The anti-Beyhive is planning a rally on Feb. 16 after Beyoncé's Super Bowl 50 performance, which they say had ties to the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter.

When I tell you I LOVE this lil gurl (( old enough to be her mom))… I LOVE HER! I ask myself, La’Crease what is it that you LOVE about her? Let me tell you.

The gurl is BAD! She’s the BEST ENTERTAINER IN THE WORLD! Don’t get mad at her, she’s all she asked God for. God said yes and BLESSED HER TO DO WHAT SHE DO BEST. How can one be mad about that?

She rarely does interviews and rarely go deep on FB and Twitter. She barely talks, what are people mad about? She doesn’t have your phone number and played on your phone. She didn’t wear your shoes and messed them up. She didn’t use your debit card without permission. But see what people don’t know about a VIRGO is.. we are very silly.. mines 9/3, funny and loving people. People will be shocked to know that she’s very down to earth, and will say stuff that will have you saying ” Did Beyonce just say that?” She has so much influence on people that she has to be very careful what she say in public. Even though NO MATTER what she says, she will always be criticized about it. Don’t sweat it B,  still get your 6-8 ((hours of sleep)).

When she was pregnant, some people didn’t even believe it. Are you SERIOUS in this world? Are you serious? Goes to show you how BIG she really is. Anytime you believe a person here on EARTH didn’t have a child, I wouldn’t trust them to place a pizza order for me ONLINE WITH PHOTOS. Um cuse me… watch out ((( get out of my way))).

I went to see her in concert and I was amazed at her energy, her performance, her stage presence, her style, her SPIRIT. That was the moment I said… Beyonce is my daughter. I just LOVE HER! I have one, a 29 year old Virgo 9/3, who loves her sister ( lol) .


I guess people feel that she should do more interviews, but no matter what she does, it will never be enough for folks. Virgos are very private people. I get her, I understand her. When it comes to her, I’m very territorial. People are BULLIES and they will find anyway to be mad at her ESPECIALLY  since they never had a face to face, eye contact conversation with her.  She’s a human being just like the rest of us. I love her last CD because she gave us more of who she is. I wish people would allow her to be A PERSON.

Who can drop an album over night, while you sleep? LOL Beyonce. She Gotta TEAM SO OUTCOLD AND LOW KEY….don’t make sense! That’s a BAD CHICK RIGHT THERE!! RESPECT IT… or I’m gon ask that you clear the room! Because no matter if you like her or not… BEYONCE’S HERE TO STAY! When she hits the stage, she’s at her best. She performs for the THRILL, you can tell, look in her eyes. She loves her husband, and the beautiful daughter God gave them.

For all the people who don’t like her…. Go get you some LOVE AND PERSONAL time with God.. so you can experience your own BLESSING TOO.



I AM La’Crease.. and I don’t have to do anything else!

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Beyonce /BLOG

Beyonce sung: And baby
It’s amazing I’m in this maze with you
I just can’t crack your code
One day you screaming you love me loud
The next day you’re so cold
One day you’re here, one day you’re there, one day you care
You’re so unfair sipping from your cup
Till it runneth over, Holy Grail


21-Day Challenge Update/Run- BEYONCE * yes*/(((((((((BLOG)))))))))



Today, I took my mommy for a ride. She loves to sit on the passenger side and just enjoy the view. And I….. love to drive. One day… I want to take her to Chicago for a weekend or something. She wouldn’t like the long drive to Atlanta or Florida that I want to take her on because of her legs. They need to stretch on a regular. That’s cool. We had a good time today.

