at that time, other than in the court room.

During that time, she helped me to put together The Feeding The Homeless Projects, and also my Youth Group Raisingurls To Women in my home. She enjoyed it and was a big help, more than I could ever explain.

She would always say Momma, I’ll go back to school later to become a Lawyer, but  right now I want to work with Youth and Family Services. I said baby…. this is YOUR LIFE…. you do what you are LEAD to do. She said I just dont want you to be disappointed. I told her NEVER THAT…. I’m just watching God do his work in you, I have raised you, you’re an adult now, you have your own relationship with God, you do what you want to do in life. With my Blessings (( in her heart)) she started working for a Non-Profit Organization. And when I tell you this gurl is doing her thing. I don’t have enough time to share it all. She went right in (( first job)) in 2012 worked her behind off, that THE CEO made her DIRECTOR OF FAMILY GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT !  Yess!!!!  She’s the Supervisor of 6 Clinicians . And I’m looking at God like…… Are you serious? You’re having me to witness all of this? And I’m so happy that he allowed me to share with her that night at 12 years old, that it was all about her. My foolishness had to end, so that I could focus on her, and raise her up, so that she could be used by him. What JOY I FEEL AS I WRITE THIS. THANK YOU JESUS, THANK YOU LORD.

Photo of her at 4 years old


I don’t get a chance to see her work in person, and I have to make her tell me stories about what she does. She believes in helping others and not so much talking about it. But for me, its about seeing what God was talking about. Thanking him for getting me together so that I could raise her properly. So she shares some. But last week, I got to see for myself. We had planned to do a little shopping and get something to eat after she was done at work. She told me to pick her up at 5:00 but someone called and needed food and personal items because she didn’t have anything to feed her son. I told her that I would be there EARLY anyway (( I wanted to see the person)), the young lady jumped out of the passenger side of the truck and ran in the building. My daughter hand her this huge box full of food and items. It made me cry. This lady hugged my daughter so tight and kept Thanking her. I sat in the car saying to myself God, this is what you were telling me? Seeing my daughter help someone who had NO FOOD FOR HER SON… just did something to me. I thought my daughter would be putting criminals in jail, she’s putting food on the table for those we are in need. It made me cry, seeing this in person. She was just 12 years old, here she is 30 and I’m just in awe of God.


This week she started school again!!!! She wants to go higher in her field. She wants to be a Therapist, its funny because they say Criminal Justice cross paths with it, so now to her it make sense why she switched off from wanting to be a Lawyer. Her boss told her, go to school….. bring me the bill! Wow amazing!  

When I tell you my daughter takes care of me…… it brings tears to my eyes. The gifts, the thoughts, the appreciation is over whelming sometimes. Because all I wanted was for her do what SHE wanted to do, and for me to see WHAT IS ALL THIS GOD WAS TALKING ABOUT. I SEE IT FOR MYSELF… Never in a million years when I did my Feeding The Homeless Projects  that she was watching in the background. Never knew that what she was helping me with… SHE RUNS AND DIRECTS. Below is her being honored here in Detroit by city officials, and other members and staff personal all over the city. It blew my mind to hear all of these kind words, and to REMEMBER WHAT GOD REVEALED TO ME THAT NIGHT!  And there is so much to come, and if The Lord say the same.. He’ll let me be here to SEE IT! AMEN!

ALSO, A Happy Happy Birthday to HER today (( 31)) September 3.. and I turned 50 TODAY AS WELL!

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My Town & Country……..gone Crees Blog Entry

my baby
So, my van was found Thursday afternoon by the Detroit Police Department. I went to see it yesterday the damage was bad, they tore it up.
2002 creasy
When I first bought this van it was so clean it looked brand new. These clowns ripped the second and third row seats out to do their dirty work. My windshield was busted, they hit something and tore off the whole front bumper. The battery was hissing, and front passenger door opens not even half way. The hood wont close, the ignition was tore up and it was so dirty in the inside. The Spirit was gone away from my baby. I LOVED that Town & Country. I prayed and prayed and prayed for years and years and years for God to give me one. And I finally got it. It never gave me any problems, I drove it to Atlanta and back, plus around the city for a year before some GOONS came into my apartment complex and stole it. I’m just so outdone by this. Exactly two days later I got the call I’ve been waiting for… a job at Detroit Public Schools. All I could say at that time is GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS? I’m glad I was honest to them about my situation, so hopefully soon I can come up with something, so that I can start back working. I’ve never had this to happen to me before, its a feeling of being raped. I couldn’t even sit in my van or even touch it. This is just so sad for me.
In my mind, I was making all kinds of “movies” about what I could do to those GOONS. This morning when I woke up, those thoughts were the first thing on my mind. Then I thought to myself… LaCrease you can really be mean. Find a way to get rid of the anger. I am still very upset and angry at these guys. I thought I had forgiven them, until I went to see the damage they did to a van that had NO ISSUES.
Another thing I keep thinking about is this: Job 2:6 6 The Lord said to Satan, “Very well, then, he is in your hands; but you must spare his life.”
The reason why I kept thinking about that was because for a year and 9 months, I’ve been catching it, and that Scripture reminds me that everything Job went though.. it had to pass through the DESK OF GOD FOR APPROVAL. God knew everything Job was going through before he went through it… and he passed. This is why no matter what…… I have to stay strong and know my help is on the way.
Be Blessed!
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

