Love Story/BLOG


This Monday night I was watching Christmas Movies. I never watch them, or listen to the music…  I never could get into them. But I’m a new fan. I watched 2 of them, and it has gotten my juices flowing to write a LOVE STORY. I’ve always had one in me, but those movies inspired me to go in. Not sexual.. but to  explore LOVE exactly how I see it in my mind. I was always afraid of letting it go, and putting it on paper. When I started writing it, I thought of people I know in real life and it just started flowing. The visual is awesome. I have a long way to go, but getting started has got me so excited about it. I’m going in. If only it was real life… lee

 Just listened to Luther….  I’m going to write a little.. got me thinking.. 🙂

Be Blessed!

Loyalty/ Congratulations…. JONATHAN AND ASHLEY… (((BLOG)))



Its Saturday night and I want to go to the casino. I love sitting at the bar watching the entertainers. There’s a lot of great singers out there.  I just talked to my Sister and we’re going Thursday night. Should be fun. I get in my moods where I want to do some grown folks stuff. I’m not a drinker, but I LOVE music and socializing. There have been lots of concerts this summer. I’ve been slipping on my concerts… I don’t like that one bit. But things will get better for me, and I’ll be back doing the things I enjoy soon enough.

So….. last night I was chatting with someone and they were telling me how LOYAL.. I am….. and how they admire that about me. Even though I was “playing dumb” with her about PRIVATE AND PERSONAL things….she still felt offended by me not sharing. I’ve been down that rode where I trust people with info and it back fired in my face. I have learned over the years… that what I know… I KNOW. I will NEVER share anything about another person again. So, if that’s considered “playing dumb”…. I LIKE THAT GAME… But in a sense … it made me sad…. because the person she is … I LOVE THE MOST.

Today my gurl Ashley got married. I met her at Walmart where we all became ONE BIG FAMILY… we are DEEP . She moved to North Carolina and met her husband. I AM SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU.. CONGRATULATIONS JONATHAN AND ASHLEY. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU BOTH!


ASH 2 
 This song is for you both!