I’m doing good on this Challenge. I ate tuna for breakfast, lunch and dinner… with some chips * salt* and bottles of water. I’m not a chip eater, I have to be in a mood for it, but for some reason when I eat tuna… the chips make me “throw water down my throat” and if a few chips will do that, when I would never just buy them….. then I’ll take them. I love chocolate covered peanuts, ice cream and Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookies. Yall can come get these chips. LOL LOL

Alright about to go to bed!!! But before I go.. .here is the Trailer *my daughter* Beyonce dropped tonight for ON THE RUN…. I LOVE THE BONNIE AND CLYDE THEMES… LOVE IT


Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

21- Day Challenge, Beyonce *my gurl* ((((((Blog))))))



On Mother’s Day we all went to my moms house for dinner. We had a good time too. Sitting here thinking about how hard it was to see everyone drinking PEPSI and I had bottles of water. That was so hard…. but only for the first hour. They were opening them everywhere. All I could do was look at them. Which brings me to this question. I wonder how ex-alcoholics and ex-drug users sit around others that do it. That’s really hard….well I guess for some it wont bother them, but after a while some do slip back into the habit. I made it through. I did it. I live alone so its easy for me not to drink any pop, but when I’m out socializing that can be hard. BUT WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT THE BIGGER PICTURE…. YOU WILL STICK WITH YOUR PLAN.. AND I DID. (((hugs for the gurl)))

So far I lost 2 pounds haven’t been a week yet. I’m really motivated. I saw my boo today, he said “I like that black”… talking about my dress that I was swinging in today. Yesss… baby.. little does he know I wore it for him. Its so easy to hypnotize men. Me…. I don’t say a word.. I just let the atmosphere take its course.. LOL LOL Okay… Im being bad… * wink*

I try not to celebrity blog… but I have to go there with my gurl Beyonce. I need for her to grab my hand on this one. I know when that Virgo found out that elevator tape was leaked she bout passed out. Now, I gotta be honest, it was some FUNNY PHOTOS going on, and some were so funny, people need to be comedians. Beyonce is a PRIVATE VIRGO… we share a lot, but you think you know us… YOU HAVE NO IDEA. She’s noisy so she went on line and saw the photos and the comments. That was a leak that she never expected to come out.

But the part of life that bothers me… people think people with MONEY don’t have issues. We all have issues or trust me….. or…. THEY WOULD BE IN HEAVEN WITH GOD IF THEY DIDN’T. Its okay to go through something to make you look as real as you are. Having a clean record of “nothing” known is what can break you down, once its made public. I love my gurl Beyonce, and I hope that everything works out according to her prayer she post on Twitter. AMEN

Be Blessed!

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Jay & Beyonce video coming soon ……………….From the Desk of Cree

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show


I don’t care if we on the run
Baby as long as I’m next to you
And if loving you is a crime
Tell me why do I bring out
The best in you

[Bridge: Beyoncé]
I hear sirens while we make love
Loud as hell but they don’t know
They’re nowhere near us
I will hold your heart and your gun
I don’t care if they come, no
I know it’s crazy but

[Hook: Beyoncé]
They can take me
Now that I found the places that you take me
Without you I got nothing to lose

beyonce jay z

Beyonce….. On the run Crees Blog Entry

When I tell you I LOVE this song.. I do!!! It plays constant in my mind.





It has a 90’s feel to it, so sincere, and so true to her life .Listen to her voice. I’ve never been married, but my idea husband has to be ride or die for me.  A  man who has my back, and YESSS… I have his. Our life and work compliments each other, same page, same book, same line. This song reminds me that this LOVE I’m in search of, is out there.

Thanks Beyonce and Jay!!!

