Huge Problem/Weight Loss Update/Know your worth…. (((((Blog)))))



Wow, can you believe that its July 1 already?

Time is really flying. Reminds me how people are doing any and everything these days. No respect for human life, no respect for each other and no respect for themselves. If one person can get an “Amen” from the person or people they respect most, no matter how bad it is…. its okay with them. They befriend “like minded” people, and go out to celebrate it. Reminds me of the days in the bible when Noah was building the ark, and everyone was doing their own thing. I have a HUGE PROBLEM with people calling WRONG…RIGHT. Now I see why God said to confess your sins. Anything you believed you’ve sinned about, you’ll confess and be covered. But anything you feel is right, and ITS WRONG ((( and you know its wrong)))… and don’t confess… its not covered under that umbrella.

In other news.. I’ve been walking.. tomorrow makes my 4th day. I love to walk. My back yard is actually a park. Its huge too. So every morning, I will go out and walk around the huge circle… as time go by.. I’ll walk it several times. I have a short term goal to meet by next weekend. I’m doing my thang…bout to kill em in my dress next month!!!

Saw my sweety today…. ahhh he looks so sexy when he’s working and not even noticing my presence .. I love it. And when he does….. * melts me*

I love a man who communicates and expresses how he feels… good or bad.. Not run away, hide, avoid questions, and has a arrogant Spirit. I don’t come from that type of environment to deal with all those ‘ISSUES”… that’s really what they are. So, I say that to say ladies, Women….. my Sistergurls… know your worth. Know already what you will and will not put up with. If there’s anything on your list of “will not accept” and you clearly see it happening to you……cut if off. I let things go to far.. but I have NO PROBLEMS WALKING AWAY. I LOVE ME.. I LOVE ME… I LOVE ME.. I LOVE ME. I LOVE MEEEEEE.

Be Blessed


Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. – Dr. Maya Angelou

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