MY FAITH IN GOD …….. Crees Blog Entry


Sometimes when you’re going through something, its okay to share. I have been so distant to my family and friends. I hate when I get like this. But I’m just a person who has to get in the presence of the Lord . But when I opened my mind to allow encouragement, its not bad. I don’t want to be prideful. Its okay to need help, its okay LaCrease to need to be uplifted and encouraged. I seem to always want to do the encouraging, but this time its me. Here is my FB post from yesterday.

Went out to my Van this morning… and it was GONE. I promise my Faith is being tested. MY FAITH IN GOD IS OUT OF THIS WORLD…NO CAR, NO JOB. I’m so numb right now to everything that has happened to me in the last year and a half. At the same time… I still feel like I CAN HANDLE MORE PAIN… Its so much.. I can’t even write it. Can’t even tell it, cant even explain it, can’t even think it, cant even talk about it. I’m not even mad… cause if you know ME.. you know I’m not the one to be GEEKED ON “stuff”. I just don’t know whats behind this. I LOVE GOD so much. I want him to always show up in my smile, personality, love for others, love for strangers.. NO MATTER WHAT IM GOING THOUGH. As many crying spells I had today…. I can’t wait to see what God has for me on the other side of this pain. Watch with me everybody  Okay?
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  • S Atiya Simm Wil Awww zee! Praying for blessings to come ur way! Thank u for sharing that. Its always something but dont let this get u down! Reinvent yourself. Try something new. You can do it!!!!!
  • Veronica Herron When you think you’re down to nothing.God is up to something.you’re close to a break thru just keep your faith.
  • Lacrease Walker just now got this email from my baby Nesha Hi Mommie!I love you! Like I love you very very veryyyyyyyyyyyy much!I just really wanted you to know how much you mean to me. And How you are ALWAYS there for me when I am going through something. Sometimes God moves us because we are so comfortable with the routine that we are in. We need to understand that He is always in control, NOT our daily routines, rituals, calendars, or appointments that we make to “stay in control”.

    He is. So! With that being said, I’m okay with this change, and I hope you are too J (I can tell that you are.) It’s a learning experience for everyone that we came in contact with today. I don’t know about you, but im inspired to CONTINUE to service the public and do what I’m supposed to do. Keep being nice! I believe that we are on the right track. I’m not even mad at the person who HAS the car. LOL I can care less about them fools. But I am still thinking about them officers was acting. I just can never understand how people want to be in the career of PUBLIC SERVICE, but is the exact opposite of the JOB DESCRIPTION! I don’t get it! Lol.

    Anyway doe *Kat Stacks Voice* We are going to be fine. Lol I been to the mountain top!

    Loll But baaaaaby Mark your calendar because we are taking a trip to ATLANTA. I wanted to go somewhere for our BDAY but the days are stupid lol just looked at the calendar.

    I want to book our flights soon. Maybe in April? That way WE will definitely make a super effort to go! Don’t worry about hotel, money, or flight. ALL you got to do it plan the thing about where we will stay and what not.

    Ok I love you! Plan the trip! Im serious! I want to go away for our BDay! We never did that before! Let’s do 4-5 days. Let’s GO!

    Ok Love you babes! Talk to you after the show goes off to talk about how we liked it.

