Drunk in Love~ Beyonce…..Crees Blog Entry

I just finished watching all of Beyonce’s new videos and this is my FAVORITE…. Oh this is so “grown folks”. I LOVE this song. The Spirit in which she does it… you can tell she LOVES her husband. Its funny, because this is how I imagine my LOVE  to my husband… with EXCITEMENT and PASSION.

Balance and Business….Crees Blog Entry

tami-romanI’m in one of my REAL outspoken moods today…. * in my Tami Roman voice and facial expression*

Beyonce is my gurl.. I love her to pieces… I’m old enough to be her mom… but that little gurl of hers…..hair needs to be done. So I’m sitting here asking myself… La’Crease what business is of yours that her daughter hair needs to be pretty in pony tails or cute braided beads? What part of this little gurls hair THAT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU LACREASE… that you concern yourself? My answer NOTHING. But I’m so sick of tired of these celebrities breaking their neck to PLEASE THE FANS with great performances, photos, movies, singing and dancing… and have ABSOLUTELY no clue in how to raise their kids. I’m so irritated right now about this. This little gurl is a person, just like Beyonce is making history… .SHE IS TOO. Fix her up, make her look like the beautiful little gurl she is. I would have this to say about a NON CELEBRITY. This is a person we’re talking about. Don’t go out of your way to impress me ( your fan)… FIX YOUR DAYUM CHILD UP.

These celebrities KILL ME…. they know how to sell tickets, sell out a concert, dress, count their money, and throw hissy fits. Many of them are IMPRESSING the FANS and EACH OTHER….while their kids are being neglected. I hate to see people dogging out her baby….I just hope she puts the same amount of TIME AND FASHION in with her baby as she do for HERSELF and her FANS. THATS ALL IM SAYING. BALANCE BEYONCE BALANCE!

OOO LAWD… I just wish I could be a fly on the way when it comes to the parenting of these PARENTS. Today I was telling a young man to go over to his side of the room, when he began to hug me and say awwww Auntie I love you. I said I love you too , but I need you to go to your side of the room. So, when he wanted to “go do one thang” I started saying to him… now I told you nicely to go to your side and you’re still trying to do what you want to do. He was shocked at my facial expression and tone of voice * it can get rough* and he said auntie I was just hugging you, why you mad at me? I said come here, let me talk to you for a minute. I said LOOK AT MY FACE… LOOK AT IT REAL GOOD… I said I’m cool, easy to talk too, and will help you in anything… but when it come to BUSINESS… I’m zero tolerance, and NO EXCUSES for these mind games. I said you need to learn that when I mean business to read my face, and hear my voice. I said learn to FALL BACK…. See these kids think, just because you show you them LOVE.. that it’s play time, and giving them everything all the time. Its not. All the things a parent let their child get away with… they come right to school and do it to the staff. No matter how nice we say something, they still want to challenge it. But when the police stop them for doing nothing…. they cant even put together a intelligent sentence to get themselves out of trouble. Then the parent march herself up to the school with her face all bald up and disfigured ready to “get with” somebody over her child. That’s when you see where it starts.

I’m not going to give up on these kids because I love them so much, but SERIOUS about my BUSINESS…… I AM.

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Place of Peace

MY PLACE2Okay sooooo, BEYONCE tickets went so fast, and I refuse to sit way up at the top to see the show. Was online at 10:00 am. My friend bought 6 tickets and paid $1500.00. Good Seats too. So I’m happy for her. Well, I did go to the last Destiny Childs concert, so I did get to see Ms. Queen B do her thang. So, if there is another show… I’m there. Waiting for the announcement.

In other news…….

I am feeling good today. So peaceful in my apartment. Gosh, everybody should experience living alone. I never dreamed of this PEACE. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I spend hours and hours and hours writing my book. I feel good and got a lot done. LOL I learned somethings about myself tonight. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Well let me share a little. When we were growing up the 4 of us weren’t allowed to fight, we had to argue it out, afterwards we had to kiss and make up. Well, as I moved out and started my own life, I realized that I would get into it with my friends all the time and they would hang up on me and be angry for days. But see I was raised, have an argument, kiss and make up. Well I learned quickly that my friends wasn’t raised that way. If you said something or did them wrong, they wouldn’t talk to you for a while. God showed me that I wasn’t the Princess I thought I was. My weapon was my mouth, not only can I whip up a sentence on paper that can have you angry at me, but with my facial expression and my non curse word sentence, I can knit together a sentence deep enough to make you wanna pick me up and throw me out of the house. So, I had to learn to watch what I say to people. Wow, its deep. I love when God show me MEEEEEEEEEEEEE. LOL LOL

Alight everybody let me go back to my place of PEACE… Its bedtime. Oh I love my life. Thank you Jesus.


Its been a while!!! Wow, so much as happened in these last 8 months.  I’m in a good place. I can’t believe  that I have my own apartment. Wow yes. Living alone seem so funny. My daughter is living in her downtown apartment, and I live directly around the corner from her. LOL It’s so funny, again, I didn’t see any of this coming. When I leave out of my apartment I will be at hers in 1 0r 2 minutes.

What I’m really loving about downtown  living is that, when I look out of my apartment, I don’t see other houses or kids playing outside, I see buildings, and courthouses, music halls and baseball stadiums. I love it!!! Cant wait till the fire works. Living here, I can cook when I get ready, I don’t have to ask anyone if they’re hungary, whats for dinner, are we going out? What to buy at the grocery store. LOL LOL Cant stop laughing because this is the life that I never thought about. My daughter was no problem growing up, we could have lived together for ever and I wouldn’t have thought one thing about it. We are both so much alike and get alone perfect. We are born on the same day, 19 years apart, same hospital, she was born at 1:43 am Sep 3, and I was born 1:40 am both in HUTZEL HOSPITAL IN DETROIT. My mom was in labor with me for 3 days and I was in labor with my daughter for 3 days. So funny!!!

But anyway…. I am enjoying this LIFE!!! Every Saturday my Sisters want me to come over their houses to be with them and their hubby’s. And on Sunday I cook at Nesha’s with her, we have so much fun. Mon-Fri- I am writing and staying focus to complete this book. So I’m happy about that. Well back to writing, about to drink some cold water, and snack on these cashews. Be Blessed Because I’m smiling and happy.