What’s Your Connection To Your Favorite Character? Crees Blog Entry

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Growing up, for some reason I never liked watching cartoons. And the few I did watch were The Flintstones, and Scooby Doo, . My sisters and brother would break their necks getting downstairs to watch them on Saturday mornings, while I’ll be in my room reading a book.
For me, the cartoon has to have some kind of meaning, and it has to have a certain look about them for me to watch it. The Flintstones were a family that reminded me of my mom and dad, and I as Pebbles. Barney and Betty reminded me of my aunt and uncle. So for me, they were real people. That was my connection.
Scooby Doo was my favorite of them all because they solved mysteries. AND THATS WHO I AM. I love a good mystery. It shows up in my life today as I watch ID, Who the bleep did I marry, REDRUM.. all those shows. As a child I didn’t know that this cartoon would connect to the person I am today. I love anything that requires research, problem solving, communication, and hard work doing it. Scooby Doo the dog, represented the “scary” part in me. LOL He wanted to help, but at the same time he was scared. That’s so me!!! I have seen them all.
Let me share this quick story. When I was a little girl… I made this blanket that I called my “ball cover”. I would take the ends of it and make it into a ball and rub it on my lips, my fingers, and my hands and face. I can’t explain to this day, this feeling I would have as I held it, and zoned out. I would carry it around everywhere I went. I use to pray and worry if God was mad at me for having it. I always thought it was a bad thing. All through my 20’s and some of my 30’s, I had the same ball cover and EVERYBODY in my family, plus my friends knew to NEVER MESS with it. If you come into my house and you see it on the couch… DON’T TOUCH IT. I didn’t mind people asking me “what is that?” There were plenty of times, when I would RAISED THE ROOF.. if I got home from work and it wasn’t where I left it. Oh My Goodness!!!! Nesha caught on early in her life about that. Where ever it was……. LEAVE IT. LOL I noticed that people always wanted to watch how I used it, plus they also wanted to hide it from me for some reason. They wanted to see my reaction to it being lost.
If you know me.. YOU KNOW I LOVE ELMO. I LOVE THIS EMOTIONAL CHARACTER. So, one day when the movie The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland was shown on cable. I sat down to watch it. I almost passed I was so stressed * I can laugh now* that I couldn’t watch the whole movie…….. because I was SO SO SO SO SO SO MAD AT ZOEY. IM STILL MAD AT ZOEY. LIKE I REALLY WANT TO FIGHT HER. FOR REAL FOR REAL. LOL Please watch the VIDEO. Still to this day…. I can’t finish it.
My question to you is…. What cartoon do you connect to and  WHY? Have fun in your thought process.
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