God always knows how to make me laugh………Crees Blog Entry

When I was a teenager I always said that I wanted TWINS. I was always amazed how GOD would even think to make people who look alike, have many ways alike, but at the same time be 2 totally different people. That’s one of the questions I cant wait to ask him when I see him face to face. What made you want to do this? I’m just fascinated by it.
I remember when I was working at Walmart and a customer would make me so mad, that after a while I would just speak and keep it moving with the others because I just didn’t want to talk. While I was ringing up customers, I would hear God speak to me and say “look up” as soon as I looked up.. I would see TWIN adults, or twin kids. And I would just bust out laughing like a crazy woman… because he know how to make me smile and laugh. I don’t have enough fingers to count up the times he did this at that job. LOL Here is a video that just warmed my heart. Thank you Lord for making me smile… even when I don’t feel like it.

 Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Made my night……Crees Blog Entry

Its amazing how I was feeling down… and one of my students sent me this in inbox tonight…. MADE MY NIGHT ….

LOVE 2Maa, i went to the hospital in they did in X-ray on my Heart in they found you in They Said If You Leave I will Diee

Let me share how we became friends. Everyday at work she would ask me to come over to her table and she’d say ….. “you owe me $1.00”. And when she first said it, I was like “huh for what”?. I’m always buying them something.. and I thought maybe I did owe her money.

I noticed that she has this Spirit about her that tells me that she’s the boss of her gurls. Everyday she would see me and give me this look as if she wanted to “be my friend”. I know that look, because they’re people who I meet and instantly I know, we’re going to be good friends. Well, this one day I went and sat down at her table with her and her friends. I said to her…. do I really owe you some money? I knew I didn’t, I wanted to talk to her to see where she was coming from. She said No, you don’t…. and smiled. I looked around the table with a smile and laughter in my voice, and asked her friends… hey yall…. is she a bully? They were like YES YES YES… but not in a bad way. I looked at her laughing.. I said I knew you were, talking about I owe you some money? LOL LOL We all cracked up. I said to her, now let me ask you a question? Who in your family is a bully…. because I know for a fact, if you’re a bully, you’re being bullied. Her eyes lit up like “how you know”? She said my mom bullies me. Isn’t that something? Ever since then we have kept in touch. The things that she has to go through… is unreal. I cry for her, and I want to always be apart of her life. And she’s a VIRGO just like me…. she’s my baby.

These mothers these days are killing me the way they’re mistreating their God given children. My daughter tells me all the time.. Mama you raised me so well. Today we went to the movies, and when we left, she went into the gas station to pay, as she was coming out, there was this lady standing at the door. I know she must have said something to Nesha… cause she reached in her pocket and gave the lady some money…. I was about to cry. She does this all the time, because she watched me do it all her life. When your child is grown and you see them living the way you taught them… it’s a wonderful feeling. I can’t even explain how I felt today.

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy