I went to see Gone Girl yesterday with my mom and my daughter. The movie was very good, kept me into it…. but the end.. left me irritated and EMPTY.

When I watch a movie… I like to get into the mind of the writer. I like to figure out his mind frame as I watch. But this movie had me all over the place…. and I liked that in the beginning. I never read the book….I’m still mad about the ending. The show was jammed packed… couldn’t find a seat for two. When the lights came up all we heard was booooo. Thats the only word that came to our minds. I said it to boooooooooooooooooo! I felt like I went on a trip with the writer.. and got played.

To me… it seems as if the writer was doing good with the direction of the movie, then got lazy. Like his idea went out the door for the ending. It felt like he just did any ole thang to end the story. The gurl was crazy… no way should it had ended that way. NO WAY!!! Aint nobody living that life… in REAL LIFE.

Excuse me….. I may be a little irritated about the DETROIT LIONS losing today. Maybe I should have written this later on when I calm down. I doubt if it will change how I feel about the writing. Ben, Tyler and the sister did well in the delivery of the movie… but I’m PISSED OFF AT THE WRITER. (((rolls eyes real hard and opens them 40 minutes later)))


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