Hey Family!

So this morning, I was downstairs of my apartment building admiring our brand new fitness center, the business area, 24- hour security area, the new ” man cave” that is currently being built in our lobby. Not only that, but our convenience store is expanding, and its looking good.

I sat in awe as I watched the workers work, when a resident who was sitting next to me got my attention by asking did I remember him from the other day. I told him yes I did. I remember that day clearly because we were on the elevator just he and I, when he told me that I had the sweetest Spirit that he’s have ever felt on a woman, and told me that every time he sees me that I’m always smiling and for me to always stay that way. But this morning, he told me that after seeing me that day he went home and prayed. He told God that I was beautiful and lovely and asked him was I the one for him. God told him No. That the man for me is still out there, tall and perfect for me. That he will LOVE everything about me, he said that God told him that I was Special. Very special. And that I had to be handled as such. God told him that I loved him very much and it takes someone special to understand me. WOW.. WOW… WOW!!!

I just sat there like wow. I knew that it takes a special man to “get me”. And its so cute that he asked God was I the one for him. Awwww. Well, I’m glad that he obeyed God because people think just because folks are nice and friendly to them, they’re the one. No, no, no.. and yess its going to take someone SPECIAL to hook up with this SPECIAL woman. I do know this… when that man first lay eyes on me, HE will know.

LIFE LESSON:  16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Women wait on God. I know it may be hard sometimes with all the men that we meet daily and with all the sex that we feel our bodies are craving. Hold out. When a man (((total stranger))) can feel your Spirit, and have no idea what kind of relationship you have with God, and can tell you how Special you are. When  GOD HAS ALREADY SPOKEN THIS VERY SAME WORD to you…. you know its confirmation. Stay in the race…

Know your worth.

I AM La’Crease

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I went to see Gone Girl yesterday with my mom and my daughter. The movie was very good, kept me into it…. but the end.. left me irritated and EMPTY.

When I watch a movie… I like to get into the mind of the writer. I like to figure out his mind frame as I watch. But this movie had me all over the place…. and I liked that in the beginning. I never read the book….I’m still mad about the ending. The show was jammed packed… couldn’t find a seat for two. When the lights came up all we heard was booooo. Thats the only word that came to our minds. I said it to boooooooooooooooooo! I felt like I went on a trip with the writer.. and got played.

To me… it seems as if the writer was doing good with the direction of the movie, then got lazy. Like his idea went out the door for the ending. It felt like he just did any ole thang to end the story. The gurl was crazy… no way should it had ended that way. NO WAY!!! Aint nobody living that life… in REAL LIFE.

Excuse me….. I may be a little irritated about the DETROIT LIONS losing today. Maybe I should have written this later on when I calm down. I doubt if it will change how I feel about the writing. Ben, Tyler and the sister did well in the delivery of the movie… but I’m PISSED OFF AT THE WRITER. (((rolls eyes real hard and opens them 40 minutes later)))