  • S Atiya Simm Wil Tears******
  • DivineOrder IsPrecious Ooh baby. .praying for you…stand on his word and promises. ..wrap in the faith knowing that when God shows up he shows out ..so praise him in advance cree…He is leaning in your direction. ..
  • Tpurple Sweettee Hughes So sorry to hear that. I know your faith is strong. Praying for you.
  • Cedes Weekes I’m a witness to the glory of God in your life!! Well done in your service to Him…. Especially with Raisin Girls!
  • Monica Cakes This to shall pass! !!
  • Lacrease Walker * tears* thanks for the prayers everyone
  • Sherry Hunt Wow. This bring me back to when we had that long talk that night about going through and Him using things to get our attention and to make us depend solely on Him. I cannot wait to see twin. I’m excited for what’s in store for you. Shouting hallelujah already and praying. I love you twin.
  • Diane Jones pray for me too, cause my faith has truly been tested i just don’t get it.
  • Patricia Thompson Cree he is in control he got you your faith is tested this is your season praise God for your victory shout to the king I claim your Victory you have the strength ypu have the faith no weapon can form let that go because God had something BIGGER AND BETTER love you like a Sister
  • Lisa Edwards Awwww this is sad yet beautiful at the same time! Keep ur faith cuz! Better is coming! I’ve been telling myself the same thing!
  • Margret Malone People that dont have always bother thing’s of others…TRUST what the got u will get back BIGGER and BETTER,in JESUE name….AMEN:)
  • Joann Greer Remember JOB. We serve the Great I Am. To God Be The Glory. CALL ME
  • Tarianna McCain Got to love your baby to pieces huh zee…beautiful…great job
  • Tairra Green im sry tht happend to u
  • Brenda Gonebeall White N YOU KNOW THIS MAN!!! HOLD ON CHANGE IS COMING!!! BELIEVE THAT @ 6:00!!!! LOL
  • MrsEducated Madison smh….I can’t stand thieves!
  • Renee Bates (((Hugs))))God got a plane with you in mind……keep the faith,hold on…..God speed……sweet love……
  • Mike Walker I am so sorry Cuz ((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))
  • Michelle Hicks-Stokes Smh, that’s sad! But what’s even more sad is the person who violated you. Karma……
  • Julie Shar What happened one day you were back working with me then you were gone?? Hope everything works out for you soon!!
  • Linda Cooperwood God has something better for you in his time.
  • Linda Cooperwood Be encouraged Cre in spite of.
  • Faye Cooper God is lifting you higher and higher anyway my niece love you
  • Tracy Bush WOW WOW WOW!!!!!
  • Lajuana Paige Stay strong and keep your faith, and I’m always a phone call away if you need me boo
  • Debra Iverson May God send his angels from every direction to lift you up. God bless I’m sending hugs!! 😇
  • Makenitdowhatitdo MsGreen OMG!!! It’s gonna be alright, they won’t get far what goes around comes around (((HUGS)))
  • Anderson Woodard Jr. Sorry cuz but like you said he got better plans for you yes he do
  • Jacquetta Harrison I hate that this happened to you but you already know it’s a setup for something wonderful….
  • Rose Hicks A Setback is a setup for a comeback. I hope I said this right. It’s what Bishop Vann tell us all the time and I receive it everytime he says it.
  • Rose Hicks Lacrease, I have been blessed tremendously and if He did it for me He will do it for you. I felt your faith in what you said and it’s showing you that your help is on the way. Stay strong as you are and things are going to work out in your favor. Love you.
  • Tiffany Walker I will keep you in my prayers Cuz. God will pull you through your challenges.
  • Tearsa TearSa TearSa So… I’m feeling horrible & I read this…
    My Creeeeeee’…See More
  • Valerie D Stewart awww my prayers are with you sis! God loves you and so do I
  • Burks Sonjakeepnitmoving And her child/children shall called her bless I know your gonna get double back im rejoicing at the fact that your nit upset and still willing to give but im REALLY shouting about the mini you in neisha she’s awesome now plan the trip.
  • Ena Mckee Prayers going up prosperity
  • Tania Barnes-Patterson Cree… a lot of people don’t know but 2 years ago I was where you are, even worse. Not only without a job, car, etc, I was homeless as well. Literally! My husband and I lost EVERYTHING! We went from having a 4 bdrm, 2 bath, 3000+ square foot home…See More
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  • Lacrease Walker Thank you for sharing your Testimony Tania Barnes-Patterson I really needed to hear PATIENCE and FAITH. So much I can say… but Thank you so much Sis
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  • Tania Barnes-Patterson Oh honey… it’s way more intense and real… but GOD is GOOD! Love you girl…
  • Lacrease Walker I can imagine… mannnn Im holding on.. I love you too Tania Barnes-Patterson
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  • Shanecia Croxton Im very sorry to hear this!!! Furthermore I wish I could help you. The best way I can help you now is banding together with the rest of your friends and family in prayer. You’ve done such great things to help countless others with that van and I know t…See More
  • Sandra Williams Holy Spirit, You were given to us as a special gift personally from Jesus. You know all things and the word of Yahweh our Elohim says that He will never put on us more than we can bear. The Mighty and Powerful never failing Word also states that Elohi…See More
  • Donna Taylor Bless it be to God
  • Latrice Sherrod Keep your head up sis. It’s a test but a test that you will surely pass. Count it all joy. Ain’t no need to worry  love ya. Be blessed.
  • Chae LS Shockley God has plans for you! keep your faith! Amen
  • Kema Poochie Nance Ohhhhh no way..So sorry your going your going throw all this..your AB family is here for u
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  • LaShondra Rias y didnt u call me, I kno it wasnt on ur mind so sorry to hear this Cree but keep ur head up maybe this setback is just setting u up for something better
  • Myra Bee Doingbetterthenyou sorry Crease it’s cold to b w/o a car.. so so sorry
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  • Rasheen GottagivumGlory Williams It’s not in vain sis ….Hold fast and keep the faith…..HE will show out afterwhile!!!!!! Yes I said SHOW OUT because He’s already there!!! Even in the Midst of your trials you still chose to give him GLORY and someone else is WORST off than you are and they will read your post and it will give them the courage and strength to HOLD ON….Hold on it’s not what it seems!!!!
