Beyonce /BLOG

Beyonce sung: And baby It’s amazing I’m in this maze with you I just can’t crack your code One day you screaming you love me loud The next day you’re so cold One day you’re here, one day you’re there, one day you care You’re so unfair sipping from your cup Till it runneth over, HolyContinue reading “Beyonce /BLOG”

21-Day Challenge Update/Run- BEYONCE * yes*/(((((((((BLOG)))))))))

Hey Today, I took my mommy for a ride. She loves to sit on the passenger side and just enjoy the view. And I….. love to drive. One day… I want to take her to Chicago for a weekend or something. She wouldn’t like the long drive to Atlanta or Florida that I want toContinue reading “21-Day Challenge Update/Run- BEYONCE * yes*/(((((((((BLOG)))))))))”

21- Day Challenge, Beyonce *my gurl* ((((((Blog))))))

Hey, On Mother’s Day we all went to my moms house for dinner. We had a good time too. Sitting here thinking about how hard it was to see everyone drinking PEPSI and I had bottles of water. That was so hard…. but only for the first hour. They were opening them everywhere. All IContinue reading “21- Day Challenge, Beyonce *my gurl* ((((((Blog))))))”

Jay & Beyonce video coming soon ……………….From the Desk of Cree

  I don’t care if we on the runBaby as long as I’m next to youAnd if loving you is a crimeTell me why do I bring outThe best in you[Bridge: Beyoncé]I hear sirens while we make loveLoud as hell but they don’t knowThey’re nowhere near usI will hold your heart and your gunI don’tContinue reading “Jay & Beyonce video coming soon ……………….From the Desk of Cree”

Beyonce….. On the run Crees Blog Entry

When I tell you I LOVE this song.. I do!!! It plays constant in my mind.         It has a 90’s feel to it, so sincere, and so true to her life .Listen to her voice. I’ve never been married, but my idea husband has to be ride or die for me.Continue reading “Beyonce….. On the run Crees Blog Entry”

Rants, Vents, and Ramblings Crees Blog Entry

Hey,   I guess this would be a blog of my rants and rambling.   So Beyonce tweeted and posted on her FB page the remix Kanye did….. Drunk In Love. Its so beyond pitiful, that it makes me question the sanity of these people. Who are these people around everyday? Where are the friendsContinue reading “Rants, Vents, and Ramblings Crees Blog Entry”

Drunk in Love~ Beyonce…..Crees Blog Entry

I just finished watching all of Beyonce’s new videos and this is my FAVORITE…. Oh this is so “grown folks”. I LOVE this song. The Spirit in which she does it… you can tell she LOVES her husband. Its funny, because this is how I imagine my LOVE  to my husband… with EXCITEMENT and PASSION.

Balance and Business….Crees Blog Entry

I’m in one of my REAL outspoken moods today…. * in my Tami Roman voice and facial expression* Beyonce is my gurl.. I love her to pieces… I’m old enough to be her mom… but that little gurl of hers… needs to be done. So I’m sitting here asking myself… La’Crease what business is ofContinue reading “Balance and Business….Crees Blog Entry”