Rants, Vents, and Ramblings Crees Blog Entry

I guess this would be a blog of my rants and rambling.
So Beyonce tweeted and posted on her FB page the remix Kanye did….. Drunk In Love. Its so beyond pitiful, that it makes me question the sanity of these people. Who are these people around everyday? Where are the friends who sit you down and talk you out of POSTING THIS KINDA MESS? What person would AMEN their friend to let a NOTHING like Kanye come into the picture and “turn out” YOUR already questionable/private ??? song as is? Who in their right mind would say to their friend…. “gurl yeah you should post and Amen this remix, it sounds good”.
Now let me make this CLEAR. I know I can be very opinionated, but that has nothing to do with the LOVE and Admiration I have for people. Yes, I enjoy Beyonce’s music… and will continue…. but I have a serious problem with the mentality of her right now. The lyrics that came out of his mouth is DISRESPECFUL AND UNACCEPTABLE. Of course Beyonce didn’t write it.. but she allowed the remix and to me that’s “lost behavior” DISRESEPECTFUL!!!! Its just as bad.
Reminds me about Tyler Perry. Everyone knows I love and admire him dearly. But when I saw Madea in*AMC* mentioning “Glee” and making Nene Leakes feel important with all the BS shes starts.
The bragging she does, the way she puts people down, the side ways talking , sneak dissing and laughing to make herself look good ….. YES I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS. Then Madea went outside the department store and bust a Kenya Moore “Gone with the Wind Twirl”…. I JUST CAN’T…… NOT ONE SECOND… I CAN’T. This is why these women act the way they do. As long as they see “someone they admire” repeat, shout out, copy, reference the BS they do….. then they will ASSUME its acceptable and then continue to behave this way. That’s not funny to me. This is why people continue to behave the way they do.. when people “OF INFLUENCE” AMEN THEIR BEHAVIOR. I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH IT!!! A HUGE PROBLEM.
I live in a building where they’re lots of older people who had been here for years and years. There are also lots of students from Wayne State University… mostly Indians. Nice people too. Its this one older black guy who talks too much. As soon as he sees people * his audience* he just talks talks and talks. He loves to side talk people, and I noticed something else about him. You can tell that once upon a time in his life, he was a person of great influence. Not only is he good looking now, but you can tell he was THE BOMB back in the day. Seems like every time I leaving the building or coming in, we cross paths in the lobby or elevator. I just don’t like the slick talk he does, and the smart mouth he has. His friends may not catch on to it, but I do. I know this, because he tried to slick talk me one day. When he’s been drinking, he wants all the “sun” ( attention) on him, and will make sure that he goes out of his way, to get the person who IS NOT PAYING ONE CENT TO HIM. THAT WOULD BE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
I kept saying to myself, its something about him that makes him feel “some kinda way” about HIMSELF. Well, as the summer came and I was seeing him more in the lobby. I heard him talking to some other guys about how he use to own several business, had lots of women, did drugs, had lots of money, drove the best cars. I knew it…………. because he spoke with arrogance and POWER every time he opened his mouth. I can tell that the person he use to be, he wish he still was, and he wants others to KNOW his history. Now I know why he acts this way. Wow, if you keep on listening you will learn a lot from people.
So………. TODAY .. as I was going downstairs to the convenient store, he got on the elevator on the 3rd floor* … I was already on with another guy. When he first saw me BEFORE he could talk slick…… I GAVE HIM MY ESTER LOOK LaWanda-Page-as-Esther
 … LOL LOL LOL I SWEAR he bought his self down 9 notches. As I look back on it… its funny. I don’t play that side talking, slick mess. I don’t care what you owned, what you bought, what kind of car you drove, how many pretty women you’ve been with, how much money you made…. BRING THAT ARROGANCE DOWN WHEN YOURE TALKING TO ME… I’m not your audience member…….BOO! * rolls eyes for 40 minutes straight before opening them*
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Drunk in Love~ Beyonce…..Crees Blog Entry

I just finished watching all of Beyonce’s new videos and this is my FAVORITE…. Oh this is so “grown folks”. I LOVE this song. The Spirit in which she does it… you can tell she LOVES her husband. Its funny, because this is how I imagine my LOVE  to my husband… with EXCITEMENT and PASSION.

Balance and Business….Crees Blog Entry

tami-romanI’m in one of my REAL outspoken moods today…. * in my Tami Roman voice and facial expression*

Beyonce is my gurl.. I love her to pieces… I’m old enough to be her mom… but that little gurl of hers…..hair needs to be done. So I’m sitting here asking myself… La’Crease what business is of yours that her daughter hair needs to be pretty in pony tails or cute braided beads? What part of this little gurls hair THAT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU LACREASE… that you concern yourself? My answer NOTHING. But I’m so sick of tired of these celebrities breaking their neck to PLEASE THE FANS with great performances, photos, movies, singing and dancing… and have ABSOLUTELY no clue in how to raise their kids. I’m so irritated right now about this. This little gurl is a person, just like Beyonce is making history… .SHE IS TOO. Fix her up, make her look like the beautiful little gurl she is. I would have this to say about a NON CELEBRITY. This is a person we’re talking about. Don’t go out of your way to impress me ( your fan)… FIX YOUR DAYUM CHILD UP.

These celebrities KILL ME…. they know how to sell tickets, sell out a concert, dress, count their money, and throw hissy fits. Many of them are IMPRESSING the FANS and EACH OTHER….while their kids are being neglected. I hate to see people dogging out her baby….I just hope she puts the same amount of TIME AND FASHION in with her baby as she do for HERSELF and her FANS. THATS ALL IM SAYING. BALANCE BEYONCE BALANCE!

OOO LAWD… I just wish I could be a fly on the way when it comes to the parenting of these PARENTS. Today I was telling a young man to go over to his side of the room, when he began to hug me and say awwww Auntie I love you. I said I love you too , but I need you to go to your side of the room. So, when he wanted to “go do one thang” I started saying to him… now I told you nicely to go to your side and you’re still trying to do what you want to do. He was shocked at my facial expression and tone of voice * it can get rough* and he said auntie I was just hugging you, why you mad at me? I said come here, let me talk to you for a minute. I said LOOK AT MY FACE… LOOK AT IT REAL GOOD… I said I’m cool, easy to talk too, and will help you in anything… but when it come to BUSINESS… I’m zero tolerance, and NO EXCUSES for these mind games. I said you need to learn that when I mean business to read my face, and hear my voice. I said learn to FALL BACK…. See these kids think, just because you show you them LOVE.. that it’s play time, and giving them everything all the time. Its not. All the things a parent let their child get away with… they come right to school and do it to the staff. No matter how nice we say something, they still want to challenge it. But when the police stop them for doing nothing…. they cant even put together a intelligent sentence to get themselves out of trouble. Then the parent march herself up to the school with her face all bald up and disfigured ready to “get with” somebody over her child. That’s when you see where it starts.

I’m not going to give up on these kids because I love them so much, but SERIOUS about my BUSINESS…… I AM.

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Place of Peace

MY PLACE2Okay sooooo, BEYONCE tickets went so fast, and I refuse to sit way up at the top to see the show. Was online at 10:00 am. My friend bought 6 tickets and paid $1500.00. Good Seats too. So I’m happy for her. Well, I did go to the last Destiny Childs concert, so I did get to see Ms. Queen B do her thang. So, if there is another show… I’m there. Waiting for the announcement.

In other news…….

I am feeling good today. So peaceful in my apartment. Gosh, everybody should experience living alone. I never dreamed of this PEACE. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I spend hours and hours and hours writing my book. I feel good and got a lot done. LOL I learned somethings about myself tonight. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Well let me share a little. When we were growing up the 4 of us weren’t allowed to fight, we had to argue it out, afterwards we had to kiss and make up. Well, as I moved out and started my own life, I realized that I would get into it with my friends all the time and they would hang up on me and be angry for days. But see I was raised, have an argument, kiss and make up. Well I learned quickly that my friends wasn’t raised that way. If you said something or did them wrong, they wouldn’t talk to you for a while. God showed me that I wasn’t the Princess I thought I was. My weapon was my mouth, not only can I whip up a sentence on paper that can have you angry at me, but with my facial expression and my non curse word sentence, I can knit together a sentence deep enough to make you wanna pick me up and throw me out of the house. So, I had to learn to watch what I say to people. Wow, its deep. I love when God show me MEEEEEEEEEEEEE. LOL LOL

Alight everybody let me go back to my place of PEACE… Its bedtime. Oh I love my life. Thank you Jesus.