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  • Lacrease Walker YES YES YESSSS
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  • MzLela P Tucker OMG how awful Cree but everything will work out babe just keep the faith battles are only given to the strongest soldiers you will come out polished trust cause you are a diamond
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  • Jennifer Pelton Every time you declare God’s goodness when the enemy has just tried to knock you down I think it sucker punches the devil to the ground and has to deflate his pride just a little. It robs the enemy of the satisfaction that he wants by coming against yo…See More
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  • Lacrease Walker OOOO weee Amen!!!!
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  • Phyllis Ann Evans Speak gurl! God’s plan is the best plan. Can’t wait for the praise report! Watch Him do a new thing. His love is so amazing.
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  • Deborah Golden GOD has a reason for allowing things to happen we may never understand His Wisdom but we simply have to TRUST HIS WILL…..
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  • Lacrease Walker
    Tearsa TearSa TearSa So… I’m feeling horrible & I read this…
    My Creeeeeee’
    ((TIGHT HUG))
    YOU AREEEEE MY CRE’ A WOMAN OF GOD! I’m sending a private msg. later. Right now I’m going to sleep I’ve read enough to make ME feel better… I’m back in my head. You’re a blessing even through YOUR STRUGGLES. I Love You Babe!!!! I Know Things Are Getting Better For You… I’m going to *watch* just like you said because I knowwwwww you’re going to have a testimony that will have me screaming for you.
    Tania Barnes-Patterson Cree… a lot of people don’t know but 2 years ago I was where you are, even worse. Not only without a job, car, etc, I was homeless as well. Literally! My husband and I lost EVERYTHING! We went from having a 4 bdrm, 2 bath, 3000+ square foot home with an in ground pool, to sitting in the dark, in January’s cold with no lights, gas, or water, no jobs, car repoed and an eviction notice right next to me with nowhere to go, and to top that off, was sick with the flu from hell and no medicines but… still clinging to my faith. CLANGIN’!!! So, trust me when I say, “BEEN THERE”! But I MUST tell you, there’s a blessing in the storm. He has restored at least 90% of it all so far and still working. Storms cause damage and destruction… but do you know what happens after it’s finished it’s destruction? The rebuilding of better things… New beginnings! God has a plan. Jeremiah 29:11…. ooh baby and it’s a GOOD ONE. Trust me on this one! I just hear PATIENCE! Activate every ounce of patience and faith you can muster up and hold on tight… for dear life… it’s about to be on and popping! Watch God work. Dig into the Word…pray without ceasing but most of all just believe. ..We need to talk. He loves you so much. HOLD ON!
    • Shanecia Croxton Im very sorry to hear this!!! Furthermore I wish I could help you. The best way I can help you now is banding together with the rest of your friends and family in prayer. You’ve done such great things to help countless others with that van and I know that God has plans for you; I feel it!! You have a beautiful family and network; utilize it and wait for Gods work. If there is anything I’m able to do, I will. Love you Lacrease Walkerand I love your love for God and his works!!! I will be waiting for the following posts as u share your blessings with us.
    • Sandra Williams Holy Spirit, You were given to us as a special gift personally from Jesus. You know all things and the word of Yahweh our Elohim says that He will never put on us more than we can bear. The Mighty and Powerful never failing Word also states that Elohim is our Battle Ax in the time of trouble. Now, in the life of my dear sister Cree may God arise and her enemies be scattered! In the Name of Jesus and by His delivering Blood, we demand that everything the devil has stolen from her be returned 100 fold. Right now in the Mighty Name if Yeshuah Mesiah may the warring and ministering Angels of the Lord go forth in battle on her behalf and reveal every hidden thing and return to her all that Is hers NOW in Jesus’ Name. Let the thief be located and peace be the portion of Cree in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
      It’s hard to rest when your heart is heavy. So I’m praying that God floods your heart with peace in the midst of your pain. Don’t let what you’re going through take your life. There’s so much more to you than what’s trying to break you. You’re special and we need you. Keep praying, keep fighting, keep living! #RehabTime
      • TasteMii Rainbow Wright I love you Momma! I’m here if u ever need me! God DEFINITELY has a plan 4 u!  Smile…He wont let u down!
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      • Sheena West OOOO! I love you sooo much honey! I want you to know that the devil attacks us when we are at our best. When you serving others, loving on people, when you walking talk in the glory of God, and when you start living for others and not youself. I love you. You are a warrior in christ and all his followers are in a battle, but the beauty of it all is the war is already won. Remember that the devil only has lies as his weapon, and in a battle he will bring up things from your passed to stop you. He will bring up things that Jesus has chosen to forget. Don’t let him tell you what you already know. everything has been covered by the blood and jesus loves and accepts how you are. No matter what the devil throws your way always remember that jesus is with you for he never forsakes us. His will is always done in the end. Psalms 23 says “ye though I walk in the shadow of death thou art with me. Thy rod and thy staff comfort me. Thy PREPAREST a table in the PRESENCE OF THINE ENEMIES. You continue to do what he calls your heart to and if you and my sister ever need anything call me! Also, if yall run out of places to go for yall birthday I would love to show yall around California!<3!
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      • Lacrease Walker THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH.. AWWW Sheena West * HUGS*

I remember * as a young gurl* Cree’s Blog Entry

ImageI remember one day my mom was making chicken and noodles. We loved chicken and noodles, but this was the day before pay day, and as she was stirring the pot a piece of the ceiling fell off into the pot. I remember that hurting my/our feelings so bad. We talk about that and laugh to this day.
I remember my dad use to get off work and take us out to dinner every Friday to Big Boys. We use to love it. I remember asking my parents could my friend go. But when they said No, I never realize or understood that if she went, it would be more money to pay, as it was already 6 of us.
I remember when it was time for report cards, my daddy use to be on it. My stomach hurt all the way to school and all the way home.
I remember when I made a pickle out of a cucumber, I was so geeked.
I remember we use to go to Belle Island and ride the giant slide. We had to climb 100 steps or better just for a 8 second ride. LOL LOL LOL *wow*
I remember when my parents use to go grocery shopping we had to stay in the house until they got home. By me being the oldest I didn’t want any trouble with them. But my sister couldn’t wait until they left so that she could go outside and play inside of those minutes they were gone. I was scared for her, because if she got caught it was over for me and her. She never did. We laugh and talk about that to this day.
I remember when my mother use to say ” just me and you are going shopping on Saturday”. I was SO HAPPY just to be with her, none of my other siblings went. But I hated the time when it was their turn to go shopping, and not mines. 😦
I remember when I was 14 my mom took me to my first concert and it was to see PRINCE. I loved him so much. One day my mom told me that I was going to out grow him, and that he wasn’t going to be my style anymore. I was SO MAD AT HER for saying that, because I felt it wasn’t true. Even though I LOVE me some PRINCE today….* that will NEVER change*… my taste in men has SURELY changed. LOL
I remember when my BFF Michelle who lived next door, cousins would come to Detroit from Chicago she would act funny and never talk to me. Then when they were gone, she would be my friend. I always took her back.
I remember working this summer job that had us cleaning out the upstairs of a roller rink. It was so nasty, dirty, hot, and so much debris up there, that I knew we were doing the work of MEN. I told my dad, and he was so mad when he saw the work they had us doing. He called the news and since the man who had us doing it was a public figure, it was all over . My BFF to this day was working with me * that’s how we met*, the news asked her if she can come to my house so that they can interview us. WE DIDNT KNOW WE WERE GOING TO BE ON THE NEWS. We thought it was just going to be a newspaper interview and that was it. Well after it hit the press, they went and shut that site down. Some of the people who worked with me, was so mad!!! I lost friends by going to the news, they all had to be relocated and had to catch buses to their new site. They were not happy with us at all. I was so embarrassed I never worked under the City of Detroit at a summer job again. Everywhere I went people knew me. I was dating a police officer, he came to my house while on duty and told me that he saw me in the paper, he was impressed…… I was depressed. * Looking back on it, it was the first sign of me understanding why I’m different. I stand up for what’s right, and will go to great lengths to carry OUT JUSTICE.*
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy